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This is a really addicting and great game. My highscore was around 72.

High score: 1535

Oh im sorry I havent actually exported the latest build yet...havent really had enough time. I didnt think it would influence the ratings that much since they are ending today but I will eventually get that up. :)

Yes we have fixed that. Our original thought process behind that was they would eventually build up so much that they would create like an ocean of zombies coming for you. And those zombies stuck would act as a bridge for other zombies to jump on and get over. But a lot of people said they didn't like it and it felt slow that way. So thank you for the feed back!

Man thats awesome! I am glad you had so much fun. We will probably continue to work on this game to get the zombies to perform correctly and add much more creatures at night and things to craft. 

I realized my mistake after his response. I didn't mean to diminish your game at all, it actually is quite fun. It reminds me of ftl. I should not have accused you of not making it in the time frame. I was just a little angered that you submitted it to two game jams. Although it isn't in the rules the people running this event said they would add that as a rule next time. I also thought that the other jam you submitted it to took place before this one. That is why I came off so strong. Hope your game does well!

That was a really cool video. Thanks for making it. It was awesome seeing someones reaction to our game. :D

Sorry about that. Mac is a very hard thing to export on. Its not very supported by gamemaker.

Go to your terminal then type Unzip then drag the zipped file into the terminal. It should unzip it and leave the file in your users folder. I had this problem on my macbook with other zipped files before.

I had no idea how to play it also maybe you could change the way the camera works because its really hard to see whats happening until you get the hang of it.

I am very dissapointed by this game and the fact that he had already made this for a different competition. He made it for another comp and then submitted it to this one. Which is very sad considering many people worked their fucking asses off and then this sucker comes along and puts in a game that was finished before the competition.

Just finished uploading the macOS version. Not sure if it is fully optimized. So it might run slow on your computer. Let me know how it goes!

Thats what we were going for :D

Thank you for the suggestion. We will definetly take everything you say into account. One thing that we have fixed is the zombies. We have improved their ai so they do not get stuck all the time and will probably not slow down the game too much as more zombies spawn. One thing that is supposed to happen is that zombies get stuck when they run into walls so that the other zombies can climb on top of them so eventually it would make a bridge to the player. Also the fact that you can build a wall all the way across the top of the map and no zombies can get you will be fixed as well. Thank you for all your feed back we will use it to improve this game.

Thats strange that you can only build floor tiles. Are you running this on linux? That might cause some problems. Ill look into the messages that were getting spammed to your console. Thanks for the feed back!

I will be exporting the game to macOs later tonight once we fix a few bugs.

cant run the .exe because its missing a .dll file and i cant run the other two files.

Are we allowed to use gamemaker studio 2?