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Submitted by Capital Ex (@Capital_EKS)

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Godot Engine

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Jam Judge

Nice graphics! I included it in my Open Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


The concept is cool, but it's a shame it is so short. I guess it can't be helped, after all there were only 72 hours.

The combination of warping and shadow doors is neat. I can imagine that those two mechanics alone could result in some tough puzzles. The game was too short to really experiment with those abilities, but the five puzzles that you did create were good introductions to those mechanics.

Overall, good job!


I also stumbled a bit with the keys, but I did like the puzzle aspect of the game. Too bad it was so short, but game jams are game jams... It's a solid prototype at least.

The downloadable Linux version seems to be missing some files. When I tried to launch it I just got the following message "error: Couldn't load game path '.'", it also provided a usage help though, which contained the following: "-path [dir] : Path to a game, containing engine.cfg" and sure enough, such a file was present in your GitHub. After cloning the repository and moving the binary and the .pck file in there it worked just fine.


Love the concept, could be a really cool game if you keep working with it. Made my browser freeze up after a couple of levels thou. :P 

had some issues remembering what key did what in the heat of it all. Maybe use space for jump?


I'm glad you like the idea!  I only wish I thought of the shadow ability earlier in the jam.  I realized far too late I need something to force the player to plan ahead.

I just checked the source... in my rush I forgot to set the next level for World-04.tscn... whoops ( .~.)

The controls definitely need to be changed.  Originally the controls where [Z -- Jump], [X -- Place Warp], [C -- Goto Warp]... it was quite bad.


Really cool mechanics. I struggled in the third level but that's just because I am really bad at platformers and specially at learning new mechanics fast hahaha.

I would have used the up arrow key to jump and probably added a and d to also move left and right, but that's totally subjective and a tiny detail.


Yeah, I wish I had more time to introduce the abilities.

They key binding where hastily chosen.  Up probable would have a better choice for jump.


Very nice prototype, I love the shadow mechanic, this also l"leaves a mark". I have a German keyboard, so z and y are switched, which always gives me some troubles on games that use z,x,c keys. The game has some bugs, the "C" was

missing in a text and it froze in the level with the two shadow blocks when I entered the door after unlocking it. If you can add a story to the game why the character got that abilities (like in Portal), this can be made into an awesome game!


I found out why it froze :x

I forgot to set the `next` property for World-04 to World-05  O~O  I'm not sure if I can fix it during judging...


I removed that google drive link and replaced it with a github link.