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I just finished the additional build with lower graphics settings :) Hopefully that works for you, if you even still want to try the game :p. Besides that I also fixed quite a few of the other bugs so it should work a whole lot better now.

Wow that is some stellar support there! I could play it now with 20 FPS and reach the end! I didn't know you could jump in this game right till the end where I was stuck until I pressed space! :D 

I really like the leveldesign and artstyle, especially the forest (now that I could play it myself). I did not quite understand the bedroom scene. The ropewalk was very nerve-racking (in a positive way) and I liked the white fog in this area that made it surreal while giving it a sense of space and vastness.

What bugged me a little was that there is no real indication how close you can get to the spiders without dying.

All in all though great atmosphere!

Thanks :) I'm glad you stuck around to check the game out yourself :)

Yeah, I still need to flesh out what the bedroom scene is trying to acomplish, it does feel quite out of place still... :/

And, hmm, yeah I'll see if there would be a good way to indicate the range the spiders have... Definitely something to consider putting into a further update if I decide to expand the game. Great suggestion :)