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Thank you :)

Amazing. It excels at everything IMHO. I usually try to leave some personal advice on how I would have something something diferently but I don't know how I would improve this game in such a short amount of time. Good job, you can be really proud of "Markus The Lost Magician!"

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Really REALLY impressive.

I liked the ambientation a lot and the sounds of the sea/ship are a really cool addition, reminded me of the Patrician saga. The "chat system" also reminded me of the Mount&Blade series. Make a difference was a nice dejavu for me xD I love it even thought I lost all my money trying to bribe the guards and had to go on a trading journey hahaha.

On the other hand, I'd say controls of the ship need some work, I got stuck a few times, not sure if that was my fault though, I am really bad at lerarning new controls. But don't worry, this is just a tiny rough edge in a really good game.

Really cool mechanics. I struggled in the third level but that's just because I am really bad at platformers and specially at learning new mechanics fast hahaha.

I would have used the up arrow key to jump and probably added a and d to also move left and right, but that's totally subjective and a tiny detail.

Really great interpretation of the theme. I liked it, but again....I like pretty much every puzzle/thinking game haha. Great job :)

For some reason I thought the confused people would hurt me if I stand in their way, glad to see they didn't (I still don't know why I thought they would xD).

"The author of this game has uploaded an invalid file and

the game is currently unavailable"

Please reply to my comment when you fix it so I can play it :)

There seems to a some kind of problem with your game upload. The page says:

"The author of this game has uploaded an invalid file and

the game is currently unavailable."

Please reply to my comment when you fix it so I can play it :)

Thanks :)

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Although the creator and I are Spanish, let me try and post this in English as other people might find it useful:

First of all, congratulations, this is a really solid game for such a short development time. Amazing job :) But I have a couple questions, if you don't mind.

I have created a couple games using Unity and LibGDX, but all of them 2D. I would love to make a little 3D game soon, mainly to learn and experiment. Can you please comment on the technologies used for this game?

You mentioned you used Unity, but how did you create the car 3D model, for example? Did you use any specific software? Or can Unity also be used to create these models and add them to the Scene?

Thank you for sharing the game.

I am not going to lie, I expected to at least get a couple reviews (good or bad, I don't care). The fact that Otsoa had 12 downloads and 0 reviews is a bit demoralizing. I had fun developing it, but now that it's been more than a week since the Jam finished, I realise I won nothing by joining the jam. I mean:

* I did the game alone

* Everyone in the Jam ignored my game

I obviously learnt a lot, had fun and released a game, but I could have done that without joining the Jam too, it feels like the submission and (almost) daily Devlog where simply a waste of time.

I finished the Jam happy, and I still feel happy because I finished the game, but looking at it with perspective makes me believe joining a jam is a waste of time in my case. This is probably the first and last time I am joining a jam. I am sure others might have enjoyed team development a lot, but I am not good enough for that, I will simply develop my own games at my own speed.

Thanks again for the experience (although no one is going to read this apparently). It's usually easier to learn from failure, this didn't work out well for me, it's just a lesson learnt.

See you around and good luck on the next jams you join.

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Game url

Otsoa (Should work fine on any Windows, Linux or Mac that has Java installed)

I'd like feedback on

I'd love to have feedback on game design specially:

The idea of the game was to talk about freedom and captivity, the main objective of pretty much everything (Sound, gameplay, graphics...) was towards making the player feel trapped, there is no scape, unless you die. I know it's a pretty dark message, but that's what my mind was telling me to do. It doesn't include any gore or +18 scenes.

Did Otsoa make you feel that way? Did it make a good job transmitting the player (You) that message?

I am new to game development, so feel free to comment on anything else you enjoyed or disliked, I would love to improve as a developer in every possible way. (I know sounds are basic, graphics are bad and menus are simple placeholders, I know that, but I want to hear others opinions on everything they are willing to share).

I need help on

I know the game has obvious bugs (Specially with controls and hitboxes), but I know how to fix them, I simply didn't have time. I am not new to programming.

I am however new to everything else (Pixel art, sounds, level design, character design, story telling (almost non-existing in Otsoa)....), so any advice on any subject will be really helpful. I need to improve on everything, so asking for specific helps is still too early, I don't have specific problems as I am not experienced enough yet, that's why I ask for any tip or advice you can give me.

Thank you all for this amazing experience, and a bigger thank you to those who play Otsoa and provide any type of feedback (Positive or negative, everything helps).

