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Thanks dude!

I wanted to make more but 72hrs isn't enough time! :D

I really enjoyed your video so thanks for posting it. Awesome thumbnail too. Keep up the great reviews, friendo.

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Wow. This game is incredibly complete for 72hrs dev time. Great stuff! The gameplay is fluid and well-paced. I love pirate stuff too. Oh, and I didn't run into any problems with the controls like a few other reviewers.

This game has cute graphics and a consistent style. It's also got great progression for a game jam game. The mechanics and controls are fluid and the gameplay is fun! Well done.

Very useful feedback, thanks!

That's a high compliment - thank you.

Thanks for the feedback nassi! I'll take a look at that bug too.


This isn't crappy! It's super fun. I love the difficulty. Took me 4-5 tries to get past the first purple dog level. Jeez, those purple dogs really mess you up. Cute art style and great use of theme!

I love the art so much! The narrative is awesome - so are the minigames. I'm super sad that my game hangs after lighting the candles (I get this message: ERROR: Couldn't switch to scene:res://MiniGames/Seven/Intro.tscn)

I wanted to go on my alien date! Let me know if you throw up a new build and I'll re-play it :)

An interesting use of Unity physics. I like that the junk can hit the trashcan's sides and then you have to choose if you want to go and catch it vs. getting new trash. Mixes it up. My highscore is 127!

This is so goofy, I love it! Your procedural generated park is awesome too. Some really unique mechanics as well.

Congratulations on your first Unity game! It plays well, runs smooth, and looks awesome.

I love this game! It's nice to see the Unreal Engine used in a jam too. The models and animations were super high quality. Oh, and the gameplay was well balanced. More trampolines!

What a great use of the theme. Smooth animations and gameplay too!

What a lovely little neighborhood! Love the mechanics too.

Some great atmospheric music to go with the creepy underwater void. Like ggsDylan said, the controls inside the temple feel really natural and responsive. I like the logo too!

Thanks! Accurate analysis.

Me too.

This is so immersive! A really unique experience. Really high quality voice acting and sound design. A family game jam team is cool as heck too.

Some great and subtle illustrations. Relaxing gameplay too. Awesome stuff.

Loved the physics! Title logo is really ace too. A wild ride.

I like a game where you can go really fast and jeez did I make that boat fly. A completely solo project too. Great job.

Captain Fisher sure loves those pork chops. Really cute graphics. The UI and the backdrop were great too!

An interesting take on "space"! The graphics really stood out for me and the gameplay perfectly fit the narrative. Really pretty game.

Replied to Lanz in Undersea comments

Thank you! I did everything except the SFX and music (https://soundcloud.com/the-green-alpha and https://twitter.com/MatthewRockVGM respectively)

That's an amazing animation for your first time! Looking forward to the nausea this game will bring.

This game is so feature-complete. Such a consistent and satisfying style to the graphics. You're a real pro.

As I mentioned on Discord, this was one of my favourites. Loved the style. Can tell a ton of effort went into it.

This is an interesting concept! Shame that you weren't able to finish. Love anything to do with Narwhals, hah.

Classic gameplay. The controls were really responsive and there was a great difficulty setting. Would love to try a sudden death mode as I managed to complete both Space and Sea!

Perfect use of the theme. Man, those blue fish had it out for me.

I just completed this! And I also found the hidden alien artifact (yay me). The inventory/crafting was very functional and the night changeover was kinda scary. The graphics (bullet effects especially) were great.

Really interesting mechanics! I digged the minimalist graphics and I like games where it's impossible to die. My best score was 46, which I'm claiming is the high-score.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you had fun.