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Thanks, yeah I'm working on the first issue right now :)

I did try more inventory slots but I couldn't code it in time so i went with one. I may update one day

by the way i still can't find the code that's wrong but i found out it happens when your putting the last thing in the cauldron.

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That's really weird :/ I can;t see any problems in the code but ill look into it. sorry

the item in the slot must be directly below the preview in the cauldron 

Traders get new stuff to trade and chests refill after 10 seconds!

really? that should have been fixed a while ago, have you got the latest version? Sorry for the inconvenience, could you re-downlaod?

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Please play it again now! I have updated it with the stuff required to make it a game :P I also ask could you please re-rate with how the game is now :)

Thanks! Yeah had very little time to work on this game because I was very busy this month (only had 2 days for the game jam) so that's why some things feel a little unfinished :) and Yeah I have considered a jet pack, I may add it in the future

Thanks! I don't really get motion sickness so wasn't a problem testing it haha. Glad you enjoyed it!

thanks! Really glad you understood what I was going for :)

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thanks, yes I decided to join the jam very very last minute so didn't get hardly anything done, but it can be seen more as a small example of what a future version could be. I will be updating it but for now it is just a little world I have made for people to explore my mind and relax.

Also, sorry about the lines on the background, it was an issue with rescaling, I could have probably fixed it but time was very limited so I decided working on more art was more important.

Sorry you found it dull, it isn't really the kind of game that lends itself to gameplay videos, as it's more of an art piece that I made because of how it makes me feel :)

Also, I may have not made it clear enough but you did forget to press enter when in space to see some extra intro dialogue

Great to hear! Thanks!

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Thanks! I spent a bit too much time working on the music when I should have been coding the game haha but I'm glad to see it's appreciated :)

Thanks! Yep, I'm still working on it quite a lot, and i will update it all the time even while the jam is still going, I just had to upload it because I ran out of time :P

I decided to join the jam very last minute and so have only worked on this for 2 days so far, so I may add an objective, but atm it's about exploration :)

Thanks for the suggestions! We will hopefully be turning this into a full game with a lot of the suggestions and feedback we've had taken into account! As for indication for when they're coming, a hero enters the battlefield every time the previous one dies

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umm... where is the dungeon? and.. what is this? xD

menu buttons by me :3

Awesome video! Thanks for playing!

I hope its void/space