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Thank's for the comment. I have acutally played this a few times and I have it down on my list to do a much more longer video. I think this weekend may see another video.

I thoroughly playing it thought. 

Good Luck

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Thank you for fixing the screen rez issue.

I had a play and it was really nice. The video shows how many times I had to get the first orb due to myself not knowing how the jump worked. I had to jump and then move rather than jump and move but I made good progress.

I really liked the colors and the layout of the cavern and wondered if you had plans to expand? I could see some ledges coming into play with dark voids and I think it would work.

I've uploaded the video to youtube and metacafe but I have to wait for metacafe to review the video and dailymotion is a little off today so here's the link to the youtube video.

When metacafe and Daily Motion are back in working order then I'll update this thread.

Nice one


oh, i'll add an audio track using the youtube audio section as well.

edit. Must add the audio track first I think.


It looks really good except tyhat the screen size is just massive. On my screen I see the "S" on start on the bottom right and switching to window mode doesn;t do anything.

Can you help



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wow, I liked Bert 2. Up until getting overrun I managed to get a couple of guns. Fix some of the wholes and shout a whole load of honey pots. Pretty neat

I had a quick play and I really liked. I did a short video. I will return to this tonight and do a longer video.

Keep up the great work.

I've just re-uploaded the video to www.dailymotion.com AND www.metacafe.com to make the videos and your games a little more publicly available.

Ah 9:48 was a trap eh. Very sneaky lol and no worries about concentrating on other projects as it's great to move on but the main tghing is that Sweet Dreams was made in the first place.

 I've also had a look at your page and will do a video for each project and upload them for you as well.

Keep up the great work



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I had just finished watching another demo video and reloaded the itch.io page and BAM! My worst knoghtm,are lol another project/game to investigate.

This was a task for a class on valentine's day? Really? You did very very well. 

Fantastic use of textures and lighting. Nice easy play and the in gtame detail is great. I love the bedtime audio track as well.

As the for the wall and ceiling decorations. Very well done and I think  everything stitched togther beautifully and upon first play I couldn't find a fault except for my damn microphone for which I do apologies.

At http://www.dailymotion.com (just fixed it guys)

and to http://www.metacafe.com

And youtube.

Very well developed and presented.

Add a few more levels or the Bunny gets it!



I watched and listened with great interest and I learned an awful lot from your video. The overall idea you have for a game is great but as it was your protoype I don't think you will be coming back to this one but rather moving forward with your newfound knowledge to see what else you can produce. I could be wrong.

However, you did spend a lot of time learning unity and the mechanics and I totally understand that in the early stages of learning it can be a total head bomb, so I'd like to say well done and to also wish you all the best.


I had a quickplay and did a 5 minute video for you. I like it. Nice dungeon adventure and the scene at the beginning with the clouds and the moon is really nice.

I made a donation as well.

Phew! *Wipes the sweat from my eye brows*

I love the sense of humour and the the game. :)

Wasn't the second area based on star wars? ** Gulp **

What a fantastic game. I spent over an hour playing supraland and enjoyed every minute of it.

The graphics are great, the gameplay is great and the game has a really good puzzle element and while there are no instructions, you have to use a little bit of the old grey matter to help you through.

Well done DEVS

Here's Parts 1 and 2 and parts 3,4,5 and 6 are uploading.

Part 2

Good Luck DEVS

What a fantastic film based with a story driven  project. Really well put together  and I loved that narration.  Graphically, there are no complaints from me but if it helps, I've since played "Between Worlds" a couple of times.

I've just chuckled at myself as I remembered that when I entered the star wars area and narrator goes "Over In the Distance is a small village" and I said "I'm not going that way, I'll go were I like " lol

Yeah, Stage 8 appeared to be almost impossible but for me I had time limits (Shopping, tea etc) but yeah, I knew it could be done otherwise that would have been one hell of a sadistic stage hahahaha

I watched the video as well so thanks for posting the link and I will, this week, try to complete Stage 8 and post up the video just for proof.

Good luck and once again, well done.

I actually thought that was part of the game. IMO I wouldn't change anything. It's great as it is.


I'm sorry to hear that your feeling unwell. Just rest, drink lots of soup and watch TV. Let the posts wait.

I now want noodle soup.

Hi and thanks for getting back. Please don't apologires for any bugs as there will always be bugs and it's part of a games development anyway. I've followed you so I can keep an eye on the games development and i'll have another play a little later.

Good luck and thanks


I hope your doing well?

I had a play and did a video for you guys but could you check something out for me please?

On the third course where you have to jump onto the 3 floating platforms and then onto the second part of the bridge, well, I tried lots of times and I could never make it onto the second part of the bridge and always falling just short, perhaps, I'm missing something out but here is the video you.

Paradox looks great BTW and that audio track is just amazing.


What a very well produced little adventure. The storyline/graphics and just about everything else in The Dead Mines was produced really well. The only recommendation I can add is to have a start menu but apart from, that well done DEVS. Top Notch.


Let me know when you've done the trailer and i'll have a watch for you.

Totally awesome game and I can't think of any improvements except for a trailer.


I'd have left the sheets as they are as it makes it just a little bit more challenging but, seriously, I think you do need to expand on Labyrinth. That is one of the most graphically impressive projects I have seen and I think you have something. Really really nice and well done for all your hard work.


I thought this game was a little gem and I enjoyed playing it.

I thought this was just awesome to the point where I have played it a couple of times. Well done DEVS

I had a quick play and this is a great little project. Could do with some audio bu tI added some ony my youtube channel.

I died about 100 times but I did it. I really enjoyed this game. Thanks DEVS

Brilliant film to game/project conversion. I had a play and the video is below.

What a great film to game/project conversion. Well done.

Hey DEVS, I had a play and did a video and loved it. Thanks.

Posted in BLEAK comments

REally impressive. Great Graphics, good control of the ball and overall I thought Bleak was well produced. Nice one DEVS

I didn;t finish the Stage 8 though.

Very impressive little project DEVS. Well Done

Great game DEVS. Thanks

I have a list of games that I want to revisit and you happened to be first on my list. I still think this short playable demo is pretty cool and I'd like to have a play of a longer version. 

I'm following you guys now so I can keep up to date with releases.

Still as good as ever.

Absolutely awesone. I did a video and a full walkthrough and I couldn't find a single bug. The graphics are great, the audio is just spot on and I really enjoyed the little adventure you DEVS created.

Thank you, Well done and good luck.


After watching the video Idecided to download n Play SOA but the unityplayer.dll file is missing so the alpha won't run.

Hope you fix it soon.


Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep an eye on the game then and will do another video for you guys a little later when it's fixed.

Keep up the great work DEVS


I had a quick play and collected 100 dots. Nice and relaxing play. Well done

I'm not sure what say about this game considering the recent controversy in the news with Logan Paul but I had a play and did a video. It's only short, about 6 minutes long but let's see how this one pan's out.


The game is looking real good so far but I did get stuck and wondered if you could help?

When I went into the main village and went left to get the key, as I came back the view panned and after panning back I got stuck and couldn't move or slash. Have you encountered this before?

Shall i do a video so you get a better understanding?


Arg, I made to the first silo then I got an out memory error message.