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Hey, I'm thinking about participating in this jam, but I need a clarification on the rules

"General use assets are fine"

I've not heard the term General Use before, so I'm not sure what this means. Only free assets? Is it shorthand for "Generally speaking"? Does it mean things other than art, more system shorthands like a set of scene transitions?

It's too vague for me to understand! A clarification would be much appreciated. 👍

Thank you! The upgrades were a lot of work but I think they really flesh out the experience!

Trippy and melancholic. I have to say I liked it. You kind of went after the kind of game I don't think you can pull off in many other spaces, and I respect that. Themes of acceptance and letting go, felt almost Buddhist by the end when I began to accept that this was just going to happen and there was nothing I could do. Great work.

Thanks for the detailed point-by-point write-up! Gives me some things to reflect on. Thanks for playing!

This has got to be the thirstiest guy who ever lived.

It is your last stand after all.

Hilarious. I love the over-the-top cinematic at the end.

Thank you for the high praise! We had a blast making it!


Thank you!

Well, it said I finished the game but I never figured out what is up with the fortune teller? Do tell. I liked the wacky nature of a lot of the text. "Look at the time" 😂

The spiders are an evil menace and must be stopped! I tried making them a little easier to kill actually during playtesting, but it just made the whole game feel like a lame pushover, so I felt I had to side on the somewhat more difficult side this time. Just be careful to keep your distance from the little buggers and you can make it, I'm sure of it!

There was talk of swapping out the reticle, but it never happened. Maybe we'll patch it in after ratings, thanks for your feedback.

We were very close to using some assets to flesh out the interior areas but before I could around to implementing them, our very talented 3D modeler had already assembled a full-on interior asset pack for the game! Well, naturally I was more inclined to stick to that. And that Emily managed to design, sculpt, rig, UV-unwrap, texture, weight-paint and animate not one but THREE different enemies within the timeframe continues to astound me. Very proud of this team :) Thanks for stopping by our page and playing our game.

I was a bit nervous when the team said they were all into doing a 3D FPS with Roguelike elements, but once we nixxed the idea of procedural level generation, the scope of the work became visible and seemed just baaarely manageable. I'm going to work on improving the hit feedback for sure, thanks for the feedback

Wow! Very in-depth review, thank you. Can't say I particularly disagree with any of it either. Makes me want to get back into working on the game, but I think I'll wait for the judging period to end first :) Thanks for playing!

Cute fun. What you need is CAPITALISM made me Laugh Out Loud. Are our heroes based on real life cats?

Really tempting to take this one further! Boss encounter is my big shame -- I will definitely redo that part at least after judging, I crammed it in last minute and it very much shows I think.

Thank you! One of my favorite series of all time, but I have to admit I didn't think of it even once during development!


Always nice to play the bad guy sometimes. Short and sweet, but nice and fun as well, so no complaints here.

Yeah, my recent games tend to burst at the seams of what the browser can hold. You can always download the Windows .exe -- performance is hugely improved there at the cost of about half-a-minute to download and unzip.

Very compelling. I definitely had to see how far I could take Rozvir before succumbing to the inevitable. If I were you, I would focus on and add a little more to that end-of-day page, fleshing out those fate cards to have more variety or maybe have some story elements that would give players something extra to look forward to at that crux point. I think the little indicators of costs and gains could all be displayed faster or even simultaneously, and I think you should help the player a bit more with the upkeep math -- much more in line with the player fantasy for the castle to fall in battle than in an accounting error. All in all, great work, this is a Jam highlight game for me :)

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"The atmosphere and pacing was amazing. The sense of dread when you don't see the spiders, but hear them chittering around you... chills."

Thank you! I really wanted to cultivate that exact experience when I was building out the level, so glad to hear that you felt it. Very gratifying for me. I'm sure our Sound Designer will be pleased to hear it too :)

There's hit flash and a Sound Effect but I agree that we need to bump them up even more! Thanks for stopping by :)

Brutally difficult! I must say I would rather be eased into it a bit more, or have enemies telegraph their attacks much more pointedly. It felt a bit odd to have attack bound to my mouse click but the avatar didn't actually turn to face the direction of the mouse pointer. Small things overall but I feel compelled to say them although I think it's pretty clear you've got your fundamentals down as a developer, just needs some polish in some areas!

Half-Life! That's high-praise. Maybe I need to start my own online game-selling store now 🤔

Thanks for checking us out!

I had so much fun teaching these spiders how to wall-crawl, one of the best segments of development for me here. For the guns, well, pistol is 4 shots to kill, disintegrator is 3 to kill, and the rifle is 2 to kill, so I dunno, damage-wise I do think it is balanced actually. Maybe it's a weapon variation thing, or VFX. I'm pondering it for sure. Thanks for your comment.

Hey there, nice game! Sorry people of Earth, I tried. I might suggest that you give the player an afterburner on Shift or else just boost rate of acceleration, something that lets them redirect more easily if they get knocked back or want to change direction because right now the bulk of the gameplay is just wrestling to redirect your ship. Set me up so I can mow down these evil extraterrestrials! Thanks for the game, I had fun.

I wanted to have a Sensitivity slider but it was cut for time! Ah well. The game does have an ending if you can make it all the way there, and the objective is, well, make your Last Stand!! :)

Hmm, yeah, you're right. The door triggers could be a little bigger. Noted. Thanks.

Hi there! Thanks for playing and sharing your initial experience, always interesting to hear the player perspective. I thought your game was one of the best in the jam so far, hope you decide to take it further.

I saw the menu, could click Play, then the application froze. I waited a few minutes with no change, closed via Task Manager, then tried again, exact same result. I don't think I heard any music either.

It's not a Witness-like game without an hour-long puzzle where you are forced to stay put and watch a mind-numbing video the whole time 

Brings me back to the days of Sid Meier's Pirates.

Brilliant. Missile Command meets Asteroids. Make it vertical and your finger controls the pterodactyl and this concept absolutely has a home on mobile devices.

Loved your game's music by the way

Do you guys know each other?

Every gamer's fantasy. To be an all-powerful axe-wielding alien slug lord.

Tons of nice little polish details elevate this experience. The squash and stretch on the characters just makes the game ooze charm. Really fun!

Super relaxing to play some Tetris in the mix of all these other games. Thanks for the peaceful flow state. I want you to know I slammed that Last Stand button every chance I got lol. Just too satisfying.

Some very clever game design in here, and no short-changing of player freedom to be found. I also love your taste in music. Very fun entry.

Really tough! I can barely get the defenses set up before Earth is blown to smithereens. I actually think the controls are fine, you just need to ramp up the difficulty more slowly over time. Rather than reloading turrets, I might suggest it would be more clear if you were just grabbing new turrets from the planet and placing them where you please. Overall, I enjoyed attempting (and failing) to rescue our dear planet.