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Your a f*king genius. That was a blast from start to finish. A lot of times I find surreal-like presentations to be hard to digest or becomes to nonsensical, but you have such an awesome balance here with the art-style, the quirky interactions and events, while still keeping a strange logic behind it all, that you cant help but to love it.

It's really a "what's going to happen next?" that continuously motivating, and the world is so ripe with smaller details I feel like playing it again just to see if I can find more stuff. The only part that was a bit frustrating was the robot-platforming level, as it took away from an otherwise perfect game-flow if you failed to many times, but really, its just a small issue.

Will now have to play the rest of your games. I am officially a fan.

Not bad, a really enjoyable puzzle-like game. Its really quite strait forward but still quite challenging, looks and sounds great (love the end video) and while the theme representations is a bit weak (with only a short representation in the end), its still very much fine.

I like that's its very strait-forward in the end, no frills, you quickly understand what the planets, black-hole and satellites does and what the goal is (thanks to good color coding). The design leaves a lot of options for level-design and you have a good number of levels for a jam game.

My one gripe would be that it got a bit "spammy", as I found the best solution was basically to just shoot on mass until I hit the target. On the other hand, if I could not do that I might get a bit frustrated that the shooting was to slow instead. A compromise might be to take a page from digital Pool-games, where you get shown a hint of how your ball is going to bounce, in a limited range, before you take the shoot. Helping you a-line "better" shoots, making spamming not as required.

Overall, great game! Cheers.

Gave it a try, and all-in-all it's not a bad platformer, if a bit flawed in some aspects that holds it back.

First of, the visuals are top-notch, the effort you put into the visuals is awesome and really carries it. You even got a full music-track and sound-effects for everything, not bad at all, the classic low-bit style of the sounds also fit the overall esthetics. Also, like that you took the time for some smaller details, like a death screen and animation, a small backstory etc. the smaller things really help lift the game.

Now, I get how you used the theme, basically turning the players expectations of that coins == good to coins==bad. What I find however, is that it just feels like a texture-swap in the end, yes there are some difference from "traditional" enemies, the coins disappear after you take them, most of them are static on the level etc. Its just that, in the end, there is still very little difference between them and a traditional enemy. I feel you could have built on it a bit more, maybe not having you directly lose on the level if you have taken 3 coins (that's just you losing lives, lets be honest), and instead maybe have the result save-up and then make a twist at the end depending on how many coins you took.

Also, as the game is a basically a twist on a coins worth, why not have any traditional enemies at all? Could have been interesting what the enemies could do towards you in contrast to the coins etc. Just a thought.

I also read a comment already taking about the controls themselves and I agree that they need work. There not terrible and feel for the most part quite good, but the character has a almost bouncy feel to him, making landings problematic and it gets easy to mess up some jumps (one part was especially annoying where you could walk under a coin to avoid it, but when you jumped up to the platform the coin was, the character often bounced up and hit the coin anyway).

All in all, an impressive submission! Great art and sound, mostly functional controls and theme interpretation that has potential. Hope to see more!

Np, always fun in the end to try the different things people come up with. Time is always a factor, I should know as I usually fail to even finish my projects, so really, a large plus that you managed to submit something. Keep at it! Looking forward to future productions.

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I don't know why Delthor is so negative and rude, but he/she is also wrong. It's very much a game, more so then many others. It has a goal, it has interaction (if limited) and it even has a "lose" and "win" state, it has a visual presentation and a progression. Also, using 3rd party imagery is completely fine, its transformative work, every game today uses 3rd party assets to some extent, be it in the form of textures to sounds to code. You have nothing to apologize for. Love the work, hope to see more :)

HA! Interesting. Liked it, actually not a bad idea and even has two endings! How about that? A kind of visually aided and pseudo-interactive poetry, honestly this is not a bad format that can even be further developed.

You could add different results when you "let-go" or go full "chose your own adventure"-style where you can press different options as the poem goes on. Not that much more to comment on, but I don't think it needs it. Its a creative way to use imagery and text and just a pinch of interaction to express something, I can respect that, and it is in a way rather refreshing take in the sea of many Jam-games that are just platformers, puzzle-games or space-shooters.