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It's been almost 48 hours since I finished and submitted Otsoa (You can find it here) to this jam. I think it's time to make a Post-Dev general conclusion:

In this 48 hours Otsoa has received 33 visits to the page and 5 downloads. That's actually more than I expected, but I still don't know what those 5 people think about it, because I received no feedback at all. In my opinion, Otsoa is a really interesting experience, I think I chose a really interesting subject, and I hope those 5 people understood the message.

Looking forward:

  • New games

I definitely want to make more games, and I am 100% sure I will be doing the next one using LibGDX too. I want to experiment a bit more with pixel art, but I will leave that for my 3rd or 4th game, my 2nd game is most likely going to be related to water and fear in some way, I still don't know how I´ll do it but I know I´ll use LibGDX available resources better thanks to what I learnt with Otsoa.

I am taking a free week of game development to organize my ideas and that's pretty much all I know right now: My next game will be a game related to water (Most likely the Ocean) and my fear of it that I will start developing some time next week.

  • Otsoa

Otsoa has been a great experience as a first game, and I will keep the current version as it is, just to remember it. In the future, I want to improve Otsoa, but I don't plan on doing it really soon. First I want to learn, I want to make other games, I want to experiment and become a better game designer/developer, I will eventually come back to Otsoa and make an "Enhanced version".

Parts that I know can be improved:

  • Game engine: The game engine is a mess, if you change the resolution the game misses hitboxes, so it essentially breaks (Although it doesn't crash, changing resolution makes it unplayable).
  • Visuals: Most of the "pixel art" in the game is awful.
  • Menus: The menus are placeholders, all of them, it's just a bunch of text thrown onto the screen.
  • Sound: Sound is too simple, it's just predefined long sounds/music that starts playing when certain triggers in game happen, too simple.

I know I will be able to improve all of this when I get more experience, I will come back to Otsoa when I feel like I am ready, that might be August 2017, or it may be May 2020, I don't know. As I experiment with other games and learn more I am sure I will also have more (and better) ideas for improving Otsoa, I will then decide if I just want to improve it keeping the design as it is or I want to fully remake it, it's too early to decide that.

If you read this, thank you for your attention, sorry for any English mistakes and if you are one of those 5 people who downloaded the game, hope you really enjoyed it.

See you all in other game posts (I am definitely going to try a lot of the games of this jam, I can also learn from you girls and guys, not only from my own experience).

I uploaded it already (Before than I planned).

You can find it here: Otsoa.

If anyone is interested in playing it, please do it and tell me what you think about it (A.K.A: Tell me why it's bad).

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Devlog update (20/01/2017):

So....Yea. I am still alive aparently. I've been traveling (because of my job) and although I had some free time, I didn't have access to my PC or Internet, so I haven't been able to update, although I have been able to develop Otsoa a bit.

The game is 99% at this point, tomorrow it's Saturday and I'll be out of home most of the day, if we take into account I still need to properly compile and upload the game, I'll probably have some time for testing and (if I find any) fixing bugs, but I don't think any new feature will make it into the game the last day.

What have I done this 5 days:

I have created the menus, they work, but the visuals are 100% placeholders, I have also introduced some basic sounds that IMHO, significantly improve the experience, and I have fixed a couple movement bugs. At this point I think I simply prefer to wait 24 hours until people play the game (Again, I hope someone does) rather than writting a long post on what I did.

I consider this project "finished", so I want to write some conclusions before people actually get to play it. This game something really personal for me, probably because it's the first time I actually "finish" a game, so being critic is pretty hard for me, I´ll try to be as honest with myself as possible.


Otsoa is a game that I would like to have played if it was someone elses game. I am happy overall with the fact that I did the game although I admit I expected everthing to go better than it did, probably because of inexperience. I learnt a lot considering the short amount of time I could put into developing it.

The game has some obvious flaws, the visuals are far from perfect, but still acceptable compared to what I expected, the engine is a complete mess, it's obvious that it's my first time with LibGDX, I did not use the API correctly in some parts of the game, and that can be seen just by playing it. However, I have learnt a lot about it and I really like it, I will be using LibGDX in my next game too, and I am sure everything that I learnt will help me make a better job when it comes to the engine.

The sound effects and music are very simple, I didn't really want to be really ambitious here, so I expected the final result to be a bit simple, sound effects in Otsoa are more a test to learn the possibilities than actual sound effects (Not sure if I explain myself correctly here), I am still happy with the sounds and music even though they are simple.
The worst part by far are the menus, I know LibGDX has an API that helps a lot with the menus, but I didn't use it, this is probably due to lack of time, but I don't really want to use an excuse here, menus suck, I need to improve on that the next time.

