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UNKO - UNnamed KOllection of minigames inspired by the theme "leave a mark"
Submitted by nassi

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Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Tools used
Löve2D, Vim, Arch Linux, Git, Gimp, Piskel, imagemagick, Bfxr, Bosca Ceoil, Audacity

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Jam Judge

Fun amount of minigames! I included it in my Open Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for playing! It's always nice to see how people who are playing for the first time tackle the different challenges. Been a while since I've had a game on your channel, last time was back in 2014 during Ludum Dare 30!


The cave painting and diamond minigames took me some time figuring out, but other games were pretty straight-forward after few tries. In endurance mode I found, that the Diamond Heist is pretty slow in comparison to other mini-games. Also I tried starting at speed 3.0 once and it turned out the Beach Walking mini-game is unplayable at that speed; feet move so fast, you can't even turn. Other than that the game was really enjoyable.


Thanks for playing!

The difficulty is indeed all over the place, although I did want at least one game to give the player a change to catch their breath even on the highest speed (this was not supposed to be Diamond Heist though but... Beach Walk! LOL). Diamond Heist does remain the easiest (imo) and slowest (objectively) throughout the game, it was the first minigame I designed and balanced after all. I also ran into a problem when balancing the game, because I wanted to make sure that even if two holes spawned at the opposite ends of the screen the player could still win if he had good enough reflexes. At higher speeds this made the player move so fast that actually aligning yourself with a hole became almost impossible, so I had to turn the speed scaling down quite a bit (looking at the code it scales with the game speed at a factor of 0.5, whereas most other games have a direct scaling).

Cave Painting doesn't scale too well either. The other minigames do get quite fast, but even Beach Walk should be doable at all speeds. The screen warps around in that minigame, which can be quite effective at higher speeds. If you get the angle right you can just let the game play itself, as the player will eventually cover the entire screen x)!


This is really good! it's a lot like warioware and the minigames are very interesting and they go with the jam really well! if there's one criticism i could give it, it would be that i didn't understand "Skidmarks" at first, i thought i was supposed to mash the space bar, but i eventually got the hang of it. My highscore on endurance is 16 games beaten, 3 lives, start speed of 2.


I think my highscore is something like 53 minigames, but I did start at a speed of 1 :P. Usually when testing I too started at speed 1.5 or 2, it was a nice middle ground. 

Glad you were able to figure skidmarks out. I knew it was going to be a little obscure, but I really wanted to simulate how it feels to walk to the toilet when you have to poop really bad (that sounds so horrible when spelled out like that).

Thanks for playing and commenting!


This is really well done! Looks very polished. A couple minigames were a little confusing to learn. But most of the games are fun and creative, and really funny! I loved all the interpretations of "Leave a Mark". Like leave Mark hanging in the high five game. XD


First of all, thanks for leaving a comment and such a flattering one at that! No longer will I have to watch my game be the only one with zero comments in the "Games in need of rating queue".

I hope they were just the right amount of confusing, the one that doesn't make you want to give up but rather feel like you're about to figure it out. If you don't mind me asking, did you check the game's page for controls or were they easy enough to figure out on their own? I think I failed a bit in that aspect this time around.

Sadly I had to leave some of the more complex minigames I had planned out due to time constraints, but I also like how most of the minigames turned out.


I don't understand why your game has such low traffic, it's one of the top games in my opinion! I like that you used Love2D for it.

Playing the game by itself wasn't enough to figure out the controls for the diamond grab  or skidmarks games. But the other ones were intuitive enough. The simple controls which use similar buttons for each game was a good choice, and was implemented well. Reminds me of Wario Ware.

Anyway, seriously under-rated. I hope more people play this.