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A jam entry

Spaced_OutView game page »

Survive a crash, rebuild your spaceship and get away from the island
Submitted by SadManBrad (@SadManBrad) with 4 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#113.4443.444
Theme Relevance#183.5003.500

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Wee! I love survival crafters, done right. Nice that this one has an actual end-goal instead of the usual forever and ever. I ran into a bug where the game froze after a while when running full screen 1440p. Didn't have any issues running it 1080p windowed.


I'm happy you enjoyed it! I thought it's hard to put enough content in a jam game for it to be a complete endless survival game so I instead added an end goal. I have no clue why it froze but I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback

I really liked it! It is too bad that it is so short.


Yeah, I had to cut on content in order to get all the main mechanics in there. Glad you liked it and thanks for playing!


Really well polished game, great visuals and fun to play


I played this project and did a video and thought it was fantastic. It was a very well polished game and I too had a problem with the cursor staying focused on the game but I've had this before and I think it could be kinda related to my panasonic vierra 5000. The last game that had this problem I had to unplug to the TV and the game worked fine but I haven't test it yet tough.

Even the end scene with the ship in space was awesome.

Here's my video.



Are the enemies coming from the sea? cause that would be aces! I'm going to say that they were either way. I actually think this should be more or less the whole concept. I love the idea of a very limited crafting system with waves of enemies (maybe that get increasingly difficult each night cycle, creating a soft time limit) that you have to craft around defeating based on their type. You're simultaneously collecting parts to fix the ship, but the catch is you can only give it enough juice to hop to the next island. Each island has it's own unique flair, and each gets you closer to "getting off this stinkin' rock" or something :) Also I wanted the high ground for fear of an unseen enemy over the ridge, which I thought was a cool feeling for such a small game to give me (and a good way to leverage the island level).


The enemies are indeed coming from the sea! The enemies do spawn more every night but the increase isn't that big to notice in one or two nights so probably no one will ever notice while actually playing the game, but the system is there and can be tweaked to get better results. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks a lot for the feedback. The different enemy types was something I had in mind but wasn't really possible to do in the limited time. I do plan on expanding the game so stick around if you wish.

I've got a weird bug where my character wont stop moving. I'm not pressing any keys and he's moving on his own


The bug was caused by a program called VJoy. After uninstalling, the game worked great. But the cursor keeps leaving the screen. Try locking it in the center of the screen:  Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked.

Other than that, the game is very enjoyable and I love the models and graphics. Good Job!


Thanks a lot for the feedback I'll definitely add the cursor lock in the update. Weird bug, no idea how the program caused it

VJoy is used to map controls on different devices. I used it to trick Rocket league into thinking I had 2 controllers plugged in, instead of one controller and a keyboard. That mapping caused the issue.

Nice work ! very high level of polish, I love your minimalist style !


Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it

Not working on Win7. I'll see if I can get a win10


Is it a 32bit version? It should work on x64 systems

it's 32 bits unfortunatelly.

I'll try to test it on 64 bits later.

Great game! I've even tried to replay it so I could  give a try to the turrets. However, on replay, the iron ore won't be added to my inventory after picking it up! >_<


Ah yeah you can try restarting the game entirely, there is a known issue with scene reloading that I tried to fix but couldn't get it done in time. Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it

Nice job! I loved the day music. The UI was impressive and the minimalist logo in the beginning was gorgeous.


Thanks for the feedback, the music was made by Rustic Hilltop Inn, you can check out his amazing work on his soundcloud

Really great game! The UI was really impressive and I have to agree the monsters got me a few times and freaked me out. Over all though great job, maybe vary the pitch on the gun though as the sound would get repetitive. 


Good point! I was so busy trying to get everything working that I didn't realize I can change the pitch dynamically. Thanks for the feedback

Haha no worries man, we all got stuff we wish we had more time to put in. Amazing game though keep it up!

I just completed this! And I also found the hidden alien artifact (yay me). The inventory/crafting was very functional and the night changeover was kinda scary. The graphics (bullet effects especially) were great.


Thanks a lot for the kind words and I'm glad you found the little hidden treasure

There's an artifact? Where ?