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i broke the game twice haha

Thanks man! It was the first time for me and my brother to be in a jam
so a lot of things happened last minute

i walked and walked and walked a bit more.. then the screen went black and the game shut down

for me the mirror didnt spray :(

Tried it on 2 PC's and a laptop, i can't get this game to work. Sorry Joshua.

That would probably help! haha

Great little game man!

Great project, you really did think about this!

Here is the video:

The sandwiches are growing up!
A simple game that is pretty fun to play.
Pooring the sauce might take long compared to the other things.
Also, you cant rotate the table? Making it sometimes impossible to pick up the next ingredient.

Here is your video:

I don't see a reason to not allow it :)

Fun concept! The battle system was a bit unbalanced but thats ofcourse the time-thing. At the end of my video i broke the game and couldnt do anything anymore.

Fun to play!

I like how your choises influence the story, but it does get a bit boring. Maybe having to control the car on your own would help.

It looks pretty cool but other than shooting the heads there isn't much to do

Awesome concept, i enjoyed playing this. The whale is a bit hard to control but the game has controller support and i really appreciate that. 

I love the concept! it was a bit tiny on my monitor, but that might be because its 4K
I had a bit of fun here, thank you

Well with a fix here and there and more things to explore this can become a lot of fun

Awesome illustrations but the gameplay did get dull very quickly, it might have too much places to explore and not enough stuff to find there.

That was a lot of holding down buttons, and i dont really understand what i just did.

Tried to play, spreads it self over 3 monitors and does nothing when i press anything.

De game worked very well for me, i had no issues.
However, there was not really much fun in it for me, making me incredibly bored.
The 2-people to 1 spot thing is interesting and i think with this concept a really interesting and cool game can be created.

I wasn't smart enough to understand this game, even after the tutorial. Still looked good and i do see some potential.

There was no ingame sound :(

Pretty fun, controls are a bit weird tho

i have no idea what i just did.. but it looked pretty good?

Short, but seems to be pretty good!

I really enjoyed it, sadly its not full screen. Nice idea!

What have i just played?

Nice presentation! However the game keeps on crashing when the rats need to die

I wish there was a level two, i liked it

Simple yet pretty fun to play, nicely done!

Nice little game! Looks good and works well, kudos!

The controls are so close on eachother, that it makes things kind of unplayable. Which is very annoying. They are too close to eachother and i will need a third hand if i would want to play this game for real.

cool concept! bit short, but fun to play!

I didn't really know what to do but putting the weapons on the wall didn't work for me

I absolutely loved this game! Mindless shooting, i love it!

Amazing art and i love the cake and candy idea!

Simple looks, but fun to play! Kudos!