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OMG! Buccaneer #OpenJam2017View game page

FTL stripped down to core mechanics. Play as legendary Blackbeard, Hawkins & Morgan in the Caribean Sea.
Submitted by magodev (@magodevel) — 13 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline

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OMG! Buccaneer #OpenJam2017's page


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Tools used
Gimp, Audacity, Bfxr and Godot Engine

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Wow! The game is awesome. Very good polish for a jam. And lovely pixel art! 

P.S. And I like the fact I can run it on my Linux machine :)

Jam Judge(+1)

Nice graphics, interesting game! I included it in my Open Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Bah. I wanted to like it, but sadly the bug with the cannons stopping semi-randomly was just too much in the end. After several restarts (couldn't find any other way to retry than to restart the whole game) I got to level 11 and felt like I was doing pretty good and then both of my cannons just ignore the enemy ship. Considering how clunky it was to select a pirate and move him around of course I was dead long before I could move them away and then back. I guess it could just be something I'm not getting about the game though, as it also seemed like sometimes the pirate below the deck just wouldn't repair the ship, nor would the pirates actually go all the way to where I clicked and instead just stopped randomly on the deck.

Great aesthetic (although the cannon sounds are a bit much) and the gameplay is so close to being fun that it's a real shame it was or at least felt so buggy.

Edit. I'm also still not sure what you can buy from the level 5 pier for 50 coins. A stat upgrade or something? I wasn't sure but I just kept buying it on all of my runs :P.


Thank you for your feedback. I know that the bug is annoying. As well as the user interface interaction is not very clear. But please consider that it was made within 72 hours and a lot of time went into graphics and balancing tests.

The highest level a player has reached yet was 23, as far as I know.  The trick is to reassign the crew regularly. Also they will stop work when they´ve got hitten (which was more or less intended).

If you want a more polished version, follow me and stay up to date.

The 50 coins item is a stats upgrade. It will lead to more repairing power, more damage at the cannons and less damage taken while steering thru rough sea.


My guys getting hit and stopping work was probably a big part of it and it makes sense, even if it wasn't communicated too clearly. I don't think I have the mouse dexterity to constantly keep reassigning people though.

I hope I didn't come off as too harsh. I full well know the reality and limitations of a game jam, which are even more harsh when you're a solo developer (at least Ludum Dare has the 48 hour compo for solo entries as well as the 72 hour jam for any entries).

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Wow. This game is incredibly complete for 72hrs dev time. Great stuff! The gameplay is fluid and well-paced. I love pirate stuff too. Oh, and I didn't run into any problems with the controls like a few other reviewers.


thank you very much! :)


I am very dissapointed by this game and the fact that he had already made this for a different competition. He made it for another comp and then submitted it to this one. Which is very sad considering many people worked their fucking asses off and then this sucker comes along and puts in a game that was finished before the competition.


I am sorry to disappoint you. But as you can see both jams had the same time line and it is not prohibited to participate in more than one jam. Your aggressive behavior against other indie game devs, and FOSS community, shows me that you are not into the scene and may never will. If you have concerns about the  plausibility of my submission, deliver a proof.

So anyhow here are the facts:

- OMG! Buccaneer is submitted to OpenJam and GDQ One Mechanic Game Jam (That´s where the OMG comes from in the name)

- GDQ One Mechanic Game Jam 2  was on October 6-8th

- Open Jam was also on October 6-8th

Also, when I have a look at your submission I could easily say that I have spend more time on my game than you.

Submitted (1 edit)

There's a big difference between submitting something you've made beforehand versus submitting something that was made during the actual jam, or perhaps even better made for multiple jams that happened to be at the same time. While his code repository history isn't the most informative, that along with the fact that it says "... Edit: Seems like the post was cut here for some reason. I just wanted to point out that the repo and the game page have the same dates for when they became available.

I understand being frustrated about someone cheating in a honor based event like a game jam, but false accusations aren't much fun either.


I realized my mistake after his response. I didn't mean to diminish your game at all, it actually is quite fun. It reminds me of ftl. I should not have accused you of not making it in the time frame. I was just a little angered that you submitted it to two game jams. Although it isn't in the rules the people running this event said they would add that as a rule next time. I also thought that the other jam you submitted it to took place before this one. That is why I came off so strong. Hope your game does well!


I'm not the dev, you should've replied to the comment above mine :).


For anyone in Fedora, you have to `chmod +x buccaneer_x11` then run it.

Cool game, I assume it fits the theme because cannon balls leave a mark.

A couple problems, I had this error spamming in my terminal the entire time:


ERROR: update: Invalid mix rate for voice (0) check for invalid pitch_scale param.
   At: servers/spatial_sound_2d/spatial_sound_2d_server_sw.cpp:949.


Also the shop check and x weren't clickable, but maybe that was user error.

Overall great!


Very nice! I am a big FTL fan and as you can see from my game also a pirates fan. I enjoyed playing the game a lot, but the user interface could be more intuitive. I would have loved to select people by just clicking on them and some feedback when somebody is fully healed or the ship is fully repaired would have helped.


I played successfully until there was a situation where my cannons did not fire, although both were manned.


Thank you for your feedback. I know there is a bug where they stop working. Maybe I will improve the UI as well as making the game a bit harder and the levels more diverse in the next few weeks. I´ve had a lot of fun developing it - even with some bugs :P


Great, looking forward to the extended version! If you need some ideas, you could have fires being started when cannons hit, which slowly eat away the ships health until the fire is extinguished and there could be cannons on both sides so that cannoneers have to switch sides.

I liked! Idk how impact was used. maybe the cannon fire? I liked it. How did you like working on this in godot. We made our game in godot also. It's P3TE

Jam Host(+1)

Awesome game!  One question,  I can only control the first pirate,  how to I select which pirate to control?


Well, the UI might not be the best :D On the right side you can select the pirates by clicking on their panel

Jam Host

Thanks!  That is very helpful!  You should add that image to your instructions page.


Done already, as well as in the loading screen xD


Love it! Good job!