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Submitted by FigyTuna — 52 minutes, 30 seconds before the deadline

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Tools used
Godot, GIMP, sfxr, Audacity

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This is addicting and fun.  Excellent work!


Thank you!

Jam Judge

Super fun game! I included it in my Open Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for putting this video series together! Was fun to watch.


I was confused as to why you'd think that you should avoid paint cans until you're low on paint. I just realized, you must have thought that since the background loops that the pickups do too, but that's not the case. Maybe I should think of a way to alleviate that confusion if I continue working on this game. Thanks again!

Jam Judge

Ahh! Well I figured the paint cans do loop and it makes sense to use as much of one paint can as you can before picking up a new one to get the most points. Maybe I was overthinking it tho!

This game would be awesome on mobile devices, a perfect time-kller. Great work!


To be honest, I've been trying to export it to Android since the jam ended. I haven't had time the figure out the errors that Godot is giving me. I plan to look into on the weekend. Thanks for the comment!


This is one of those games I just can't play without having a smile/grin stuck on my face. It's distilled fun. First I was thinking that it could use some obstacles or something, but then I realized that if it had those I probably wouldn't be smiling because it was too stressful. It's a really solid little game.


Thanks! Yeah, I figured that it had just the right amount of "stuff" and that adding more mechanics might actually make it less enjoyable. Although, if I decide to keep working on it I'd probably add variants with obstacles.

Jam Host

I love this game.  The music is really delightful, the spray sound effect is very pleasant, the physics feel perfectly calibrated, and the difficulty is right on point.  Perfect level of challenge.  The only thing I could think of to change is that the bright highly saturated paint colors were a little tough on my eyes after playing for a while.  Oh, I also loved seeing the paint marks build up over time.


Thanks a ton! I've gotta give credit to my friend, Nicole, for the paint marks building up over time idea. It was a cool idea, plus it helped the game better fit "Leave a Mark" I think. And about the eyestrain, I've always had the worst eye for color XD I think the level of challenge worked out pretty well too, I'm glad that people seem to agree on that. I wanted to do an android version too, I think it would work well. I may do that when I get some time. There's also a window size bug I need to fix. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it, very glad you're into it!


Loading the game in the browser failed for me. I was using Firefox in normal mode, cookies enabled.


Hm, my browser doesn't play any of the Godot games posted here so I assumed it was a Godot issue, maybe not. You should still be able to download it though.


Tried again today, now it worked. Graphics and music are cute and fit well. The spray sound is not logic since you ride some kind of huge brush. I found it nice to re-visit the area I already flew through and painted, but after some iterations I lost motivation to go on further, perhaps there could be some intermediate goals other than just not running out of paint?

Jam Host(+1)

I got 3280!


I just got 9730... Cough cough. Just saying.