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Will that work with just the exe and at 633kb?

I haven't even played this game but I felt compelled to write a comment after hearing the term "shareware". I've not heard that term for years and will play amazin escape later on.

Oh thanks. I will look up the video.


This is really neat. I had a few plays and really enjoyed it but I didn't complete it becuase I had a visitor. Well Done


I've just got your email about the game release so I've had a play (This is cooooool) and I think  i've found a bug. 

After going into the training camp and pressing a few keys (Sorry, i can't remember)  the character flashes multiple colours after which, if you leave the training camp, the audio from the colour change effect is still playing. Is this correct?

I'm just gonna make some tea (Here in the uk) and then I will have another play and post a better and longer video.

All the best and good luck
Spime (3D) community · Created a new topic re: I had a play

This is/was a great project. Good Luck

Wow, Just found this and had a play. A nice and easy relaxing little project. Good Luck

That was so much fun I kid you not. Thank for creating this everyone and I did a little video. I managed to play up until I died :(

Good Luck Everyone

That was pretty cool. Put together nicely and the controls were 100% spot on for me.

Good Luck

I had a quick play and I like.  Well done


You've managed to get a nice little gem together here with not only the main character being well produced but the controls just seemed nice and fluid, running around the landscape was great and the use of colours is spot on. 

I also like the use of the couple of images that are used to tell the downfall of man kind (I think).  I do think that sound from the running does need to be a little softer and when the character jumps, I think the audio needs changing and should be less solid because the character is landing on sand.

Do you have plans to expand? Add a couple more buildings possibly and take the two gems from the tower and spread them around.

Well Done

What a shame. Only the exe is in th folder. Can you please repack with the crash handlers and the data files.



I couldn't miss the opportunity. You did a great job but unfortunately I'm unwell at the moment. When I'm better I plan to do a full play through.

Have you got plans to expand? What a bout a Donations Page?



Nice little game you've spent time putting together. I did a video and really enjoyed the playthrough. The only issues I had was that at the end of each level there is an 'o' in the exit and I couldn;t get this to work with the xbox controller but eventually worked out that the up key is to exit but as always, I didn't read the instructions.

well done and good luck


Very nicely executed. I 've had a few plays and did a short video but when I feel better I will do a full play.

Good Luck

That is Slick, Great intro, nice start courses and I like golf games so I am looking forward to additions courses.

Good Luck


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wow, I played Coal Demo day16 ages ago and enjoyed it so I will certainly be playing this soon (after another beer lol ) and uploading a new video. I hope it's the same DEVS.

Good Luck


That was great.  Good graphics. Good control. Have you got any further plans for Skybound?

All the best.

I like, I got to the point before I defeated the Boss and I was like "I'm gonna grind"

Good Luck DEVS

wobblyfootamer @ Youtube

Played it on the train during a 4 and half hour journey. Played it when I got home and I like it.


Wow, that's got potential. I can tell a lot of thought and time has been put into Vouivre. Graphics a well presented, good atmosphere so I present my twenty minute play.

I have one gripe though (well 2), I use a qwerty keyboard and found it little difficult to start of with so may be allow the user to rebind the keys or add support for qwerty and add strafing but overall pretty cool.

Well done and good luck.


Top Notch Buddy.


It's the least I can do Siris .

Thoroughly enjoying playing Onyx Clad at the moment.


Hey Siris,

I'm on my 7th video and todate I haven't found any bugs although on map 5 I think it is, You can jump on top of the buildings and look into a none playable area which is cool. It's the map were you have to fire the giant cannon. I should get the map name to be honest.


Hi All,

I purchased Onyx Clad earlier and have completed the first four levels and I am enjoying it. Here's my gameplays so far. 

Thanks devs and good luck with Onyx Clad.

Now, to carry on playing.

Kind Regards

wobblyfootgamer @Youtube and

Hi Devs,

I had a play of the first ten levels and I have to say that I really liked it. Graphically, it's nice and slowly gets harder as you go along.

Very nice.

Best Regards

 Good Luck and all the best.

wobbly foot gamer @ you tube 

I had a quick play and well done.

wobbly foot gamer
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This was one unexpected gameplay.

Great audio, great graphics and presented very well. I had a 45 minute play which was supposed to be only 10 minutes long but I got very engrossed in the game.

Even the way skill upgrades are presented is good. I did record the video on my second rated machine which is an amd fx6300 and the Blooms did feel a little too much so it could have been my second rate box but I will defo be playing this again on my main box to do a second video and I will post the two videos side by side as a comparison for you.

Good Luck, well done and all the best.

wobbly foot gamer @ YT

Well, what a fantastic little project. I enoyed playing this game immensley and is definitely one of my favourite works todate. Good Luck Devs.

Regard and all the best


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Hi Devs,

Thanks for releasing the game. It does look cool and I have had a play however, im not sure id it's part of the game but the fox seems to disappear regulary.

Hope you can help?

Do you want me to post a video to help you out?



What a nice little number to start the Sunday morning with and another great product from the scythdevteam. I had great fun playing this.

Thank You

And if you need any screen shots then here's my screenshot liubrary :)

Good Luck


That was pretty neat but unfortunately i got disturbed part the way through

And the screenshot library is here.

Good Luck and all the best to you lovely people.


Underground Alpha Demo from Hunel games is still in development and looking really good. I had a play and I do like tower defense type games so here's a little play I did (prior to the dev team emailing I had already played Underground).

And here's a fine collection of screenshot.

All the best


What a very well produced piece of work. The attention to detail was excellent and so was the story line. I really enjoyed this one.

Good Luck and all the best


I had a little play of this yesterday and thought it was pretty cool. Graphics are good. Very nice layout and I played up until I drowned but I will be playing it again. Well done devs.

Lots of Love


wow, you've made a great start with MIMO.

I had a play and even though it took me 20 minutes to find the four flowers, I didn't mind becuase exploring this beautiful environment was enjoyable. I loved the way the horizon blurred as you moved around with the immediate area being in focus to concentrate on the character.

The graphics are fantastic with great attention to detail and I loved the way that as you moved through the foliage everything just "Bounced" around. I liked the house/bridges and I guess you could turn the little unlit stone torches into waypoints for a map maybe.

The wasn't much of a story line as it was explained by pictures but the made me think about what I needed to do to progress through Mimo which was to collect four flowers and if you don;t look for them then you can miss them. Keep your eyes peeled people.

All in all, very enjoyablle and I look forward to seeing the updates.

Good Luck Devs (Sorry for the font btw)

Thanks David,

I'll give it a try now for you and let you know it goes.



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Hi David,

It's running straight from the exe. Do you want me to post any files/logs etc?

Incidently, I have tried it on two seperate PC's and it crashes the same style on each so if I can help in anyway then just let me know. I am willing to  offer remote access for you to do some testing.



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A very well produced peice of work. I played Blossom on a Ryzen5 and it did struggle in parts. I did enjoy the walkthrough and really enjoyed the scenery. I also play with both the xbox controler and keyboard and Mouse as I prefer to play with keyboard/mouse

Well done DEVS

wobblyfootgamer @ Youtube

As I post this, there is an update out so I will play it again.


When I run the game unreal crashes with a fatal error. I have tride copying unitycrashandler files across but no joy.