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Great game! Truly GameBoy-ish visuals and audio. And very plesant retro-UI. Good job!

Enceladus Dockyards Development Timelapse
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Thanks for the feedback!

A manual, a tutorial are hits are something I'm looking to add in a post-jam version.

Thanks for the feedback!

In a post-jam version I'll add another gameplay mode besides HUMAN and BOT - it will be called HYBRID.

In that mode a human is responsible for the ship design, but the battle is fought by the bot. That way you can design a ship and let the bot test it in battle.

Also, there will be ability to save and load ship design to and from JSON files, so you can preserve designs or even bring them along to fight with friends :)

Simply amazing! Probably the most GameBoy-ish game I've played in this jam. Good job!

Violent :)

The screen feels really small. Maybe it makes sense to add a full screen button and the ability to zoom in/out the view?

What is the engine you've built it with? Is it Pico-8?

Amazing isometry! One doesn't find many isometric games these days.

Additional physics/feedback can live up actions a little. At the moment I don't feel the mass of the enemy or the force of my strike.

Pain... So much pain... Currents are taking me away all the time!

That is a challenging game! Takes  a lot of skills to master.

Moving left definitely feels as moving backward, since usually games are moving left-to-right (e.g. R-Type). I was expecting something getting to me from the right side of the screen all the time :)

Cool! Just like R-Type, but on GameBoy :)

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Amazing game! I've never played picross, but it took me like 1 minute to learn. It's one of the best puzzles - easy to learn, hard to master :)

The game is very engaging. Kudos on palette, visuals and sound - they give that old gameboy-ish feel.

Good job!

It is like Subculture demake for GameBoy :) Cool visual effects with bubbles - it really brings that underwater feel.

Easy to win :) Some additional challenges would be nice.

Also, the circle feels like it has no mass whatsoever. It might make it better to introduce some additional physics, like friction and bouncing.

Wow! It is probably the most atmospheric game I've seen in this jam. Nice color palette - I'm getting cold just by looking at it :)

The platform physics is really well balanced - on pair with Celeste and other iconic platformers. Music is nice (although, not very gameboy-ish ;) )And you even managed to put in a backstory!

Good job!

On improvements, I'd add a full-screen button with ability to zoom the view. Controls are fine, but I would prefer more conventional layout... Maybe Arrows + Space to jump and WASD + Right shift to jump. But this one is totally subjective...

Also, for some reason the top panel is messed up in my browser (Chrome 83 + macOS 10.15). The text is shifted and scaled into unreadable form :(

Thanks for the review. A tutorial is in my todo list. Although, I still haven't figured out how to seamlessly integrate that into the gameplay flow.

Cool game! Just like Xenon 2: Megablast, but for GameBoy.

I think the GameBoy style is preserved perfectly. Good job!

Just like Tyrian, but for GameBoy :)

Just like Tyrian, but for GameBoy :)

Controls are not very responsive for a slasher :)

The game reminds me about Saboteur I've played on ZX Spectrum when I was a child.

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Pain... So much pain... I died so many times )))

That is an interesting concept for a platformer. Speed boost is really an unexpected and scary effect :)

Interesting concept.

I think UI can be improved to make selection and navigation easier.

Also some additional feedback on each turn would be nice... Like show some short customers animation sequence between hitting Next Week and showing turn results.

Well, this is a hard one. Not a pain platformer per se, but still hard :)

Player's physics feels too rigid. You can add more liveness to it by playing with friction. Or maybe by introducing some additional feedback, like additional sound effects or particles.

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Cool! GameBoy flight sim )))

It is hard to get used to controls at first, but once you get it could be quite fun :)

Wow, finished! Amazing game! Unbelievably good polish for a jam game. All visuals, animations, sound effects and music are of good quality. And it "feels" right - the physics of shots, feedback, hit effects with particles, how stones are behave on impact. Seems like every detail is very well balanced

Simply the best polished gameplay I've seen so far in this jam :)

Cool game! Very smooth gameplay and amazing work with color palettes and lights. I've never realized it would be possible to do light effects in 4 colors :)

Amazing! It is probably the most polished game I've played so far in this jam... The graphics has genuine gameboy feel, music and sound effects are also superb!

I've encountered that problem somewhere at the right-bottom end of the platform. I've dropped into the ocean but hasn't died and still was able to shoot form somewhere under the bottom of the screen :)

Cool shooting :)

Might work better with a full-screen button and ability to scale the view.

Also, the 'dodge stars' mechanics is pretty confusing... There is no hint about it and I figured out what to do from comments below. You might consider removing it completely, since it doesn't seem add any variety to the gameplay.

Nicely done. Cool palette and visuals.

It gets boring pretty fast. Some variety with monsters/items/weapons would be nice. Although, I realise that might not be possible within the scope of a jam.

Still, some hacks can be implemented fast.  Like a mega-bat boss - just like a regular bat, but scaled x2 and stronger :)

Weird, after Build it supposed to go straight into a battle.

I've failed to test that on different browsers. What browser are you running it on? Is there any errors in the JS console?

Thanks for the feedback! I'm actually Ukrainian, so I don't speak Portuguese :)

The game certainly needs some kind of hints or a tutorial. But I still haven't figured out how to properly implement that.

Thanks for the feedback!

Initially I've planned to add a star field, but failed to implement in time. The whole tileset was created just in 2 hours before the deadline :)

Thanks for the review!

The game definitely lacks feedback. I had things like part shakes and blinks, weapons shooting/incoming animations in the todo list. But as always, it got cut short by the deadline :).

Thanks for the bug report! I should have tested it in various browsers :(

Now I also need to create a spec for the virtual machine that control robots - I've managed to implement almost 40 opcodes, but failed to create some examples of really smart firmware.
With all these artifacts present, you can actually play that game as a local multiplayer - everybody will create their own firmware, upload it and then let the bots fight each other without human intervention... just like in RoboCode/Omega and the likes.

I love the idea and very stylish minimalistic presentation. Good exploration of time-warping ideas.
And I feel you can get a ton of puzzles from that simple mechanic.

Wow! It is so relaxing. The tagline could be "Don't Panic. Keep Calm. And observe the fish" )))

Very cool graphics and animations. The soundtrack is also awesome - it has depressing tones that matches the game perfectly.
I agree with other playtesters on hitboxes - they feel way off. It doesn't matter that mathematically they match the sprites - it is all about the feeling of touch. And I've got the feeling that I'm dying from touching the air instead of the enemy.

A little detail, but still - the gravity is also seems to be inconsistent. The masked dudes fall down very fast, but for some reason the gravity works differently on the hero.

I've made a lot of tries to make it move... But every time at some random point the game refuses to accept my input. Like it says "activate switches 1 and 2" and once I've done that, and even hit play, nothing happens. BTW, are the switches and knobs are the same thing? Cause at some point it asks you to turn on some switches, at the other point - the knobs.

P.S. I personally think it is OK to upload a new version of a game if it fixes a gameplay-breaking bug. Quarantine Jam doesn't have a specific rule on this, but Ludum Dare allows it as long as you're not including new functionality and clearly specify the bug fixes in the game description.

Thanks for the playtest! I'm sorry about the missing manual - haven't managed to squeeze that into the jam. Probably should have put at least some kind of simple splash screen with instructions and controls)))