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Thanks :) I'm glad you stuck around to check the game out yourself :)

Yeah, I still need to flesh out what the bedroom scene is trying to acomplish, it does feel quite out of place still... :/

And, hmm, yeah I'll see if there would be a good way to indicate the range the spiders have... Definitely something to consider putting into a further update if I decide to expand the game. Great suggestion :)

I just finished the additional build with lower graphics settings :) Hopefully that works for you, if you even still want to try the game :p. Besides that I also fixed quite a few of the other bugs so it should work a whole lot better now.

Yeah, hopefully he will give a bit more info about that... preferably sooner rather than later.


That's really cool :) I'll add death loops to the list of things to make sure I fix up XD And I'm glad the atmosphere was something enjoyable :)

In a previous post where somebody asked about unity's default scripts he said: 
"You can use engine defaults." So you can probably use starter content, but I'm not sure about the rest, I'm a bit curious as well :)

You should submit the project before the final day of the jam. Though it doesn't necessarily have to be a full day, you just have to submit it before the deadline (when the timer runs out if you didn't gather that).

Hopefully that clears things up for you. If you didn't find out from someone else already :)

It's a very nice game from what I've seen of it so far. Though I encountered an issue that after I died from the "Foresaken Adventurer" (pretty creepy sound they make btw, nice job on that) I could not move any tiles, but I still like the whole concept for the game, really enjoyable :)

This is a very polished and solid game :) I really like where it was going with the whole thing, though I wish there was a better way to tell when or whether your monster is actually using the items. But maybe that's just because I didn't get far enough. The game does have a bit slow of a pace, but it is still really great. Nice job all around :)

The game is a cool concept, though it could use a bit more in the realm of gameplay. Something to show you are attacking in the game world would be nice (a red flash on the enemies would be an example of something like that), and the movement could be sped up a little bit, but overall has some potential and is a cool idea so far :)

Yeah, I have the same issue as "GreatBigJerk" has, when I boot it up there is only sound effects... Though they are very nice sound effects :)

This is a very good game, I really like the music, and the graphics aren't bad at all. I think some sort of reward for a certain higher score could be a nice addition if you chose to expand the game. But overall it is just plain fun to play :)

This game is quite difficult, and also quite addicting. It almost felt like there was a random chance of me hitting the sides and objects though :/ but this might have just been me sucking. Though having the character accurately represent the size of their hitbox would be nice (The limbs pass through places that would normally hurt you).
But even with that it is an incredibly entertaining and well-made game :)

Thanks :)
Sorry about the performance stuff, it might take me a bit, but I will try to get a version out with lower graphics settings as soon as I can :)

Discord ID for submission (cause I have no clue how to directly edit what is on this submission page):


The graphics are nice, and the gameplay feels just plain awesome. I didn't make it incredibly far, but from what I have seen so far this game is incredibly well polished, challenging, and is quite fun. The only thing I find lacking is well, the absence of any sound in the game, which is a bit disappointing considering the immense quality the rest of the game possesses, nonetheless, I think it is definitely one of the best feeling games I've played in this jam so far :)

I really liked the gameplay itself, even with the sword feeling a bit slow to attack (I'm not sure whether it was the animation, or that and something else), but the sprint and movement were at just about the right speed. If you decide to make this further into a fast paced, run from the slimes but fight the skeletons, the movement is just great for it. Though there also could have been something showing you hit an enemy (the classic red flash, or an animation of some sorts, just to make it a bit clearer). Speaking of animation, the skeleton was amazing :)
So, some minor tweaks here or there and I think it could turn out pretty awesome :) (with some more levels of course, but hey, this is a game jam so I'm not too picky about that really :) )

Thanks :)
And as far as the bug, darn, I must've still messed up that part :p. It was a bit of a bugger as far as the animation was concerned throughout the whole process. But thanks for pointing it out, I will try to investigate and see if I can fix it :)

Thanks so much for the review :) I will definitely take into account what you've said. Whether it be expanding onto this game or another project entirely. I also have to say I love your entry "Were Car", I left a comment there expressing further on that. But regardless, thanks for even checking out the game in the first place :)

I absolutely love the aesthetic, the neon colors and bloom effects just make the game pop. There were only some minor tweaks that might be made here or there that could make the game just that much better. Possibly adjusting the steering to be a bit sharper, cause right now it feels quite slow and wide. Another minor change could be making the bigger version of the car a bit larger to really emphasize the change, as took a second to realize that the car was, in fact, bigger (despite the text telling me so). But overall the game is great, feels quite polished, has an absolutely amazing aesthetic, and drifting over enemies is very satisfying. Great job, the game is very nice :)

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The theme is "Dungeons", it was just posted on discord in the announcements section.