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Ohh! Now i get it! Awesome! Makes sense now that you told me :D

Thanks for your reply and thank you for a good game :D

Webversion does not start on Chrome + OSX. I'll skip reviewing =)

Aww. i thought i was the first to realise this.
As frodewin said, i just kept firing straight up skipping multiple level with one tree.
I'd love a counter to see how many trees i have left, kind of taken by surprise when the game ended.

Totally agree on the SFX, a nice happy tune in the background and a loud QUACK at the finishline!

Love the concept, could be a really cool game if you keep working with it. Made my browser freeze up after a couple of levels thou. :P 

had some issues remembering what key did what in the heat of it all. Maybe use space for jump?

what he said! ^^

Did NOT expect something so beautiful. Well done!! As someone else said, it's a bit hard. But that could be  my #nooblife aswell :D

nice take on the whole flappybird thing. i like it!

Cool idea, felt kind of too luck based, if that makes sense?

I like the atmosphere of it all!

Hey man, it's a nice looking game and sounds like fun. But it seems not to work for me either.  I select a character and then a free square next to it, but nothing is happening. No matter which character i select?

Am i missing something or is it just not working on OSX perhaps?

Amazed, this is the best one i've seen so far.

Made me lol! 

Love it! Good job!