Hope to see more!

Like the twist WarGames end, "The only winning move is not to play". I can appreciate the details and background setup for the game, the voice over was really a nice touch and added to the fun to the entire thing, great work with that! Really adds to a Jam game.

Sadly, while you basically "won" by not playing, the actual game-part was very lacking and rather visually lacking. The platform-controls are rather bad, as you can use your horizontal velocity to get stuck on walls and the jumping seems to work as long as you are connected to any surface, not just the ground. Its playable, but needs work. There are also just two random rooms from what I experienced, that's way to few and really makes the entire game rather pointless (at least you have a room counter). If your going to use a random room mechanic there needs to be a rather large room pool, otherwise just design one large level/levels, its really more fun to play one long design level then just a few repeating pieces.

The visuals you do have are good, I just wish the rest followed a similar style instead of going with just blocks and the generic background. Just having a few objects drawn and the rest not just makes everything look a bit cheap. I would rather see that you went with a full visualization or just keep everything as simplistic shapes.

In the end, a good job for the jam!


For what it was, a ok puzzle game.

The visuals where good, liked that you limited yourself to using very few colors, really helps to create a good visual "style" and even some music that works, if a bit repetitive. I must admit however I felt that the game is a bit uninspired overall. This game-concept is nothing new, and while that's diffidently not necessary for a jam, the levels themselves where just not that interesting and was nothing had not played before. That said, that does not detract that its a good well-functioning game, with a surprising amount of levels for a jam! So great work on that part, I just wish there was something more to it.

Secondly I really do not see the theme represented that well in the game. I read your description that its basically a social commentary about diet? Nothing against that, but its just not shown that well here. The only connection to that within the game is that my character eats doughnuts, that are unhealthy, therefor my character gets larger as the level progress. That's all well and good, however it feels your missing the most important part there: the losing. At the moment there is no actual consequence for my characters eating, nothing in the gameplay itself or in the "story" being told shows that, I only have my own understanding that: being overweight == bad.
You really need something that represents that last part better, and if your able, preferably directly in the gameplay. Because as of now, if I had not read your game-description I might not have been able to guess what the commentary was about.

Also, just a side note: I do find the description being a bit ironic compared to the game play, as you wrote: "This game is my commentary on the issue. Eat well and exercise." But your character is doing an A LOT of running in the game :P

Anyway, a good puzzle game in the end, that's well presented. Great work!


Love it. A awesome entry, fits the theme extremely well. Usually not a big fan of visual-novel like jam experiences, as they tend to try and be to serious or just difficult to follow and way to long,  and just feel like quite a to-large time investment.

This had non of those issues, it started quick and was just the right length of a jam game, had a clear (even the title says it all! love that) and "fun" story, told very well with great minimal visuals, great transition effects, text presented well and a clear outline of whats happening. Even got a few interactive elements, but keeping it minimal essentially bringing it down to only 3 but that all had such a great impact if you did it or not, no wasted interactions! Also, great end, and that you even added alternative endings is just a cheery on top.

Honestly I felt I can take quite a few notes from this. Hope to see more!


Gave it a go. I will be real, it has some major flaws, honestly the "game" part of this is very very lacking, however its not without potential.

First of all, the art and animation is nice, it seems to have a great theme and even a story that can be developed into something interesting. I can see a lot of effort was put into it, the sounds work well, if a bit unpolished.

My largest gripe are more technical and thematically. First of, I cant really see how this connects with the Jam theme? Is it a story-thing only rather then game-mechanical? Either way I feel that it needs to be made more clear (or just say its a very lose interpretation). Also if there is one thing visually that needs be improved its visual feedback, for example: What are my objectives? Feedback when I have used something (like the switch). Transitions between levels (only one level now, but as soon as I touch the door, it just JUMPS to the "end"-screen). Some more subtle effects would also go along way to improve the feeling of the jump/landing, taking damage etc. (like having a small particle "puff" when doing a jump or landing).

My largest issues however are with the game-play itself, starting with the controls: They are way to wonky, the character feels incredibly "floaty" (like I'm on the moon) and the controls are strait up just unresponsive at times (especially when trying to shooting). The animation often stutters on landing or when just walking, playing the wrong one. It all needs to be improved and tested.

