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Reminds me "Getting over it", but without hardcore. Fun game overall!

1060 =)

This game is good as hell! Plays very smoothly, awesome graphics and music, and it's rather competitive despite it's easy to start playing. I'm really waiting for full release

Cool mechanics, pretty hard difficulty for me though

This game looks great, but mechanics were rather unclear for me at first. Overall, great job!

Graphics are nice, I wish this game had more story!

Just climb higher! =D

Thanks! There's no different levels right now (maybe I'll do them post-jam), now levels are just something like "score", they are in top-right corner of the screen

Именно такого эффекта я и хотел добиться

Graphics are good, gameplay lacks challenge though

That was pretty fun to play. Mechanics are rather solid, and level design is good. Though, game lacks some challenge, it was easier to just rush through bullets rather than dodge them, and at some points it was easier to just die and respawn than go to checkpoint. Also checkpoints are very unobvious, it'd be better to indicate them.

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Hi Adam, glad you liked it! Actually, you can achieve about 50 points even without pressing any button =D

22 is my best. Nice, at first game doesn't look very hard, but at some moment it becomes rather challenging

Hell yeah, game mechanics are very nice and smooth. I enjoed this game, good work

Cool game, rather hard for me, still I enjoyed playing it. Graphics and music are perfectly fit in the game. Additional kudos for providing comments in code =D

This game would be awesome on mobile devices, a perfect time-kller. Great work!

Very nice! Gameplay is hot, water physics are nice, but in my browser it is very laggy

Idea is good! Game tempo was rather slow for me, and gameplay is rather random

Well, I didn't understand, how to loose here =D Controlling is rather smooth, I liked it, but there was no objective in game