Overall, although it has huge flaws and obvious mistakes, I am happy that I joined the Jam and created a game, this was my first game and the fact that I now have more ideas and still want to make more games tells me that it was a positive experience. I'll probably come back to Otsoa next years or 2 or 3 years from now and be ashamed of how bad I was (I am) at making games, I am looking forward to that moment.

Update: I almost forgot to mention this: Right now it's really late in Spain, due to time zones, I will most like upload the game a lot earlier tomorrow (Saturday), as the time limit is 5AM on Sunday. If you read this, thank you, if you want to comment, thank you, and SPECIALLY, if you want to play and share your opinion on Otsoa with me, THANK YOU and see you tomorrow :)

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Devlog update (15/01/2017):

Late Sunday tiny update, probably the smallest of all.

Otsoa finally has a score system. To leave the experience as "pure" as possible, the player doesn't see the score, but it's there. The only time the player is going to see the score is when the game ends. This score is directly related to the message I want the game to give, so I´ll keep the details for myself for now. Those who play it (I hope someone does) will discover it for themselves.

Looking forward:

I just checked the submissions timer, I still have 6 days and 7 hours, taking into that the next 5 days are work days for me, that's not a lot of time, but this is almost complete (Complete regarding my initial idea/plan). I am sure most people will have better games (Specially those working on teams with different skills), but I am not here to compete, I am happy with the form Otsoa is taking.

I'll work on the menus (Start, Intro, End game....) as soon as possible, Monday is going to be a busy day for me, so I am pretty sure I´ll have no time. I hope I can write a new update on the 17th saying that the menus are finished.

Yes, I really like the technical (programming) part of developing a game. For this jam I wanted to focus on the parts that I don't know too much about, and it's what I am doing, so this improvement to the core code might have to wait till after the Jam ends. I might make two different versions: Otsoa (Jam version) and Otsoa (Enhanced Version).

But that's just a plan for the future, my first priority is to finish the game for the Jam, so I don't really think too much about the other stuff yet.

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Devlog update (13/01/2017):

Late Friday update, not really too much to show in this one, it's been a busy end of week, I didn't have time to finish everything that I wanted to, but at least I've done SOME of the planned development.

The visuals remain the same, and sound is still untouched, but you can already die (yipee!). I feel like I shouldn't mention this, but nevermind, I will anyway:

I implemented a "level system" (Not that the wolf levels up, I mean that you have levels to complete, I consider each level one day). You eat/drink or you die, if you don't eat or drink in X levels, you die. I know this might sound like it break the minimalistic idea that I had in the first place, but I also had to introduce a mechanic for the player to have some kind of fun. I don't really know if I sacrificed too much minimalism just for the fun part, but that's why I am here, I want to experiment, I want to learn.

I still plan on developing a score system, I have a really clear idea of what I want to do, and each time I think about it I like it more.

Looking forward:

I am going slow, call it lack of time, call it inexperience....doesn't matter, but I feel like I NEED to deliver something good (by my standards), and I am running out of time. I hope I can finish the score system and the menus this weekend. If I can develop those parts in these 2 days, I think I will have a decent game that I can be proud of already. After that, I will experiment with the sound system (both music and sound effects) and see what I can learn from that, can't really promise anything regarding sounds, I have no idea what I am going to do.

In the end of it all, I would love to make some improvements to the engine itself (Remember that I am not using a game engine, I built my own using the LibGDX API), the game in its current state is, technically speaking, bad. Since the beginning I knew I wanted to focus more on the design, visuals and sound parts, coding is something that I already know, so I leave it in the "if I have time" bag.

This is looking really good :) I am loving that pixel art, can't believe you were able to do so much in such a short period of time. I'll keep an eye on Inspector Waffles.

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Devlog update (11/01/2017):

So I just skipped a day, and now I am posting this early in the morning in Spain, that means most people are either working, at class or sleeping. Anyway, let's go:

Yesterday was a hard day for me and couldn't really update or develop Otsoa too much, that's going to be usual, but I feel like I want to still update. Work this time has been done mainly on game design.

The wolf now has a pair of buckets/canteens where he can eat and drink:

(For some reason this gif looks terribly laggy, the game feels a lot smoother, sorry for that, this gif might be running at 30FPS or even lower, the game runs a lot better).

Both do the same, lower hunger, and I'll forget about thirst, it won't be "realistic" but I think keeping it simple is more important in Otsoa than keeping it "real". I don't think adding both would be overdesigning, but I believe that having two different stats (Hunger and Thirst), each having an specific bucket might distract the player from the actual message of the game.