The level/game itself is... boring, very boring. Its extremely empty, there are a total of one interactive switch, two pickups and two enemies, that's it from what I saw. Its also just kind of slapped together very small vertical level with no sense of direction (you even start the game forcing the player to walk left! Going against peoples preperception of how to navigate a platformer), its just overall way to short and non-challening. I would strongly recommend making the level a lot longer with a horizontal design, add regular intervals of hazards, enemies and safe-zones. Just make me experience the game more.

I also would have liked to see some coin-like pickups, something I always feel makes these types of games more interesting to play (even it it does not fit with your theme/setting). Coin-like pickups can give player a sense of direction of where to go (just follow the coins!), and you can even create extra-spaces on the level that the player does not really need to go to, but can challenge themselves to get those extra coins. It also gives the player a way to score how well they did on a level.

More time needed to be spend on the design itself. I get that with a jam, there is just that much time to spend, but in a platformer it is the level itself that is the most important, you really don't need that many tools to make a great level either (just look at the first level on  the first Super Mario on the NES, its just a very long level with two enemy types and some environmental hazards and pickups).

Again, the assets and ideas have potential for a great platformer, it just needs more work. Looking forward if you all improve it in the future!

Great job for the WGM! Cheers.

Nice concept! The way to use text as actual terrain was awesome. To just use words to directly "write" what something represents, combined with the ASCII style that's otherwise extremely abstract, made the game surprisingly detailed. For example that the moving platforms representing different vehicles brought a logic into the platforming element to WHY I am jumping around on these things. Platformers otherwise have a very "its moving blocks, deal with it" approach to the reasoning to why you need to jump on stuff.

I would however have liked if you where a bit more consistent with using the text as terrain, as some levels you just had it placed in the corner or in a box. The charm of using text-as-floor with a platformer (I feel) is that you make the player "read" the text as he walks over the words (or at-least encourages them to). Placing the text on a random spot just to be read makes the player instead have to: stop, read, then continue, and it just disrupts the flow.

Also, cant say I felt much for the story itself... I get that its a take on a journey and the notion of "home", but it honestly got a bit lost on me forwards the end. I would highly recommend the game "Thomas Was Alone" for a take on story-told-directly-in-platforming-levels, it has flaws, but your able to follow the story quite well. 

Lastly I am sorry to say that the platforming itself left a lot to be desired. The controls/movement could use a bit more work, as right now it can be a bit wonky trying to land on a moving platform. Otherwise it is the levels themselves that need the most work, while most are ok (you are working with very few platform-tools after all), the more challenging ones need a better start layout (especially the last level before the end). When making a level where the player has a high risk of dying over-and-over, I feel that the how the level restarts is very important, so that there is no wait time for my next try. Example: The last level had the issue with the moving platforms being miss-timed, so every time I restarted I had to WAIT for the platform to make a full back-and-forth run before jumping. This made me frustrated not at the platforming part, but at having to wait every time I failed.

Overall, great job! Cheers.

Thnak you :) Its a silly game, but was fun to make.

Happy to hear it might be of some help. Was fun to test, hope to see games!

A very simple idea, a basic endless runner. Honestly, I like it for its simplicity and almost zen-like zone that it gets you in after a while as you barely need to focus to keep going. It actually fits the style your using rather well in that aspect. However, should we look at it purely from a design-perspective it's sadly lacking. It adds nothing new to the endless runner and even has less features then other classic runners. For example: no jump/slide or other action and the level-spawn gives the player no challenges more the just adjusting a bit to the left and right. While the game has character, It's just not very exiting at the moment. The system is all in place for more things! It just needs to be added.

Also, while my favourite part of the game is the style and sound mix, it feels odd for the jam-theme. I would have never guest the theme if I did not know it from the beginning. I'm guessing that the "boss" in this game is a company boss of some kind, with the office-chair as the main "character"? (also, I read the description) all good, but the player needs to be able to understand this from the game itself, not from a description under it. One solution would be to add clues for the player to find while playing that gives them a bit more information why there is a office-chair moving-about in a colourful corridor. Show, don't tell.

