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Surf the space highway!
Submitted by BlueJackalope (@Deaymon), chelwongaudio (@ChelWongAudio), plasmastarfish — 5 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme Relevance#34.3554.355
Fun Factor#53.7423.742

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Unfortunately the HTML build doesn't work (keeps saying that it's taking too much memory for webGL). Now as for the game, DON'T try this with a keyboard, the controls are rather touchy and you'll die fairly fast. ;)

With a mouse it worked just fine, but some of those really wiggly turns make for some bad times with a small mouse pad.

Overall the game has a fun, upbeat, robot unicorn attack feel to it. With constantly shifting backgrounds, global leaderboards, and a longer song loop this would be a fun mobile game. :)


yeah the sensitivities would change depending on computers so we couldn't get a consistent speed for them :(

Believe me I know how reckless the keyboard feels 

Also your suggestions are much appreciated and we are thinking on expanding upon it!


Cool, well I also managed to jump out of the asteroid tunnel and go on a space adventure of my own. So there's that too. :)


That's not a bug per se.

It's just not something you want to do since krill only spawn inside


I had fun swimming through the rock tunnel in space. Cool graphics and nice music!


Love me some Andy Asteroids! Cool twist on an endless runner. One of my favs from the jam. Thanks for creating it!


Awesome concept, i enjoyed playing this. The whale is a bit hard to control but the game has controller support and i really appreciate that. 


Really cool game, can't believe this was made in only 10 days! Great job :D


Thanks! :D The things that can be done with an awesome team are equally awesome!


Well to put it simply, I played so much my wrist started to hurt. Great job. Loved all aspects of it!


Ouch! Sorry about that. But I'm glad you liked it so much! ( n_n) You can try keyboard control if you're more comfortable with it.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

That is some nice and catchy music. Great visuals; those are some damn fine rocks and a very handsome whale. Flying around the rocks was pretty fun and easy to get the hang of; it was all pretty instinctual.

It got kind of disorienting if you spun around too fast with the 10, 000 rocks on screen. I'm sure having the farther away rocks be darker helped a lot, but it was still maybe a bit much.. 


Thank you for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game! :D
I'm sorry the darkened rocks wasn't enough for you. I'll take note of that for future projects.


Very nice game. It was difficult to get back to the tunnel when I went out but still a solid entry

Developer (1 edit)

It's intentional, so you can cut across some curves and get score faster, but maybe that made the game harder? ("·u·)


Really great game! Once I got used to the movements I found myself dodging between rocks pretty instinctively as the controls were pretty fluid. I like the art style and the quirky feel of it. Great job!


Great job! I'm really impressed with how fine the collisions are as I can weave in and out of that rock tunnel and avoid getting hit very narrowly. Cool little arcade game. The art is excellent and the music is catchy. It feels like something that should be a bonus level in an old sonic game.


Very nice .  Definitely like the title too ;)


Hi there, if you're coming from Dragon Jam, you can play in the browser, but we STRONGLY recommend downloading it. It is a much better gaming experience.