"Does it mean something? Does it help understand the message? Does it prevent from understanding it?". I am not an expert of game design, actually, I have no idea what I am doing 99% of the time, but I won't implement any feature which answer to those three questions is not "Yes, Yes, No".

Looking forward:

You still can't technically die, but I expect to have that implemented some time today or early tomorrow. Once that is done, I will improve the menus and add some kind of score system. I have some ideas regarding the score system that could help me reinforce the message of "lack of freedom", I feel like it's going to be a really important part of the game.

I have heard of them before, but I don't know what games they've done. I will search for info later today and see if I recognise any game, and if I don't, I'll probably buy one of the latest, just to see what you are talking about, thanks :)

Devlog update (09/01/2017):

No much time today went into the development. The only meaningful update is the WIP of the scenery. This is the current appearance of the "cage":

The main character is almost fully implemented already. I want to investigate a bit on the possibility of adding Hunger and Thirst, as someone suggested yesterday. It starts to feel like the project is not really ambitious, I think I will be able to finish something worthy on time, and I am already learning about "Pixel Art" (If you consider this crap pixel art), which was one of the main objectives.

The objective from now till Friday is to finish this asset and make a first implementation of Hunger and Thirst, to see if it works, or how to make it work. The weekend will be 99% sound-effects/music related, as I feel that will take me longer because I have no previous experience.

Thanks for the support :)

Seeing that people like your ideas is always a good boost to confidence in what you are doing, I now hope I can deliver something worthy, I hope lots of poeple (including me (Specially me)) like this game.

I considered the option to implement hunger and thirst, I actually think I might end up doing something like this. I don't really want to give the option to scape (That sounds really bad, I know).

I really like the idea, it's actually a way of reinforcing the idea of lack of freedom. Eat, drink and be a prisoner, or die. I like it.

Am I being too "dark" or pessimistic? Not sure, but that's what my mind is telling me to do right now, that's how I feel right now.

My first language is Basque, second is Spanish and third is English (Still learning).

The main idea I had was to make it an experience more than a game. I thought about making a prototype without lose and/or win states, I think that transmits the message a lot better, the message that there is no scape. Again, my idea is to express the that feeling of lack of freedom, and actually making it possible to scape might prevent the game from expressing that idea.

I have now been thinking about your message for some minutes and I must admit that I have a tough decision here, I either stick to the plan, making a "purer" experience, with (what I believe is) a direct and easy message or I change and add the option to scape (Probably scape=win and die=lose, for example), which would make the game a lot better as a game (Fun wise), but wouldn't let me express that message so well.

I haven't decided quite yet. I need to make a little fast one-person brainstorming with pros and cons.

Thanks for your answer, this definitely will help me improve my game design.

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Note: This is my first ever game and English is my third language, sorry for any mistakes. The idea in this Devlog is to explain my experience as a new developer, I know most people know a lot more than me, so if you are reading this, thank you.

I am developing this in my free time all by myself (I don't want to trouble others with my inexperience).I don't have too much free time, so I don't think I will be able to write a devlog every day.

Actual post:

First Devlog (Starting the game):

Pretty much everything is new for me, although I am an experienced programmer, I am using LibGDX, an API than I have never used, I have also never done any sprites or textures for videogames and of course, I have never done any music or sound effects either. I am developing this alone, and my main goal isn't to be the best (I know I can't, I am alone plus I have no experience and no talent), I just want to make a little game that I am proud of. I am going to divide the ideas into 2 main subjects, programming (A thing that I am confortable with) and everything else (I am unexperienced/"unconfortable" with everything else).


LibGDX: I have never used LibGDX, but it is based on Java, which I am confortable with. The only thing interesing to mention here is the way I did Animations, I actually coded a "buffer" of images that updates every X miliseconds and creates an animation. I am pretty sure LibGDX has something that helps with this, I just didn't really search for it and now I already have my code running, I will learn about Animations for LibGDX in my next project, I have no time to go back.

Game and graphics threads: I know the basics of GUI programming, and I know you are supposed to differentiate the graphics and game logic workflow (threads). Currently, the game logic and refresh rate of Otsoa are tied, this is not a problem in this tiny game, but it's a serious programming error if I want to make larger games, again, probably too late to code everything again, as I have other stuff that I prefer to do in the limited time I have (Like this post, for example).

Game concept/design:

I want to express and idea with Otsoa, actually, a feeling for than an Idea, I don't want it to be a simple minigame without any meaning. I want to explore the idea or feeling of Freedom, and the lack of it. Every decision I am making is based on this concept.