A good start! The visuals are nice, like it for what it is. A simple runner.


As the title says, its very bare-bones so far. The concept is awesome, the visuals and animations are not bad (I personalty enjoy a bit more color, but that's a matter of taste). I do not mind the very bare-bone player controls either, one just movement and one attack options can be more than enough, and the complexity can instead be put on the bosses. However, that's where the game is lacking.

The idea of having the bosses attack with area attacks with clear markers is good. Telegraphs are a now a classic solution to create "danger-zones" and make the player have to dance from place to place, it creates area tension and makes good movement a key necessity for the player. You also use slightly different types of area effects so not to make it to boring. All good points, however, (for me) its just lacking in the end result.

While I like the bosses random designs, it seem to have little to do with what they can do. I get very little visual information from the boss itself (if I haven't misunderstood something). And while I really like the patchwork-sprite design of the bosses, the general shape seems to be the same for most of them (a large blob), the walking animation levitates this quite a bit, but more diverse and noticeable body shapes would have been nice. This leads in to my largest gripe with the bosses (and the risk of using randomization): they lack personality.

Boss fights are fun, in my opinion, because you are fighting something special, often larger then yourself (you got that nailed down), that has a pattern based on there personality that you need to overcome to defeat it. The bosses here severely lack thematic patterns, and aside from pure numbers diffrences (area effects, size and movement speed), they do not feel very different from each other. They all just walk towards you and spam random attacks. Each boss never gives me a "aha!" feeling on what type of boss it is and what it can do, it's just more of the same blob with a slightly different particle effect on the ground.

I get the theme was "Boss Rush" and the concept is there and its functional, it just need more personality. A simple change I would like to see would be simply to have bosses in more clear Archetypes: Some that follow you, some that moves away from you, maybe some that stand completely still, then using there visual makeup decide what attacks they can use. Also, the attack types needs to be more diverse, at the moment there really is just two: Circle or Square (in about the same size). Why not have very small circles? Lines? or Projectiles? etc.

However, I realize you might already have this planed, a jam is a jam, and time constraints does play a big role. Its in the end a impressive start.

In the in, a good concept! Nice basic player controls, and a great potential to make it more interesting.
Hope to see a update of the game!


It looks great! The idea that the plan grows as you progress is a nice touch and a good idea to mix in a otherwise UI progress bar directly to the character, the particle effects are nice, and the down [S] smash has a nice feel to it. However that's sadly that about what I can say about it. The controls work well enough, but the gameplay itself is extremely lacking.

The AI is way to simple and direct, with them just rushing you no matter what makes the difficulty is just frustrating and creates a gameplay where you have to try and "cheese" your way into killing one at a time, and as one hit set you back its very unforgiving. The enemy movement just makes you constantly unsafe and therefore cant really use the map more then to try and fool the enemies in getting stuck so you can take them out without getting hit.

I think it would have just been a better idea to make the enemies use very simple walk patterns instead (walking constantly forward, turn on walls, etc. add in random jumps now and then?), so that I as a player, can use use the level itself to find good vantage points and plan a kill as they come by. Later you could add spawns that has a follow pattern to increase the difficulty (I would however, not make them as fast as they are now)

The level design is classic (if a bit boring) and visually its awesome! This is the type of pixel-art I really enjoy. Some more levels would have been interesting to see.

A good start! Needs a bit more design time (also sounds etc. I think you know the rest.) Great work.


Tested it! Some nice changes indeed.

I love certain aspects of the game, and greatly dislike other. First of: The theme and especially the presentation is all kinds of awesome! It has this absurdity factor that's hard to pull of with-out going in to the "To-Random"-territory. The weightlifting man got a great animation, the theme itself is strange but logical, the music is also the "right" amount of bad and fits the visuals well. I do however wish you could have done something more with the objects that fall down, they are way to basic compared to the rest. Even having them replaced with some basic 2D-Sprites would have been better.

