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Recent community posts

There was no ingame sound :(

Pretty fun, controls are a bit weird tho

i have no idea what i just did.. but it looked pretty good?

Short, but seems to be pretty good!

I really enjoyed it, sadly its not full screen. Nice idea!

What have i just played?

Nice presentation! However the game keeps on crashing when the rats need to die

I wish there was a level two, i liked it

Simple yet pretty fun to play, nicely done!

Nice little game! Looks good and works well, kudos!

The controls are so close on eachother, that it makes things kind of unplayable. Which is very annoying. They are too close to eachother and i will need a third hand if i would want to play this game for real.

cool concept! bit short, but fun to play!

I didn't really know what to do but putting the weapons on the wall didn't work for me

I absolutely loved this game! Mindless shooting, i love it!

Amazing art and i love the cake and candy idea!

Simple looks, but fun to play! Kudos!

I think that im having the exact same issue

This game becomes frustrating very fast, and made some parts impossible for a casual player to play. A few better spots as respawnpoint would have helped.

I didn't really understand the purpose of this game, but i managed to win?

The weapons decided to not-work on me making the game impossible to play at some point :( It does look pretty good for a week tho

Awesome coloring! Also love the concept here. The car is hard to control and that makes it a bit 'meh' and sometimes enemies seem to be broken, and don't shoot. Very fun concept and for a game created in a short time period like this, i think you did really well here.

Very short game, but i had a good laugh after playing it.

I found it very hard to play but the music is great and its actually fun to play, also good graphics!

Looks like a pretty fun concept. Its small but fun. Good work!