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Submitted by JordanVigay — 4 days, 11 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#33.9233.923
Theme Relevance#54.5384.538

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I made some pretty horrific monstrosities, super fun though! I'd love to see some variation in the attackers as well as more indication as to when they're coming and which enemy it will be as I was able to win indefinitely with a certain combo of parts. 


Thanks for the suggestions! We will hopefully be turning this into a full game with a lot of the suggestions and feedback we've had taken into account! As for indication for when they're coming, a hero enters the battlefield every time the previous one dies


I liked playing as the dungeon protector for a change and the speech intro was ace.


Glad to hear that! Thanks for playing our game!


Love the idea, monster creation in a Dungeon Keeper-style game? Whats not to love? Still, what you have is a great base of a game, but it lacks all the important stuff around it. I think that's rather obvious to what so lets look at what you have so far.

I enjoyed the variation that I was given, but felt needlessly hindered in my creation of monster by forcing me to have at-least 1 eye, body and leg. If I HAVE to have those 3 no mater what, why not already have them placed on the mold? Also, was there any difference where I placed the body parts? If not, It should, otherwise the 3x3 grid has no point other then for the visual-flair.

It was also rather annoying that the monsters went strait up after killing the visible knights on the field, it would have been better to have them go back to the center and only react as soon as a knight is at least visible. Connected to this issue is the effects of the body parts, its interesting that every parts have a purpose and gives a bonus if you have more, however because of the limited build space it felt pointless to have more then 1 leg and 1 eye. In the end after killing a visible knight, the monsters just clogged the entrance anyway and stopped moving, so exchanging legs for more life of damage was always better. Also, having more legs actually made the shooting part worse as the monster stopped shooting when in melee.

Hope to se a more full fledged game in the future! So for the most Original I have played in the Jam.

Thanks for taking your time not only playing our game but also to make a review! Since we planing on make a more polished version in the future I'll let know the other people in our team this. Glad for seen such a detailed review thanks again for that!


Yeah, I have the same issue as "GreatBigJerk" has, when I boot it up there is only sound effects... Though they are very nice sound effects :)

I wish we could go back and fixed that in time it looks like some people have this problem too.


When I boot the game, I only see a black screen with some sound effects playing. Your screenshots are lovely though!

I think that im having the exact same issue


Seems like you both aren't the only one, I have no idea why but I hope we relised what happend so we can fixed that kind of problem for the next time.


Very fun idea to combine monsters in minecraft style! couldn't prevent those knights to take the guys though xD

Happy to see you liked it!


Loved the game, could play for hours, but there was no way to "win" the game i saw, i could just keep making the same monster to defeat the heroes over and over and never win nor lose. 


Yeah, this feels more like a prototype. If we end making a more polished version we'll for sure include a way to win!