My largest gripe however is the controls, or the lack there of. In a way it "works", as you could argue the controls reflect the presentation, but the absurd amount of landing-force that makes the character swing just gets irritating. Its basically impossible to plan for a objects landing, as different objects seem to have different landing effect (guessing it also depends on where it lands). So your basically constantly swinging without much control back and forth, until you get a small pause of the items and can keep it balanced. I know it's the hole point of the game, but he is swinging to-much! I just don't feel its optimally implemented. My suggested solution would be to soften up the impact hits and maybe add a indicator directly on the bar that showed where the current weight-center is, that could make the player plan a bit more to what direction to counter balance instead of the almost "trial-&-error" approach right now.

I felt the indicators down at the left and right also does nothing. They are way to far away from the action to pay any attention to, and shows information i can basically already guess by looking at the man.

I also would have loved some "stages", not necessarily levels, but have the weight pattern change as time goes on (start slow, add more stuff later. The old ones could also for-example fall of after a while, making more space for new ones). Or if you want to keep the "endless"-factor, not being able to see the very top of the stack is a large issue, have the camera either zoom out or start panning up making space for more.

In the end! A fun and funny small game, keep up the good work! Cheers.

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Obviously I had to try it, and as always it was brilliant!

A very classic game, with some very nice twists on presentation that I don't think I have seen in a game before (that's quite dangerous to say though, as most things have been done. Either way that does not detract from your implementation), I will be commenting on this later on. I wont however, comment a lot on the maybe most obvious stuff, but where is a small run through: The theme is very well represented, the minimalist art is very well executed! Nothing unnecessary, good colors, but still quite a few nice smaller details that make the world more "alive" (like the rocks, boat-blimps), some nice fitting music (I think you mentioned in the stream it was a open-source sound, but it's a good choice), and good sound effects for whats important!

It was a long time since I played a game like this, I think the most recent one was the first Super Monkey Ball, otherwise what I will always remember these Ball-Balance games from is the super-frustrating Marble Madness that I played on the Sega Megadrive. Sadly, "frustrating" is what I mostly remember from this genre. A good level/challenge has a very thin balance between: a good distance for the level/way-points, what challenges/environment you need to overcome and lastly the TIME it takes to complete or repeat the challenge. The last point being the most important in my opinion. If the challenge starts getting to long or there are longer wait-times in place that slows down your run, the more punishing and irritating the challenge gets. With that said, I think your levels have a quite good balance of these things! There is a good mix of challenges, with variations on the bridges and moving platforms.

Mostly anyway. There where some parts that I felt where to long to early in the game, while some parts later had very short distances between the way-points instead. The most unforgiving part was the last triple boat thing. I hated that part with a vengeance, it did not help that the boats where designed with a dent in them making me have use a bit more force to get out, and making me constantly miss the other boat! The interaction between the ball and most moving objects in general felt a bit janky at times to be honest, but the boats where the biggest offender.

The part I liked the most (the thing i mentioned before) was the pop-in for the level after clearing a challenge! it's really quite a brilliant way to progress the level! With it, the level stays in the same "world" continually so no annoying loading scenes/transitions, but as the new world does not show itself until i have reached the way-point it does not distract me from the current challenge, it and also gives me a direct "reward" feeling when it pop's-up! Instead of "just" having me get a small "ping" or note that I have reached a way-point. Having said this, I don't know why you made it so I could almost not see the next part of the map appear at some points. It only happened a few times, during the "maze" part I think (and fence). Its not necessary to have you see the progression all the time, but be careful, as the "pop-up" is basically the reward and I felt that I wanted to be there when It appeared. Thunder is a lot more awesome if you both hear the sound and see the lightning-bolt.

Great game! Now give me more levels :P Looking forward to the next one! Cheers.

Sounds great, will try it and update my feedback.

Played it for a while. I'm afraid I don't understand a thing. The description gave me a vague idea that it's a puzzle game and about the good/evil balance thing, but nothing on what I am suppose to do or what my goals are etc. Its very bare-bones and desperately needs more context and information. Without context I have no idea what I'm suppose to do. How do I become good or evil? How does the switching between fire/cold mode work? Whats the ice there for? Is the smaller dragons suppose to meet or what do they do? What my ROLE? Why is being to evil/good a bad thing? Again, why the ice?

