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Thanks robodraif! Glad you like it!

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Hey rocknightstudios!

We are glad you liked it! We will definitely revisit DungeonTracks soon and would like to make a sequel. Sadly we cannot say at the moment when exactly that will happen.

BTW: Your twitch stream for DungeonTracks was awesome!!! Rezap and Pizza FTW :D

Hey ducklin thank you for playing, we are glad you like the visuals!

To make the light, we took a hard look at Godot's isometric light and shadow example and tried to figure out how it worked. We didn't quite figured it out completely in the end, but could manage to use the bits  we understood and make  a simple version that fit our purpose.  As the game has a very low resolution we could get away with very hacky tricks and a low shadow resolution.

Basically it is just Godot 2D Light with default shadows and a custom shader and texture maps just  for the walls that prevents them from getting lit from "behind".

We hope that explanation helped! :D

Hey gokhansolak thank you for your feedback! Glad you liked the action!
Yes dying is easy, but you might be happy to hear that there is a save-point right after the trio! :D

Hey Gabriel, thanks for taking your time and giving us your feedback! While we will not change the current game anymore (except for critical bugs), we want to turn the concept of DungeonTracks into a full game eventually. More ways to avoid enemies is a good idea and will definitely come in some form! The whole leveling system will also get an overhaul. 

We are glad you like the game :)

Hey thank you for playing! We are happy you liked the "digging" mechanic! There is still much untapped potential in this feature  that we may want to explore in a future take on this game (maybe as a full game release sequel ). 

We are currently updating our internal build of the game to incorporate sound, music and ui enhancements including an improved ui font that should fix your (and others) scaling issue (see image below). We will release the update after the jam is over and announce it on the usual social-media channels.

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Hey we saw your lets play on  youtube and are glad you liked it!

From what we saw we really need some onscreen overlay to quickly tell people the controls and that the crates, barrels and enemies only drop health when the player is low on health. But we are glad you eventually found out how to shoot the minigun for yourself! Did you later try the charm mechanic with middle mouse? It is great fun also! We will see if we at some point in time iterate on this game idea and make a full game out of it with, though the current DungeonTracks is pretty long as well.

Thank you for recording! 

Wow that is some stellar support there! I could play it now with 20 FPS and reach the end! I didn't know you could jump in this game right till the end where I was stuck until I pressed space! :D 

I really like the leveldesign and artstyle, especially the forest (now that I could play it myself). I did not quite understand the bedroom scene. The ropewalk was very nerve-racking (in a positive way) and I liked the white fog in this area that made it surreal while giving it a sense of space and vastness.

What bugged me a little was that there is no real indication how close you can get to the spiders without dying.

All in all though great atmosphere!

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Hey thank you for your feedback! :)

We think that if a player spends her/his whole time playing a game in the main-gameloop then the minute-to-minute experience should be as good as possible. So we did optimize gameplay first and everything else last and we are glad that according to you and the other peoples feedback it paid of! :D It also helps that my teammate is a lazy-gamer, meaning that she does not like to put much extra effort to achieve ingame goals and I am an impatient gamer so we do not really like complex controls or forced waiting. With more time we would definitely cut some more menu minutia and shortened the respawn time.

Yes with modern engines like Godot, Unity, GameMaker, Unreal etc. it is a breeze to build an executable for different platforms so why not just do that :D

We will look into the offscreen attacking of enemies, maybe by just allowing enemies we haven't seen yet to only use the small gun. We didn't want to disallow enemies shooting off-screen completely as it could prevent cool chasing moments or enemies bursting through walls from the sides etc.

The stats in a nutshell calculate should be as follows:

damage_main  = base_damage_main  * strength
damage_alt = base_damage_alt * strength
health = base_health * constitution

accuracy_spread_angle_main = from 25° at dexterity 1  to  2.5° at dexterity 10
accuracy_spread_angle_alt = from 15° at dexterity 1  to  4° at dexterity 10

reload_time_main = from  2s at intelligence 1  to  0.5s at intelligence 10
reload_time_alt = from  0.1s at intelligence 1  to  0.075s at intelligence 10

critical_hit_chance = base_critical_hit_chance * wisdom 
with base_critical_hit_chance = 5%

charm_damage = base_charm_damage * charisma
also charisma makes a bigger light radius and more dazzling sparkles on Susi!

and as I made that list right now I noticed that there is a bug in the code that makes reload time dependent on dexterity instead of intelligence. Soooo intelligence is apparently useless at the moment until we fix it yay :D

Anyway ..  as the player will only be level 12ish at the end of the game, I doubt that most of the things like light radius and reload time will be very noticable sadly.  Balancing this system is also a nightmare especially for a game-jam and more especially as the enemies using the same leveling/stats system as Susi. We used this system though as homage to the D&D games.


Really liked the rocket jump mechanic, especially that you followed through with it and build your levels around the characters skills instead of just leaving it a gimmick. Same goes for the teleports! The leveldesign was very good and challenging. I loved the last part of the level where you need to go up while dodging all those spiderboos bullets :D

You also implemented the learning by doing thing very vell. First I thought "WTF firepit?" but then I went  "AAH rocket jump!".

Some minor things I did notice though were:

1) The readme file is mangled up in notepad due to unix encoding. I know that notepad is not quiet a very useful texteditor, but I think for the majority of players on windows opening txt-files default to notepad. Just a thing to keep in mind!

2) The jump itself is just a tad to floaty for my taste, meaning that the character stays a little too long in the air after jumping up. I think you maybe did this for balancing reasons to make the rocket jumps easier? Reducing the slide on the ground when the character is stopping and falling faster after jumping up can increase the responsiveness and "tightness" of a platformer. A GDC talk that helped me a lot  on our current platformer project is linked at the bottom

3) One only takes damage in the firepit when not standing still (don't know if this is on purpose).

