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Good job!!!!


I think it completely stopped. However I don't think I've been able to replicate it so it was probably something on my end. So it's all good!

Liking the color scheme changes and music pitch changes when you pick up some items to heal the arm. Also watching the spammer as the middle-man to carry out my actions was interesting. This is the nicest zombie-related game I have played thus far. I thought I was going to get chased around. I never figured out how the mental bar plays out. 

The music is a nice choice. I'm glad the colors weren't too vivid- I failed a lot and my eyes would been burning hot too. Save points = a necessity!

I liked that you could turn the enemies into ice blocks and they also melt away because it is very hot.

I wasn't sure if I was hurting the demon guy at the end (I was thinking: was the strategy to freeze the fire and throw it back at him? etc.) So I got behind him and spammed the x button. That end though! There has to be a different ending! 😂 felt sorry for Snowdeth.

Love the background! Trippy. Makes me want to eat healthier!

I wish my FN keys were positioned easier so I could get in the zone and spam some keys.

I like the stance it took- spamming keys to protect! (could have been spamming to infiltrate)

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What key do we use to shoot? (would a mousepad + keyboard work?)

OHHHH I figured it out! I zoomed out of the screen and saw the commands that were at the bottom with keyboard controls.

The powerup options are great! Made me think strategically for what hand position would work best for button mashing.

I liked the black and white colors. Easy on the eyes at night when trying to repeatedly get a higher score! It is too fast for me to hit the notes.
One suggestion: The instructions can be reorded according to what the player will experience. So  "Songs can be selected with Enter." then "Song Selection can also be navigated with the arrow keys."

Pleasing to the eyes! Lots of colors!

I think it would have been cool to see the "tail" end of the trail as I circled the different rooms.

It looks great!
Sometimes it freezes at the valve part when I reach the spin goal.
Great concept!

I don't have a working team yet (holiday this week) but I'll definitely invite them to Discord when they're back!

Yes I was able to go in! Thanks!

Hm it says it is expired for me.
There should be an infinity symbol (or something similar) to keep it active forever in the invite settings.

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It says not available. Usually the invite to join a server will look like these:

Hello ArmyAnt Studios can please you make a discord server for this jam so we can communicate and plan games to submit?

I'm going get all my friends and family to play- this is awesome! :OOOOO

Please comment with browser name and version if you cannot see this game. Yes, as of 10/15/2017 this is all that is currently there.

I love it! I should get back into Scratch. Suggestions: my friend couldn't figure out to press 'e'/'p' so making it extremely obvious would make it more playable (maybe a different color?). And for some reason I didn't understand that the elderly man was actually the wind (thought he was spitting out water) so I'm not sure if making that more obvious is necessary (could be just me). Overall greeaaat!


I like it! Have you heard of Twine? It's primarily used for interactive fiction (text-based) but with certain formats you can include sound (not Harlowe format).

That was deeeeep

I pushed the HTML5 zip file to GitHub! I recently discovered that the character is only movable in Google Chrome.

Overall, I can say that WebGL1 (that will be replaced by WebGL2 soon apparently) works compared to other shipping options: wasm and asm.js
I switched from Unreal Editor 4.17 to 4.16 and uploaded the HTML5 from 4.16 version.
It's possible the version had nothing to do with anything and that I just needed to check the WebGL1 option, but just putting it out there just in case.

One last thing: I keep getting this message

"If you are the developer, make sure to deploy a minified Shipping build and consider migrating to WebAssembly for optimized memory usage.
Your browser or graphics card does not support the WebGL extension EXT_sRGB. This can impact UE4 graphics performance and quality.
Failed to read file UE4Game-HTML5-Shipping.asm.js from IndexedDB, error: IndexedDB not available!"

I have no idea how to deal with this, and there aren't many answers so far online, so I will continue focusing on at least decreasing file size for faster download. Feel free to leave comments post-jam.

Thank you for this input. At the moment I have no idea how to remedy this. I'm going to put up the source code soon so maybe in the future someone can drop a hint.

Yes, I spent most of my time learning how to make it playable in the browser.
It already takes longer than I want for the downloading part, so I'm looking for ways to decrease the file sizes. didn't tell me you replied!! @_@ It's working now (from what I can tell), because I chose the WebGL setting.
You're right I do need to put the entire project into my repo (I thought it was only for the open-source parts)...I'll get to that soon.

It is finally working from what I can tell.
At the moment there is not really anything one can do in the game, but I plan on expanding it for sure.

I think it's working, but it's super incomplete! I plan on developing on this more in the future (maybe just in time for Halloween!)

Alright, 1) didn't really notify me there were new comments so I apologize for not answering back promptly 2) I think it's working on some level. It's super bare-bones but I have reached my goal...I think (let me know if you cannot see it in your browser)


Thank you, I will check them out!

Does anyone know how to successfully submit the HTML platform from Unreal engine?

Thank you! This is the trouble I keep having: Failed to read file UE4Game-HTML5-Shipping.asm.js from IndexedDB, error: IndexedDB not available!

Hello everyone, my game is a bad-dum-tss game so you're not really missing out on too much (I made a majority of this in the twilight hours of the jam), BUT I will definitely comment again when it is working!

I know, it makes me cry inside but I'm trying to fix it as we speak

Hello caramelcode, I finally pushed all the content onto GitHub!  It was all art and sound.
I ended up not coding, but please let me know if there is something I still need to push that I am unaware of!

It seems there is no easy solution online for the current HTML build- it will probably take me a day or two to try to make it work.
The main problem is that the HTML5/UE4Game.asm.js is too large.

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Still still under construction! Looking for a workaround!

The countdown on and the one on CrowdForge are different; which one is accurate?

Oh sweet! Thank you!

Hello everyone,
I made an account on CrowdForge through Discord but I decided to make one through GitHub so I tried to start over and delete it.
But, after I went through the process of submitting my email to get the link to delete it, the link sent me to an expired domain.
Is anyone else having this problem?