While a work-in-progress you have to give the player at least a clue to what is the "right/wrong"-behavior, what are they working towards. I don't want to sound negative, because I can tell how much effort has been given for this game, the art is great, there are animations, the background, the idea itself! there is even some sound-effects etc. But it needs a lot more work. If you did not have the time to give the player more context in-game, then at-least write about it in the description, a "adventure puzzle-like game" does not tell me anything (I honestly don't even know what a "puzzle-like" game is suppose to be).

Also, aside from the context/goal issue, the controls sadly left a lot to be desired. I would recommend checking-out a few other platformer examples, as of now the control is way to floaty (It feels like you are constantly on ice or in space) and makes playing the game itself rather frustrating. The camera also needs work, it stutters and follows behind the player (a good camera does the opposite and is always a bit "ahead" of where the player is going).

The art is there, the theme is there, however there needs to be a more clear context of the goal and challenges. As for now, its more of a nice visual presentation then a game.

Work on it a bit more! Perfect one level, make some technical improvements and I will give the game another try! Great job. Looking forward for more.

Gave it a try. Not much to say. Very basic balance game, with one of the most floaty-controls I have used in a long time. There presentation is fine (the background feels a bit out of place tho), and there is a very big lack of sounds! It really gives a lot just to have some basic effect sounds.

My main issue is really have fickle the platforms are. Its very difficult to try and balance on them as the slighting touch makes them almost spin (and I think you placed them a bit to close to the wall, It feels like you should be able to get stuck between the wall and the seesaw). I think making the seesaw's a bit slower/harder to rotate would make the jumping around more fun, and then add more challeng with different drops would have made for a more interesting game.

Can be developed a lot more! But the basics are there. Good work. Cheers!

Odd, but quite interesting. I like the very simplistic presentation, and the simple use of gradients to not make it completely flat, also like the unusual window-size, its unexpected and adds the "minimal" presentation. The controls work, and while I don't know if the almost "grabbing/dragging" movement the objects have was intentional it works well and gives the objects more "life" then if you would have just made them have a gliding movement. I would have liked to be able to control BOTH objects at one time tho.

It is however, missing a critical part: Some kind of score or progress indicator. I get that both the figures need to stand in the light at the same time (note: Found a bug however that made me sometimes have to go in-then-back to get a new light to trigger), but with no progress indicator this action feels very pointless, I have no real goal to work towards. I tried reading in more with the text, but it seemed to be mostly repeating text-bites. The text could have been a larger part of that progression as well, giving a almost story like progression to a otherwise very simplistic game.

A nice small game, not bad! Cheers

Tried it for a while, its a nice mix-up on a balance/stacking game. Really like the City/country theme you got going, the stereotypical French-music was also a nice touch.

I could not however get past the first challenge. I liked the idea of the challenge to stack a collection of buildings, but it was way to hard right of the bat. I feel when a game first introduces you too the mechanics it should be a relatively easy challenge, to get in to the flow. However right now with the the starting balancing-pillar being so tiny, I could not get past the third building placement, it just got very frustrating. Maybe make the first level start with two supporting pillars, then make them smaller/less as the levels progress. You could even have a level that has two separate platform etc. to spice things up.

I also think you rely a bit to heavily on the pure-physics-system, as it makes saving a collapsing city almost impossible if it starts to wobble or one building falls of. With some tweaking you could have added a almost "rubber-band" mechanic so that if you manage to balance it again the game "helps" you a bit. Not to much mind you, there should obviously be a "breaking-point" when the thing will always fall, but some help to get the thing to stabilize again would feel nice and more game-like. Otherwise I feel its "just" a battle against the physics-system rather then a stacking challenge, if that makes sense?

Anyway! A nice classic game that fits the theme well! Keep on the good work.


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Gave it a try! Mostly played Normal-mode, but did try the higher "difficulties"/Levels. It has a solid concept that fits the weekly theme perfectly, with a presentation that's both very well made and has a easy to understand context for the mechanics of combining colors (with extra help with the Glyphs). There is even a nice classic "ancient Egypt" theme tune! There is nothing to dislike there.

