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Thanks for the feedback! Could you be a bit more specific because I don't really understand what you mean about the delay. Thank you!

It's not a bug. It's supposed to not let you switch rooms while the block is dropping. That's why I made the idol turn red. I should probably make it more obvious.

Thank you for the feedback!!

Ah, I see. Thank good job!

I would have liked a visual indication for the speed, like a speedometer so it would be more obvious that the speed is growing. Other than that the game really reminded me of the infinite runners that were filling the google play store a few years ago. Good job guys!

There was a problem with attacking. Besides the fact that there is no animation or visual indication of the melee hitbox, the enemies would simply die even if i was not facing them or near them. All I had to do is collide with an enemy and spam the attack button, and all enemies would die.

I enjoyed the game but when I go to the shop, the background music of the room and the one of the shop overlap. Another thing I wanted to point out is that you dont need to dash to shoot faster as it already shoots faster when I move. And the options button is not functional. The graphics were really nice. Good job!

This game is adorable! Really loved the voxel models and the SFX & music were amazing. The only problem I had was that when the "sammich" got too big, i couldn't grab any ingredients. Other than that, I liked it a lot! Great job!

I was really looking forward to playing this. I like the idea and I was very close to making something like this. The adviser cost displayed is 99999999 but the real cost is 20, and I noticed that you can hire the people multiple times but nothing happens after the first time. And am I right when I say that you need to way until the end of the day to get money?

Anyway, I'd love to see this game polished because I see myself spending hours playing it. Good job! 

I like how with each stage of life you gain a new ability but i had trouble with the controls. There is different gravity for when jumping without moving and jumping while moving. Another thing was that the character didnt stop walking when I stopped pressing the button, but when the animation cycle was over, which could lead to falling off an edge. If you could fix the controls and make the game a bit longer, it would be really cool. Good job! :D

I really like the models and animations. If you made those then you should probably start selling or making more games! Good job!

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I really love low poly games and you did a good job on this one. But the info button on the menu didnt show anything for me so it was a bit confusing seeing all the bars when the game started. When I jump the model keeps turning and when I encountered the flies and they started chasing me, they started colliding with each other. Great job on the music and models!! Really creative

EDIT: I've read the game page. Bit more impressed now at the depth of details you got in this. Great Job

I had a blast with this one! Really really cool idea and mechanic you have here. If you could polish this it would be amazing! :D

Mechanic wise, loved it. I'm sorry you didnt have enough time for more polish. Only thing I didnt like was the slide the character does when you change directions or when you stop.

I'm guessing you didn't have enough time to finish and that's the reason you don't have music. I liked the art style.  In the maze part, when I walk down on a bush/wall, the character starts walking to the left despite me pressing the down arrow key.

I really like the idea of graffiting so I'd like you to continue development of this game. But you have to work on the controls. I mean I could barely fit in the corridor with the lockers and i couldn't move on the diagonals.

I like the idea. Wished there were more levels and more challenges. From my point of view, the last level was the easiest. MAKE MORE LEVELS FOR IT! :D

An amazing game. The ending, although expected, made me a bit sad. I loved the artwork and I love how much attention you paid to the details. Such as parallax backgrounds, not being able to jump as an old man, things like that make the difference between a good game and a great game. Good job!

I really enjoyed it :D. The models are amazing. I liked breaking through the saw though i found that out somewhere after level 30 haha. I would have liked a pause button. All in all, good job!

Oh man, this got very stressful very fast haha. Loved it! Great job!

Haha wow what an exploit. Will fix it in the next release. Thank you!

Okay, the problem was that it had to be ran in Admin Mode. After getting to 1020 points with full HP, i have to say it's pretty easy, but it's enjoyable. As stated by others, some gun upgrade features would have been amazing but the game is fun. Good job! :D

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When I hit "PLAY" the game crashes. Goes into a "not responding" state. I'll wait for a fix and then rate it :D

Waiting for a download link :D

From my understanding, the theme was either sea or space ("sea/space") but i might be wrong about it (hope not).  And I went for the installer because I want to further develop the game and it would be better

I have never, in my life, felt more stressed and intimidated by a game. I loved it! :D

I'd love it if the tutorial video had better quality. Other than that, I loved the game!

If you don't put this on mobile, I'll be disappointed. It's a really fun  and really polished game. Amazing job!

Thank you! I had a lot of trouble while coding the fog of war. Was trying to approach it in such a wrong way; until i went to sleep and woke up with the solution haha

VJoy is used to map controls on different devices. I used it to trick Rocket league into thinking I had 2 controllers plugged in, instead of one controller and a keyboard. That mapping caused the issue.

The bug was caused by a program called VJoy. After uninstalling, the game worked great. But the cursor keeps leaving the screen. Try locking it in the center of the screen:  Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked.

Other than that, the game is very enjoyable and I love the models and graphics. Good Job!

Well to put it simply, I played so much my wrist started to hurt. Great job. Loved all aspects of it!

Loved the character artwork. Best kind of pixel art, in my opinion. Only down side is that the game is so short. Would have loved to play more of it!

I've got a weird bug where my character wont stop moving. I'm not pressing any keys and he's moving on his own

Thanks for the feedback! I'm already trying to simplify them but I need to find a good balance between them first

Tutorials and hints where in plan when I started building this, but I managed to finish the rules and mechanics with about 5 hours remaining. Then I focused on the art part.

I'm really glad you liked it! 

Yeah, I'm currently working on a fix for the font and I will also make the game fullscreen. 

You are close about the strength. When attacking with strength against another attacking card of anything other than strength, the other card will win because magic is considered to be long or medium ranged, while weapons such as swords and maces are short ranged. BUT when attacking with strength against a defending magic card, then if the defending card's power is less or equal to 4, the strength card will win.

I decided not to write this info inside the game because I want players to discover them by their own. So they can plan ahead when building their decks.