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Love the graphical style!

Loved the warm autumn graphics, the bending tangle of sprites for the roots, and the cute wiggly bunny. It definitely got more challenging as time went on, but I prevailed through all the levels and got to the end. One idea I had: Slowing time down during the root growing would make the experience more forgiving. Overall, great entry and good job!

Nice work! I liked the vibe I got from the music and the artwork. Dashing felt snappy and intuitive. It was cool to see the whole map at the end. I would've liked to explore further!

Should run fine on anything with a graphics card that came out in the last 8 years or so, I imagine.

Thank you, that's very kind.

Thanks for playing, Xed! The denizens of Enceladus thank you for your heroics. Hilarious about the bay doors, I didn't even consider that someone wouldn't blast them open after trying out the controls. Of course, your ship's launch is unauthorized, so there's your deep Lore reason why you have to blast your way out. Thanks for checking it out!

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Too scary. I liked the art direction 

I really wish I could rotate items after buying them. Maybe there's a way, but I couldn't figure it out.

That's one spooky sound effect you've got there. A more responsive flashlight and a little ambient light would've been a generous addition to help give a sense of the surroundings to the player.

Surprising amount of enemy variety. Smooth framerate, nice postprocessing, good spritework.

I like the hand-drawn art you produced, this game has lots of charm. I wish my character was a bit faster and could charge her swing (even if it charged slower) while moving. I think also she could just swing when I release "O", no need to involve another key. All in all a nice take on a Sports game, well done.

Thank you! Yeah, this time I decided to go all-in on graphics and chasing that "cinematic" feeling. I agree that more of the enemies should shoot (or at least veer to try and run into you), but I couldn't get it in up to a standard I wanted with the time I had left in the end. Thanks again for downloading and checking it out.

The texture flickering on the walls really started to hurt my eyes after awhile. I was interested to see where you were going with this.

Incredibly polished. No bugs. Great art. Very impressed.

Udderly compelling. Really grabbed me by the horns. No bull!

Great little game, with nice art and level design. I think you've got talent, keep it up! Next time, I strongly suggest you go for some sound effects. They do so much to help a player click in to a game. And they're fun! You won't look back.

I liked flying the Dragon, the glide felt super smooth right away. Also enjoyed the graphics, the dragon and the city background especially. I suggest you look into the Singleton pattern for your music player solution. It can persist even though the rest of the scene is reloaded, making the whole experience much more palatable for your players -- I agree with the others that this one change would make a big improvement for your game.

You're a good boy, Lucky. Good boy.

What a thrill...

Huge Metal Gear fan, so I had to play this one. Great sense of humor throughout! Felt good to use verticality to my stealthy advantage. I don't know how you had the restraint not to put the player into one of those indestructible cardboard boxes at some point, I felt sure that was coming.

Thanks! You wanna know a secret? It's really a sound effect taken from the milk steamer of an espresso machine. A weird Eureka moment I had during development. Thanks for playing.

Really love the art in this one, nice attention to detail in lots of the little animations, especially well done there. Enjoyed my time throughout. I think it could benefit from a little deeper strategy layer as time goes on, pretty soon I fell into a pretty predictable placement pattern, so that's my dev-to-dev tip. Also, the elves were too cute and I didn't want them to have to die in such mass numbers. Thanks for the game!

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I'm sorry to have to tell you, but I couldn't get this game to begin successfully on Windows. It boots, but when I click "Next Page", the program hangs, making a a bit of a clicking sound but still playing music, and doesn't move forward from there at all. 

Nice brainteasing puzzle game! Really made me think to solve a couple of those.

Nice. Feels good to watch your power grow. And cool to see a game featuring a healer as a main character. I also enjoyed the funny dialogue. More powers, faster unlocks, and some punchier juiciness would be some suggestions. Thanks for the game!

Like a cross between Tacoma, Alien, and Return of the Obra Dinn. I did pretty well in my investigation, I think. Mostly had it right. One touch I especially liked was the venting gas particle effect. One little bug, I was too slow to enter the cockpit the first time, and the door closed and locked me, so I had to restart the game. Not a biggie though.

I also went browsing for speech-to-text voices for my entry, as you probably noticed. Which did you guys go with?

Thanks for playing man. Yeah, I loved Starfox back in the day, and I think my love for the old Rogue Squadron games especially was coming out here, if you ever played those. I think you're right about the time warp being underutilized, I wanted to do more with it in a longer sequence of events, of course, but, as it always seems to go, I ended up having to rush just to cross the finish line at all, and it definitely shows there.

It's just wild, dude. A sensory overload. I wasn't trying to be negative, just funny, in the spirit of the game. :) In conclusion, I would say the aspects I didn't understand were 100% all of them. Hope that helps. Good luck in your studies mate

Super juicy! Nice interpretation of the theme. And it's fun too. A nice little package.

Dankeschön! :)

Hahaha, this video is great! Do you mind if I use this for the game's trailer? I think you captured the spirit of the game just about perfectly. Love the edits. Merry Christmas to you as well!

Yeah, I wanted to limit myself to keep it fairly simple here, trying to meet scope requirements is always such a theme. Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

This is exactly how milk is made. This project started out as a documentary.

This was a really great entry, likely one of my Jam favorites. Cute story, each little minigame was fun in its own unique way, appropriate level of buy-in being asked from the jammer. I liked the graphical style, from the character designs and the splash screens to the little details like the particle effects on the fireballs. Really enjoyed this one a lot!

Hilarious. Really makes you FEEL like you've just been hit by a truck. Thanks for the laughter.

Great art style, nice animations and modelling, good puzzle design. All-in-all a really solid entry. Well done.

Love the tunes, and the great pixel art, especially the background work. I think either the controls or the collision needs to be tightened up a little, I had trouble grabbing onto walls and I dunno, they just didn't feel quite right and responsive to me, somehow. Nice submission!

A subtle indictment of the systemic predatory malpractices inherent to modernistic neocapitalist healthcare private insurance practices transposed with an allegory of the feeble Vitamin C woo-woo defense mechanisms helplessly employed and rationalized by proud yet exploited multigenerational victims cowering in their virtual orchards.

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