Its a good small game, I do however feel its missing something. One of my main complaints is that it starts to feel very "same-y" very fast and lacks long-term play development, lets see if I can elaborate on this.

A lot of games have a limited "action"-scope (just look at Tetris) however those games gives you more freedom how you preform your actions. In Tetris you can make combos with the blocks to gain more points and its very important where you place your blocks, this enables you to think ahead and changes your play-style. Later, with the increase of speed, you have to adapt and make snap decisions that can have long-term consequences. Glyphics is so far completely reactionary, which is not bad, but as mentioned, it becomes less "interesting" to play as you cant develop a strategy for it.

Another game that your game can be more fairly compared to would be "type"-style games (a more advanced example of this is "Typing of the dead", there are simpler examples), where you must type the correct combination of letters before the "enemy" reach you. However, I would argue that even if those games seem similar to your game, they offer a wider scope. Just the act of typing makes the game more exiting as you are now not limited to 4-keys but the entire key-board! They can also be a unlimited amount of key-combinations arriving on the screen, instead of 12 color combinations. It also reflects the real-life skill of typing, making it more exiting.

So in short: The mechanic here of "only" combining colors and activating it needs something more to make the challenge feel interesting in the long term. I don't think its necessary to add MORE interactive elements or colors (although, on higher levels that can be an option. Also limiting you to maybe 2 colors at lower levels, adding more as you go), instead one potential solution would be to make the beetle spawning more interesting. Maybe add a "level"-design to the game: Have a "map" where the beetles ONLY spawn from the selected location, maybe have one where if the beetles enters a specific area it changes color, have a map that have a almost maze like design so the beetles have to walk further but have more health?/higher spawn rate. Make different beetle types, have some who can take two hits, changes color while walking, can merge with other beetles etc.)

This is just me brainstorming stuff, the point is that I feel the game really needs that extra "spice" that adds a progression to the game and adds something to the otherwise simple input-mechanic.

This became a very long post. Great game! Make more! Love the style! Can be developed further!


Thank you :) A small game, but was fun to make.

Thank you for playing it! Might have gotten a bit to frustrating at parts :P

Added one more area after that now, and a more clear "end-end" ;) Realized after you comment that it was a bit cruel not to show when the game was actually "over". Thank you for your time.

Thank you. I'm a bit of both. There was several times I caught myself thinking "what the hell am I even doing?", but I am happy I finished it :)

Thank you for trying it out and that you enjoyed it :) Was fun to make.

Thank you as well, Its really quite fun too play-test others stuff and enjoy writing about it almost as much as making my own things :).

I like it. A good, short-experience of a person in a seemingly depressing life. The game is a good length for a jam! The text presentation was what really made this go together, with the words sometimes moving gave a good feeling what the character felt. It was however a bit frustrating with the text, as I was clicking to walk as fast as I could I sometimes clicked away the text, missing it or almost missing it at times. More focus could also been given on the text, having even the speed in which its presented showing his mood, and having more dialog on things in his house on in-between the workplace.

The job (game-play) itself is nicely "pointless", while still giving a clear direction to the player to complete. With the monologue being controlled by how many folders I picked-up, i also wanted to pick-up more too hear the rest.

The presentation works very well with the theme, simple and very bare. A lifeless feel for what the character is probably feeling. I'm also not too bothered that there is no sound, in a way its kind of good that its not here. It might have added to too much "life" too the world.

Something that could have spice-up the game length could have been to add a random-generated floors to the office, and for every day that passes the floors increase by one. Making every day longer and longer with more "work". Obviously, this requires also maybe that the dialog changes a bit every day, but you could easily just have him become silent after a few runs. 

I enjoyed the dialog itself quite a lot overall. It was a god way to get more and more information about the character by random thoughts, without ham-fisting me his backstory via a info page or intro.

Great Job! Cheers.

One of my favorites! And while not the most interesting gameplay, I found the idea itself very enjoyable. The game fits the theme very well, with you just being one of the many fighting in a series of ultimately pointless battles, even more so because you even get to choose what side to be on. There is no greater evil, epic quest or honor, just survival of your team.

