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Hey Pigman. I've seen some of your tutorials on Youtube. Good stuff. :) Nice little platformer here, got some good mechanics in already. Keep it up!

I'm not sure I've ever typed so frantically. How come I can't spell the word "Right" anymore? Hilarious take on a classic.

This game always crashed for me in the browser (Chrome, Win 10), always as soon an enemy collided with one of the player ships. When I downloaded the Windows version, it worked fine.

I wish there was an AI or follow mode for the buddy ship since I didn't have someone around to play with. I like the gameplay, cruising around and firing the cannons feels good and the slow turn fits for a sailing ship. I expected the cannons to fire broadside shots, but I guess they don't have to be. Maybe could be an option. I was imagining how it would be cool if this were more developed and there was little crewmen on your ship and when you got rammed, they got boarded on and fought a little battle before you lost HP. Thanks for your game!

Nice start, you guys. Just playing around for this jam, or do you have bigger plans?

I think it'd be cool if you could spend the money at the end of the day to hire coders or buy auto-cranking machines. Then it's kind of like Factorio or one of those Game Dev Studio games where everything snowballs. Good show for four day's work. :)

Yes, that fix worked for me.

Yeah, I like it. Nice 3D art, the fish animation looks great, and it feels very fish-like when you get into the swim rhythm. Could use something unique to make it more distinct from Pac-Man.

Biggest criticism I have, and I realize its just my own opinion - I personally think the music was off for the mood, but maybe that's just me. Maybe it's supposed to add an element of rushing to get the shrimp quickly? I'd rather just chill underwater and solve little movement puzzles. There's such a rich history of great underwater videogame soundtracks, I'd look there for inspiration.

I can't play scary games (because they're scary), so I was hesitant to try this one. Luckily, this wasn't that bad, probably since the characters are not animated yet. Spooky music though. I am curious though how you plan to do the escape in your upcoming development? Still press Space to run? Or was that just for the jam and you have something else in mind for later?

A sentient pickle eating meat and battling tomatoes with a fish. It's so obvious. Why didn't I think of this.

These graphics pop like whoa. Nicely done.

One of the ideas my collaborator and I didn't go for this jam with was kind of the opposite of this, where you play as a fallen Nigerian prince and have to send as much spam as possible to restore your kingdom. This is well developed, great soundtrack too. Godot, represent! Our games have something in common huh, utilizing the whole keyboard?

Damn this gets confusing though. Like @Capital Ex, I also have to press FN + f# key to switch boxes, which I think makes it too hard for me. That moment when the difficulty spikes and more come in quick = game over for me every time. I want it to go on for longer before I lose, but that might just be my laptop keyboard setup at fault. IMO, arrow keys would definitely be better. It should also more clearly indicate which inbox you have currently selected, I didn't notice the color bar until my fifth time through. Many of the characters are really tough to read at a glance as they pop out of the spinning envelopes. 0 vs. O for example. l vs I vs 1 vs 7. M vs. W. B vs. 8. 9 vs 6. These could either be cut entirely or made very distinct; although I see that's where part of the challenge come from, I didn't personally find that enjoyable. I think if there was little "shiiiick" sound effect that played while the mail slid over to its appropriate category, that would add something to the responsiveness feel and positive feedback.

This is a unique and original entry, which is my favorite kind to see. Well done for taking a bright idea and running with it as far as you could in the time allotted.

The special victory is slightly bugged in this  release unfortunately. I know how to fix it but I'll have to wait until after the vote to be fair. We wanted it to be a kind of secret ending players could discover if they wanted more of a challenge - if you survive and destroy all your enemies before the World Population reaches Critical (under 1 billion), the special blue Triumphant message should appear (with fresh pie). However, I must have mucked it up fixing another bug in the minutes before release and we didn't notice it in time. So it goes. For now, I guess you'll have to use your imagination. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Hey, so far I only played the 1.0 web version and was alone, so take that into consideration. Two bugs first off: My sound didn't load until I was maybe 15 seconds into game. Secondly, after the game, the Quit button just froze the webpage and I had to manually X out of it.

Okay, onto the game itself. Great presentation on display here. I have a lot of specific ideas for where this could go and what I'd like to see out of it, here they come. What I want specifically, is to be Legolas in this game. I think the right mouse should give the option to switch between Bow and Sword and you can ditch the distinction between the two types, giving the player something to do when the mobs aren't nearby. I think the player's sword attacks should be a little cooler than the mobs, maybe a 1-2-3 swing where the third one can cleave a bunch of these suckers. There could be cover to hide from the archers, which could have better accuracy, perhaps some ruins or something.

There should be an incentive to storm the castle, right now its too dangerous - its better to just chill in the desert and let these fools roll up to die. I like the idea of a King mentioned below. I was thinking some kind of structures that the enemies spawn out of, and if you get there, you can destroy them, or they put up a white flag or something. Also, when the player respawns, it should wipe out all the mooks nearby, sometimes I spawned and died instantly because I was surrounded.

You obviously know what you're doing as a dev. Keep this going, add some unique elements, and you're on to something that regular casual players are going to want to play. Well done.

Nice, feels great to play. Good amount of juice. Was terrifying to encounter my first interstellar death worm. Would like to see more weapon upgrades, abilities, enemy types, environments, smarter enemies, etc., but that's only because I'd like to play more of it.

