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A jam submission

Dungeon WyrmView game page

Feed the wyrm and descend down into the dungeon!
Submitted by Moldiar — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#183.0003.000
Theme Relevance#283.2003.200

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice job! I love the touch of flair of changing the colour on respawn (I had many respawns :( )

One thing I'd really like is tighter controls, especially in a game where precision is key.

My high score was 45, I died from pressing down and left too quickly :( 


I will surely become more proficient at creating crisp and responsive controls with every game i'll do. For now that was the best I could do. And next time you will get a better feel on the controls. ;) Nice score! ;D


I really enjoyed it, sadly its not full screen. Nice idea!


I had resolution and UI issues with fullscreen and because I had a time constrain in the form of my machine needing to go to the computer vet. I will probably update it as soon as i get my dev machine back. 

Although you didn't say how much points you got. ;)

To not be mean here: I got at best 50 before I had to give my computer back.


I like the idea of taking the old game of snake and combining it to a dungeon theme, your game is in a way similar to my own. However I felt like there is just something missing to make it more original, at the moment its just a more fluid snake game with a bit of a dungeon theme. It would be nice to have more elements typical of a dungeon to spice up the game-play.


I thought about that too but since i was doing it while streaming and didn't want to make too big leaps between separate streams i scrapped the idea. There were supposed to be enemy nests. If you don't eat the enemy he shortens you by touching you and even if it was helpful to shorter it would be self balancing on the fact that you still get faster. Would have to test it anyway so I am talking kind of out of my hat! ;D


At first I had trouble with not instantly turning into the direction I pressed (the wyrm makes kind of a U-turn). But I quickly got used to it and it was challenging. Cool twist on the snake principle!


Thanks! But You still didn't say how many points you got ;D

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Uh sorry forgot to say :D It was 63!  I tried some runs after that but sometimes I get a very small level and crash into my self or was just stupid in a big level :D . One thing I'd recommend would be to disable self-collision completely for the first 5 seconds or so after starting as one sometimes cannot start going into the desired direction due to self collision (which makes the small levels even harder).  Also one time I accidentally  started the wyrm with a mousepress (didn't know mouse controls were a thing in this game :D). Overall I had good fun with this game. How much was your highscore as the gamedev?


Before I updated the game to be slightly more difficult I amassed 70 points. ;) But after I made the wyrm go faster I cannot jump above 50. XD

I made the Wyrm not collide with itself earlier since it was a big issue. But as you now say my time of 2 seconds may not be enough. I sadly had to give my computer to a computer service and cannot update the submission now. But will meddle with it in the future. ;)

I am really happy you like it! It really means a lot. ;D