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I really liked the fact that you accelerated if you keep the key pressed.

Very original RL gameplay.

Yeah! I reached the destination :)

I liked the exploration gameplay and the level generation looks fine.

Thanks for your kind comments.

Thanks :)

you're welcome :)

ok I'll try that thanks :)

Typing games are not my cup of tea but the realization is good and original.

The idea is great :)

The idea is nice and the realization is good but I've not been able to do anything other than running from the alien. Did I missed something?

Amazing game! Good job! :)

I really liked the mood of this game

nice original game

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks ! There should have been nebullas in the background but they were not exported in the web version. Probably due to some texture size settings.

I was also alone ;) I also missed dmuch time for music so I used

it's 32 bits unfortunatelly.

I'll try to test it on 64 bits later.

Doesn't work on my 32 bits win7

Not working on Win7. I'll see if I can get a win10

The title screen is displayed but when I press a key, webgl crashes

I can't play it. The web version doens work on either chome and firefox on win7 32 bits and I don't have a 64 bits windows at hand..

Looks like it have a deep gameplay

very original and fun. 

hard but very fun

visual feedback of dragging would improve the game feel. Pretty nice entry :)

Good use of the theme

very nice game

very polished game

I liked the original concept.

very original concept

the music hurt my ears but the game is good

nice fun game

I liked the idead of changing the controls through leveling

Very nice game. It was difficult to get back to the tunnel when I went out but still a solid entry

Day 9: The Doubt Day 2

I have just one enemy and hogs hanging around... Not sure I could fit what's remaining  in tomorrow workday.

Day 10: The Crazy Day

I added many enemies but had no time for shooting enemies. I missed 2-3 hours. Since I'm working tomorrow I have to stop.

I added music, sound, a title screen and some loots.

Pretty happy to have something quite finished.

There some bug in it, but I can't fix them now. I hate that.

This was a pretty crazy adventure. 

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Day 8: The Fed Up Day

I'm completely exhausted. I stupidly though I could sustain it 10 days doing as much work as I did for week-end jams.

I'm not even sure I could finish it on time or even if I want to finish it. Maybe after a night of sleep.

Day 6: The Doubt Day

I completely underestimated the creation of walls. This is an easy task in dungeon generator but much more complicated if you want to feel like rooms in a non square spaceship. I was not sure I could finish it.

Day 7: The Hope Day

After two different implemetations of the same wall algorithm, I finally did it... And realised that the room did not felt right in the ship.

I placed them regardless of the walk of the player and it felt wrong.

I than deleted 600 lines of code and restarted from scratch... I have now something that works.

It's not perfect but I have not the time to make it much better.

Day 5: The Bad Day

I first decided to call this day : "the coding day" because I programmed a lot.

Linking the UI to the player stats and done most of the interior walls code but...

I screwed it up by erasing more than 2 hours of work by restoring a backup instead of making it :(

So, I changed the name and I'll go to bed

Day 4: The Tired Day

I've not been able to find sleep last night so today has been less productive.

Worked on some art and placed the UI. It still need to be programmed.