There's a small flaw in your Gradius-style upgrade system I think. Once you get the other upgrades squared away, every can of Spam can restore your entire health, which feels overpowered. Maybe the upgrades should cycle, or become defunct options rather than skipped, so that HP always costs four cans of Space Spam. With the procedural generation, this game kind of reminds me of Galak-Z, did you play that?

This game is hilarious. It's like it is telling you not to play it, somehow. I think there's some potential in the balancing three bars, although its a little confusing too. The fact that the zombies don't attack you doesn't seem right either. Might be better if there were less and they did, and then if the Wrist meter was more forgiving. Then the painkillers could help with both Wristpain and Zombie damage. I liked how they affected vision, you could even farther with that effect. Maybe seeing the zombies or horrifying things in the wasteland could take a mental toll too (like Cthulhu?), giving the Mental meter a second purpose... right now it just seems like a cap on how long you can play? Unless you're willing to wait for the pain to go down. Which, you know. I'm not. I'm here to Spam.

Good entry overall.

What if you played a bunch of times in a row and the computer guy turned into a zombie too? Just a funny idea I had.

Lol, for some reason I lost my shit laughing while playing this game. I think it was the chaos, but mostly the sound effect that plays when the new balls come in. You're getting 5 stars for Fun/Humor.

Your intro presentation is rad, and I'm stoked to see a Godot game in 3D!

A couple notes: Sometimes my balls clipped out of the game, which, you know, not ideal. The shape of the bumpers above your flippers doesn't seem quite right to me, it often blocks the flippers, kicks the ball into the side gutters, or keeps the ball floating around above for much too long. A minor tweak there could go a long way. The responsiveness of the flippers feels just a little gummy. And I think if the ball had a very small sound effect that played upon collision, it would feel a lot more real.

Hey, I liked this game a lot. You did well.

Interesting submission! And yeah, a terminal game is pretty cool. I'm curious how you see this matching up with "Spam to Win?" The reset did not work for me either, fyi. Can't help but feel it could use some juice or something to differentiate it from the classic game we all know.

Juicy! Feels good. Oh man, though, my hand can only play this game a few times in a row before it begs me to stop. I know, with the theme, you couldn't make it hold-down-to-fire, so you're a bit stuck. Maybe there could be different levels with different weapons, some could have a cooldown to fire, or you could hold to charge up like Samus? Or you could lead the zombies into traps. You'd stray from the theme, but I think it would make for a better user experience. Overall, I like it! Will you update it post-jam? How do you like working with Love2D? I did a couple small projects but never got into it.

I did it. I pressed it 100 times. Exactly 100. It was not so easy.

This is a simple idea executed fully. Networking your high score board is pretty cool too. Don't know what much else to say, it seems like you know what you wanted to do and did just that and nothing more, nothing less. Good job.

I enjoyed the graphics and collecting the animals, but my interest didn't last long. It's cute, but like any game, it needs an objective or a problem to solve. One idea for what it could be: If you couldn't cross the path of the animals, like in Snake for example, you might build a large scale labyrinth to navigate. There could be 100 (or whatever) animals to collect, and the player would have to chart a course where they wouldn't have to cross the length of their own menagerie. Then you'd have a real puzzler on your hands! Good job for the amount of time we had!

We wish there was more to it too! But four days is only so long and real life does exist so we had to cut quite a few of our initial ideas to get it out the door in time. FYI, there's a How-To-Play window accessible from the title screen, hit ESC to make it show. If I update it post-jam, I think it would be better if it were also accessible from the main game and a bit clearer, but I didn't think of that in time. I already knew how to play. :) If you've got specific ideas for what you think might be a good "more to the game," I'd love to hear what that might be.

Do you mean starting from the title screen? You should be able to just press "Enter." You're right though - it doesn't say that outright anywhere. A little key icon would be a great addition for a post-jam update. Thanks for the tip! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)

Hey man, nice one! I have to echo the others who pointed out that the rhythm of the Spacebar presses doesn't quite seem to match up to the music. I ended up muting the game after awhile to better focus on the pulsing circle. In fact, my eyes were on that little circle in the corner the entire time, which makes me wonder if it wouldn't be better to have that effect happening on the player themselves?

Before I muted it, my main incentive to keep playing was that I hoped the music would burst into some orchestral madness,  maybe with some big bassy drop as you suddenly get swarmed and your burst radius rate increases. If it does develop to that level, I never got far enough, maybe around 300 pts?

I noticed that the controls on the Unity popup mentioned that mouse presses should fire, but pressing the mouse didn't do anything for me. Also, after I died and reset, the white circles that give the powerups appeared only very faintly, almost invisible, which meant that I had to manually reset the game via Alt-F4 after dying.

Overall though, I enjoyed it! I hope this is not a discouraging level of criticism. I only offer it because I think with some polish this game has potential. I'd like to play the next build if you improve upon it after the jam!

I couldn't get it to work on Windows 10 in Chrome. The title page loads, the music plays, but when I click on Play or hit Enter, nothing happens. Don't know if its something on my end or what, just thought you might want to know.

One of my favorite games I've played in this jam so far. I especially like the bicycle mechanic, along with its great sound effect.

Thanks for your feedback, syntonym! I had tried once already, but I decided to go back and figure out how to get a HTML5 version working because of your comment. I'm sure you're right that that is why nobody was playing it. :) Hopefully that changes now.