You control a wolf just because in my mind, wolf is a pure representation of freedom, you are trapped in a Zoo (Even though a Wolf is not a common animal in Zoos, at least not in the ones I visited) because a Zoo is the perfect example of lack of freedom.

Story telling is something I have no idea about, seems difficult, I am not really focusing on that on this project, I prefer to focus on the visuals and sounds for now, I can always fight with story telling on future projects.

Visuals (Graphics):

I totally have no idea what I am doing when it comes to visuals. I took the main textures for the wolf from a free of copyright site on the internet, but I want to do the rest myself, I want to actually learn something about this subject. Not much to explain here yet, currently, I have the wolf and a basic background of the zoo (That will definitely improve, how much? I don't know, that's why I am here).

Screenshot of the game as of 07/01/2017:

Music and sound effects

This is the part that scares me the most, but that's actually good, because it also means I can learn a lot from it too. I haven't even started doing any of this, but I have ideas, I don't know how these will end, but I want to experiment a bit myself.

Next days: I had 95% of the programming done on the first day, it's a no brainer for me, but that's what I expected, I already know how to write code, my focus is to learn about the other stuff (Game concept and design, visuals and sound).

I'll probably try to improve the quality of the images and sprites in these first few days, let's see what I am capable of, and what I learn. I will leave sounds for the next week.

If you read everything, thank you and sorry for my English. If you have any tips, any similar experiences or you simply want to tell me that the visuals suck, please just leave a comment, I am really interested in everyones opinion.

No problem, we all want to have a cleaner community :)

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So I just found this girl (I assume it's a girl) writting in different posts the exact same message with an email (One of the posts was mine).

I didn't really know if has a report system, and if it does, I still don't know how to use it, sorry. Just wanted to raise awareness, be careful with the information you share.

This is the girl I am talking about:

Update: I just found the option to report a comment, I did report it as "Spam", which technically is correct, but I am pretty sure there is more and she's actually trying to scam people in some way (I don't know how because I did not contact). Just be careful with these kind of people, please.

I am not sure If I should be posting this question here, but I assume most of you have more experience than me on programming in general, so I hope someone can help me.

I have been developing and posting my creations on for around 6 months now, and I want to improve.

I need a method to make my games/tools update automatically. With this I mean that when the user starts it, it checks for update on the project page, and if there is one, it downloads it (replacing the old version). (I know this is already handled in the Itch application, which is amazing, but some people have my games/tools installed independently).

I mainly use pure Java for the tools and LibGDX (Which is mostly Java too) for the Games. Usually these come in a single .jar file, I assume this should be easier to update than a full installation with different folders, files....right?

Does anyone have any experience on this subject?

Thank you all for your patience :)

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I hope this is not against the rules, here it goes:

Almost 4 hour stream:

7 minute part that was out of the main broadcast for some reason:

And no, my game was not played on stream, and won't be most likely xD I don't really care.

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PachinkoPhysics [SKIPPING THIS ONE, I GUESS????? :O ]

If you don't have time, sure, skip it. There will be games that have a story and are a lot more interesting. I would suggest moving this to the last position and just check it if you have time.

(1 edit)

Skip mine (PachinkoPhysics). Seriously, if you don't have much time, mine is not worth it, it has no story, no win/lose conditions, it's pretty much just an experiment.

Just leaving this here because i don't want you to lose time on stream (You can check it out at any other time if you want to).

In case the other developers don't see this post, I want to thank you for streaming this process. :)

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I played around 10 games from this Jam this week, I am not ashamed to say that I got really good ideas from a couple of them and I will definitely use (copy) some of those ideas to some future projects.

About not getting visits into the game I posted, I actually expected not to get a single download, but I got one, and I also got one comment (From the same person, I assume), and it wasn't a hate comment, so that's already more than I expected.

I don't really expect people to download any game I do, I am the first one who knows that my games are not worth the effort, I make this games for myself, and post them on pretty much as a backup. I don't expect anyone to download and enjoy any of my games. Specially after looking at the rest, almost all of the other games in this jam are way better than my shitty project.

I definitely want to check more games, but right now, with the university project about to end (exactly 13 days left) and my own little games in development, I really don't have much time to go through every single game. I promise I will try to check every game I can (Hopefully all of them) when I have the time.

(2 edits)

I think offering the two versions on the same page would be the best idea for this project in particular, I change a couple mechanics (Win/Lose, score.....), but the core (Physics, graphics, sound....) is 99% the same. Thank you for your ideas :)

I will consider the price, but I am thinking about offering it for free right now, and I don't think that will change xD