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Once I got the hang of the mechanics, I really enjoyed it!  Kiting the enemies around terrain while the turrets pepper them was fun.  Having new turrets, tileset, etc for each level is really impressive for a game jam.  I made it to the third level, and I hope to come back and beat it later. :)

To make this easier, I put together a brand page for Open Jam! All the branding images are there, including SVGs and PNGs

Thank you for being a great guest!!!

That counts, absolutely!  

I can't really answer that without knowing what licensing is applied to those assets, even if it is just implicit copyright. Those assets are definitely not eligible for open source karma points. there may also be legal restrictions on their use based on what license they have.

To clarify more, that's easily within the rules, and would also qualify for the bonus open source karma points for using an open source "engine".


This is the community forum for Open Jam 2018, you'll have better luck in :)

This is the community forum for Open Jam 2018, you'll have better luck in :)

Oh!  I was mistaken!  We do have 1 point of open source karma awarded if the game is developed with Linux.  I think you're right, I'll change it to "developed on an open platform".

I missed the rule when searching the page because it was an image, not searchable text.  I'll fix that too. :)

Hi, thanks for the idea!  Can you explain it a little more?  I'm trying to understand "made with Linux or FreeBSD".  We don't currently have any rules around what OS the games are created with.  We do have a bonus point for games that "Run on Linux, web, or open emulator".  I could support changing that rule to "Run on an open source platform" with Linux/FreeBSD/web/emu being examples of open platforms.  Did I understand your recommendation?

Man, I love this game so much.

It's legit I swear!

Open Source Karma Points:

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Open Source Karma Points:

Open Source Karma Points:

Open Source Karma Points:

You can bump this up by 1 more point if you fill out your README on github!

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I wasn't able to get this to run in Linux (Fedora 28) with Love2D installed.  I ran the exe with wine and it worked perfectly though!

Here's the error:

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I am still laughing.  The background was hilarious.  It did take my attention away from the game itself but I loved it.  The game itself was fun, I wish I had three people to play with.  The shape of the track was pretty cool, with the interesting gravitational features and how you could overshoot a curve and fly out into space a bit.  

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I need some help figuring out how to run this.  The normal way I run jars isn't working:

$ java -jar MobClicker.jar 
Error: Could not find or load main class com.scimok.opengamejam2018.mobclicker.MainMenu

Very nice!  That looks a little more forgiving.  I'd like to play a post-jam version if you release one. :)

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No Open Source Karma points could be awarded.  No tools were listed, but if you can update the list of tools I am happy to award points for any open-source tools.  The Open Source Karma criteria are listed on the Open Jam page.

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Open Source Karma Points:

Open Source Karma Points:

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Open Source Karma Points:

Suuuuper hard.  I made it to the boss and died immediately.  Getting to the boss was fun though!  The wall jump mechanic worked really well.  Once I accidentally discovered double jump, things got a lot easier.  Nice use of Kenney assets, and your pig of course!  I wouldn't mind the steep difficulty if there were checkpoints, but without checkpoints I can't imagine ever beating the boss!  Music/sfx would have been very nice.  Overall, a very difficult game that really wants some music, with solid platformer mechanics and a cute pig.

The source code link seems to go to the game page on itch, but there is no source code listed there.  I also didn't see it in the rar file.  Could you provide the source code?

I like the doggo!  

I did have a lot of trouble figuring out what to do in the game.  In infinity mode, giving a little lead time to get accustomed to the controls would be very nice.  In survival mode, I couldn't figure out what the gun was for, but again, hanging out with the doggo was fun.  Was the dog an enemy?  I saw health bars but no way to take/give damage.  

The music was quite nice, and the character animations were very cool as well.  

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Frantic!  You nailed the theme.  I hadn't considered typing games when Caramelcode and I were discussing the theme, but it's a great fit.  I love typing games, and this is one of the most hectic ones I've played.  The difficulty is high, and is very well balanced between high and low zoom levels.  Less time vs more letters, it's hard to decide where to sit!  The single-character aspect made it even harder (not a bad thing!), since it's more scattered and harder to get into a flow than typing words.  

As for improvements, music and sfx could be nice, but I ran bucklespring + music while playing and it fit very well.  Nice work, I enjoyed it!

(Ps. I accidentally submitted this post and "judge feedback", so you'll probably see it again when the rating period ends.  My mistake!)

I had trouble getting this to run on Fedora 28, it was failing with this error:

$ ./SpammerTyper
./SpammerTyper: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

But got it to run with this command (run from the directory I extracted the game into):

LD_LIBRARY_PATH="./" ./SpammerTyper

When I try to launch the Linux build (on Fedora) I see this message and the game doesn't launch:

Player data archive not found at `/home/mwc/Downloads/SuperMayaAndTheRedDot_Data/data.unity3d`, using local filesystem

Any ideas?