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Thanks! But You still didn't say how many points you got ;D

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Uh sorry forgot to say :D It was 63!  I tried some runs after that but sometimes I get a very small level and crash into my self or was just stupid in a big level :D . One thing I'd recommend would be to disable self-collision completely for the first 5 seconds or so after starting as one sometimes cannot start going into the desired direction due to self collision (which makes the small levels even harder).  Also one time I accidentally  started the wyrm with a mousepress (didn't know mouse controls were a thing in this game :D). Overall I had good fun with this game. How much was your highscore as the gamedev?

Before I updated the game to be slightly more difficult I amassed 70 points. ;) But after I made the wyrm go faster I cannot jump above 50. XD

I made the Wyrm not collide with itself earlier since it was a big issue. But as you now say my time of 2 seconds may not be enough. I sadly had to give my computer to a computer service and cannot update the submission now. But will meddle with it in the future. ;)

I am really happy you like it! It really means a lot. ;D