4) Cool that you also used Godot for your project! :D

All in all very good level design and cool mechanics!

Yeah it was a hard decision to make. We are glad you had fun though!

We are glad you liked it and will keep you updated! :D

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The main character is very cute, and I like that it hops like a little space kangaroo instead of just having a run out the mill walk cycle :)  I found the collision boxes of the character/obstacles a little hard to play with though. Because of that I did not get very far but I liked that you made a little story around the game and even put the cherry theme into the gamemechanics! Talking gas-clouds are a funny idea!

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Uh sorry forgot to say :D It was 63!  I tried some runs after that but sometimes I get a very small level and crash into my self or was just stupid in a big level :D . One thing I'd recommend would be to disable self-collision completely for the first 5 seconds or so after starting as one sometimes cannot start going into the desired direction due to self collision (which makes the small levels even harder).  Also one time I accidentally  started the wyrm with a mousepress (didn't know mouse controls were a thing in this game :D). Overall I had good fun with this game. How much was your highscore as the gamedev?

Hey I saw a stream of your game yesterday by FerretOTR when he streamed 25 of the CherryJam games. It was cool to see that it even had cutscenes in it! The forest part was nice too! It was a little glitchy and the streamer had to restart the game because of a death-loop but the atmosphere was spot on. Cool stuff!

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Holy **** this game blew my mind!! This is actually a genius concept. It is like a randomly generated dungeon that you build yourself. When I realized that the little dot on the right hand side is actually the character I was blown away! The dancing animation of the character is also cheesy as hell (in a positive way)! Unfortunately my game experience was halted due to a particular stacking problem seen in the image below. Did you make a reset button for such a scenario  just in case? :D

Wow okay then my understanding of the game mechanic was way off! I didn't realize that there is such a thing as ranged vs. melee. I understand the discovery part of your reasoning but for a reasonably complex system imho it would be better if there was a short description/tutorial of the underlying mechanics like in similar battlecard games (Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Heathstone etc.). Unless you want it to be a puzzle game where you need to deduce the rules (like i.e. in The Witness). But then the rules need to be discovered one by one so the player does not get overwhelmed.  I understand this could be out of scope of a game jam but something to keep in mind for the future. Anyway  cool game with a lot of potential!

I liked the mass of zombies in the second level. Especially the one that was creeping right beside the door waiting for you DarkSouls style :D

What the game is missing is a little more feedback on when/if the enemy was hit, as when you swing the sword you only know that you hit the enemy when he dropping dead after three hits!

Thanks for reuploading! 

Really cool idea! It would be cool if the font size was bigger as it is hard to read. Do I understand correctly that strength cards own everything or should it read "ice -> strength"? :D

Thanks for your feedback! Yes it is normal :D We could not make sound and music in time and instead just put our effort into polish and gameplay. A version with sound and music is coming though . We will announce it in on Twitter under @snailspacegames and update our page accordingly.

Thank you for your great feedback, we are very glad you liked the game-feel! Yes unfortunately we couldn't make sound/music into the game due to lack of time, but we will add it later in post-release :)

The cover image catched my eye! Unfortunately when after downloading it won't start saying

"There should be 'TetrisKnight_Data'
folder next to the executable"

This one had very cute enemy graphics! But how to beat the first wave? Even when placing a turrent directly beside the center the enemies won't die faster than the base! :D

Cool game but I could not open the first locked door with the key : / Reminded me of amnesia before I got the sword :D

Wow this is amazing! I saw this in Twitter the other day and was very excited to see the result. The crazy cupcakes  are hilarious!  The gameplay could use some knock-back mechanics on hit though to prevent the sweet pastries from directly attacking again after you hit them! The cake walls are a cool idea. Very well polished and coherent! Very nice and clean art style! One could even choose the graphics-settings so my potato computer could run it on low! :D

At first I had trouble with not instantly turning into the direction I pressed (the wyrm makes kind of a U-turn). But I quickly got used to it and it was challenging. Cool twist on the snake principle!

Those **** arrows!!!! Cool game though!

Voice acting and art style 11/10 - Egg of the year!

Interesting mechanic. Would be cool if you could make moves with right click as a shorthand and could assign moves even when not in pause. The ghosts are really cute!

I didn't wanna shoot anything because everything was so cute in this game :D

 Nice fun twist on those "move mouse through level" games. It's  cool because on the one hand one wants to go fast but on the other one can play it safe just by moving slow. This is better than just "if the mouse touches the walls you die". A timer that runs out would be an even cooler challenge!

I see what you did there with the ingame CherryJam GameJar :D

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Wow this looks so stunning. It has a really great atmosphere. Though because of my potato computer I could only play it with like 5-10 FPS so didn't really went that far. Could you upload an additional build with lower graphics settings?  xD 

I really really like the title screen where you can see the ingame spider thingies crawling around with the slight blur effect overlayed. 

Very cool minimalistic artstyle!

I like fighting those skellies! But how do you open chests?

Reminds me of Morrowind meets Dungeonmaster! Very cool and a lot of work!

Cool artstyle and light mechanic! You could improve the feel of the jump by setting a higher gravity after reaching the zenith of the jump so that the character comes down faster (without affecting the jump height). Here is a very good GDC talk on this topic. Keep up the cool work!


Pretty cool arrows with nice utility. I like the bomb arrows and especially like the cute skelli sprites! Moving while getting ready to shoot would be cool though. 

Best intro text ever xD My computer is a potato though so the game runs too slow for me to run (even at lowest settings) : (

Very fun idea to combine monsters in minecraft style! couldn't prevent those knights to take the guys though xD