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Dungeon of Their MindView game page

Stand up to your fears, movement is light, and light means they can see you.
Submitted by EnhancedDigitalGames — 6 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme Relevance#173.7503.750
Fun Factor#232.7502.750

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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There was no ingame sound :(


Great work Ryan! And for the record, I did get something from this, PTSD. Thanks for that.
Cutscenes, lovely scenes and giant spiders, what is there not to love


Discord ID for submission (cause I have no clue how to directly edit what is on this submission page):


Submitted (1 edit)

Wow this looks so stunning. It has a really great atmosphere. Though because of my potato computer I could only play it with like 5-10 FPS so didn't really went that far. Could you upload an additional build with lower graphics settings?  xD 

I really really like the title screen where you can see the ingame spider thingies crawling around with the slight blur effect overlayed. 

Very cool minimalistic artstyle!


Thanks :)
Sorry about the performance stuff, it might take me a bit, but I will try to get a version out with lower graphics settings as soon as I can :)


Hey I saw a stream of your game yesterday by FerretOTR when he streamed 25 of the CherryJam games. It was cool to see that it even had cutscenes in it! The forest part was nice too! It was a little glitchy and the streamer had to restart the game because of a death-loop but the atmosphere was spot on. Cool stuff!


That's really cool :) I'll add death loops to the list of things to make sure I fix up XD And I'm glad the atmosphere was something enjoyable :)


I just finished the additional build with lower graphics settings :) Hopefully that works for you, if you even still want to try the game :p. Besides that I also fixed quite a few of the other bugs so it should work a whole lot better now.


Wow that is some stellar support there! I could play it now with 20 FPS and reach the end! I didn't know you could jump in this game right till the end where I was stuck until I pressed space! :D 

I really like the leveldesign and artstyle, especially the forest (now that I could play it myself). I did not quite understand the bedroom scene. The ropewalk was very nerve-racking (in a positive way) and I liked the white fog in this area that made it surreal while giving it a sense of space and vastness.

What bugged me a little was that there is no real indication how close you can get to the spiders without dying.

All in all though great atmosphere!


Thanks :) I'm glad you stuck around to check the game out yourself :)

Yeah, I still need to flesh out what the bedroom scene is trying to acomplish, it does feel quite out of place still... :/

And, hmm, yeah I'll see if there would be a good way to indicate the range the spiders have... Definitely something to consider putting into a further update if I decide to expand the game. Great suggestion :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow, this has to be the most impressive i've seen so far. GREAT JOB. Although, i did find a bug. When i went on the bed and then left the bed, when i went though the door my character started doing the struggle thing, but there was nothing hurting me. and my player kept doing that and i couldnt walk right.


Thanks :)
And as far as the bug, darn, I must've still messed up that part :p. It was a bit of a bugger as far as the animation was concerned throughout the whole process. But thanks for pointing it out, I will try to investigate and see if I can fix it :)


np, also the animations were really cool, it really stood out from the other games.


Very moody! It was a little tough to figure out where to go at times, which made avoiding the spiders a bit frustrating at times, pretty sure I Skyrim-ed my way up the side of a hill to bypass part of the forest. It's neat that they only notice you when you move though. This kind of reminds me of Limbo and Inside, but in full 3D.


Thanks so much for the review :) I will definitely take into account what you've said. Whether it be expanding onto this game or another project entirely. I also have to say I love your entry "Were Car", I left a comment there expressing further on that. But regardless, thanks for even checking out the game in the first place :)