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Submitted by frodewin (@Frodewin1) — 1 hour, 53 minutes before the deadline

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Tools used
Scratch 2.0, Corel Photo Paint

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I enjoyed trying to make a utopia on the eastern continent. :-)

This is a fantastic game concept.  Like others have said, I think there should be more labels on the graph at end-game.  Also, a way of telling what year it is/money you have while sailing would be good.  In any case, well done!


I love it! I should get back into Scratch. Suggestions: my friend couldn't figure out to press 'e'/'p' so making it extremely obvious would make it more playable (maybe a different color?). And for some reason I didn't understand that the elderly man was actually the wind (thought he was spitting out water) so I'm not sure if making that more obvious is necessary (could be just me). Overall greeaaat!

Submitted (1 edit)

The itch version didn't load at all on Chrome under Windows 10 for some reason. On my Arch Linux netbook with 2GB of RAM it did load, but the first time I entered a city it just froze and started eating up all my ram (I was at ~2GB RAM used and 1GB swap used before I shut down the browser). In the end I played it using the editor in the source code link and it worked fine on the Windows computer I first tried this on.

I like the idea and the execution too. I was glad you didn't make the different systems too deep, which made picking up and actually playing the game easy, which of course is nice for any game jam entry. I liked the realism in the movement system and didn't mind getting stuck too much as the atmosphere of the game was really great. Absolutely 5 stars in mood. I think I might've "killed" a couple of towns by building schools too early in their lifetime, but the game said that I made a difference (got 504 points I think), so I'll have to trust it. What is the last screen supposed to present by the way? Slavery/poverty/literacy at different points of time at different places? It was hard to grasp to be honest.

With this I have played all of the Open Jam submissions (excluding Laser Eyes VR, which I don't have the equipment for and I have yet to rate P3TE due to a bug preventing the last minigame from being played). Yours was the last, but certainly not the least :).

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Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for playing and the encouraging review! Thanks for going the extra mile for running the game, I will investigate on the html5-version on different platforms. The four parameters shown at the final screen are citizens, enslavement rate, poverty and level of education for each city. It was close to the end of the jam when I had the game functional, so these things are missing. I am planning to make an improved post-jam version.

Jam Judge

Really nice idea! I included it in my Open Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Jam Host

I had a great time playing this!  I really appreciated the still images during each dialog, it really created a sense of place.  The anti-education dialog choice was hilarious!  Great game, great feel.  And I'm really impressed with the use of Scratch!  Being able to link straight to the game inside web-based Scratch editor is so cool.


Very neat game! I audio is amazing and really adds to the experience! I really love the idea, but the movement definitely needs some work.

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Really REALLY impressive.

I liked the ambientation a lot and the sounds of the sea/ship are a really cool addition, reminded me of the Patrician saga. The "chat system" also reminded me of the Mount&Blade series. Make a difference was a nice dejavu for me xD I love it even thought I lost all my money trying to bribe the guards and had to go on a trading journey hahaha.

On the other hand, I'd say controls of the ship need some work, I got stuck a few times, not sure if that was my fault though, I am really bad at lerarning new controls. But don't worry, this is just a tiny rough edge in a really good game.

I liked but when I went to sail again everything was blank.


The movement could be more accurate, but I like the overall idea. Man I'm sucker for games like Port Royal and Sid Meier's Pirates. And hey the game said I made a difference! Yay! Although, I could not tell you why exactly. Some text would have been nice to have with the statistics.


Thanks for the feedback, you are absolutely right! I was planning to add some icons or small text at the stats screen to make it more informative, but I finished the game very late in the night and so I did not have the time for this. I was also planning a mid-term evaluation so that you see how you are doing after playing half of the time.

Are you planning on finishing it to it's visioned state?


Yes, I will make a post-jam version.