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I enjoyed trying to make a utopia on the eastern continent. :-)

This is a fantastic game concept.  Like others have said, I think there should be more labels on the graph at end-game.  Also, a way of telling what year it is/money you have while sailing would be good.  In any case, well done!

This is hilarious. Nice job :)

This feels like a classic NES puzzle game!  Great work.  If you continue working on this, my recommendation is to add more variety and colors to the tileset.

Agreed, even small games like this are valuable practice.  Nice work, clickercritter.

This is addicting and fun.  Excellent work!

Wow, thanks! Awesome video!

The game is fun, and I like how the difficulty increases as you progress. I would appreciate more variety, but this is a decent game. :^)

Such a simple concept, but so fun! I like how the asteroid interacts with each planet, and I can appreciate the sandbox-like gameplay. Also, the title scream is gorgeous. Great job!

Btw, the screaming asteroid is hilarious.

The concept is cool, but it's a shame it is so short. I guess it can't be helped, after all there were only 72 hours.

The combination of warping and shadow doors is neat. I can imagine that those two mechanics alone could result in some tough puzzles. The game was too short to really experiment with those abilities, but the five puzzles that you did create were good introductions to those mechanics.

Overall, good job!

I love the relaxed atmosphere of this game. There is no explicit goal, just you making tracks in the sand. Erasing with the ocean water is really cool. Nice job!

It is a hammer (it stands for tools). We rushed development of the renaissance and future eras, so they are not as clear as we would have liked.

A cool puzzle game with charming graphics! Well done!

Thanks for the feedback!  Indeed, some of the objects could have been represented clearer.

As for the close button problem, we have not encountered it on our test platforms (Windows 10 and Fedora).  We will keep an eye out for it though. :-)

I can see the resemblance.  Sethian looks amazing; thanks for the link! :^)

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

Hi all! We're the Geeks & Gadgets club at Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia, USA). We love games, and we love open source, so we're happy to be taking part in the Open Jam.

We'll be using the Pygame module for the Python. Pygame is a featureful library based on libSDL, and since it is cross-platform, our game will also be cross-platform. GNU/Linux is our primary target environment.

Art will be created using open source tools such as GIMP (GNU GPLv3) and Piskel (Apache License).

For the audio side of things, we are considering several music creation tools. We're heavily leaning toward FamiTracker (GNU GPLv2), but other programs such as MilkyTracker (GNU GPLv3) are still on the table.

We'll probably use Audacity (GNU GPLv2+) for recording sound effects.

Happy coding everyone!