Its the small details that I like the most, how the camera it smooth and got a nice zoom-in, the basic but funny walking and fighting animations, and lastly your weapon gets upgraded in increasingly odd ways. 

I have very little to add because it fits so well the category of a small-jam game and its theme. Its a good length just too sit down and play that does not overstay its welcome, so it does not require for example: more complex combat mechanics or unit types. Its very nicely presented and has a fitting style. 

One option could be too evolve it by adding more levels and mechanics, but that's at the risk of loosing the point why the game was made, and just transforming it to just another battle simulator.

Another thing that could be interesting would too add a "story"-like layer in-between the combat rounds, with the character getting increasingly aware of his situation. Its a bit cliché, but I think it could add a bit more context/story.

Great game! Love to see move. Cheers.

The best part of the game is the end, a nice twist for a small game (and two endings! I'm personally a fan of a "lose"-ending as well). Love that. The character style reminds me a lot from the rather "modern" pixel-styles like: Papers-Please, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery or Kingdom: New Lands, which is great as I feel it pushes the style further. The environment is a bit basic in contrast and I think it would have been great with just some more static details (nature, rocks etc.), this would also help with navigation as the different screen have very little differences.

The game-play itself is a bit basic, and while I like the combo attack (the animation looks great!), it lacks depth. I get that the focus of the game is more or less the endings, and the point of the fighting is too support the story. But because you made the game quite longish (for what you can do), it really feels like the combat should have had more depth, and the game ends up feeling like its missing something (how the combat can be improved I think you already know, so I will skip that). I also would have liked too see a lot more more clues to the story within the game-play. Like the characters you are fighting might say something at times, or there are notes and/or things that does not look right in his hallucination.

My point is basically: If the main point of the game is its endings, informed by the context the player finds him/herself in and there are few mechanics or clues: keep it short. You want to avoid the player feeling repetition or that the game drags on.

A nice game with a twist! Fits the theme well. Hope too see more. Cheers.

Was fun to write! I enjoy testing others game almost as much as making my own :) My writing is a bit wonky so I hope I made myself somewhat understood. Every game has a potential to become a great game, so its all about improving and taking what worked or could have worked and testing/playing with it in new ways. Looking forward to the next one! Also liked the dev-logs, shows the ambition and made me actually take a closer look and try it out and write about it.

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So, played it for a while and watch part of your last dev-log, so got a good idea where you are at and if I missed anything of the game. While a good effort, I cant say I like it, as its missing a bit much. So here is my critique.

The combat, the entire game focus, is sluggish and boring. You only have one melee attack that's difficult to see as the camera is zoomed-out so much and the animation is a bit too subtle, the attacks themselves also feels very weak and does not carry any weight when used. The enemies are a even larger problem, its difficult to see when they hit you (I still don't think I have seen there attack animation) and they quickly clump up together in a pack, so the main tactic just becomes a hit-and-run affair, and without a range weapon option that quickly gets tedious. The physics seems to be a bit wonky as well, the enemies kind of "mash" together and kind of "jitter" away when you hit them. I otherwise think the melee knock-back was a good choice, I just wish there was more too the combat. A easy addon would be too make more use of the knock-back effect is by adding traps/pits around the arena so you could push them in too them, that would also make walking around the area more interesting for the player.

The power-ups are very standard. All of them seem to increase your health, with the gold ones giving you max health. I don't like the gold hearts, as it gives you the potential to drag on the game on way to long. Gaining max health also has the potential to make the enemies less and less threatening (Im guessing that there might not be a limit to how many enemies can spawn tho, so I guess the enemy numbers adds too the danger later).

I did not know before watching the dev-log that the blue hearts gave me permanent speed, I get that the effect stacks it gets more useful with time, however I feel like the game is not really made to be played for that long. Think about adding a time-limited power-up instead that gives the player a very strong power but that only lasts for a short period make it more fun and, even if it's on a time-limit, feel more powerful for a while. I do like the bomb pick-up, it is however, very standard.

I would have loved too see a lot more effects from the enemies spawning and dying. At the moment a new enemy spawn the moment one dies, and its very unsatisfying. It kind of makes it feel like the enemy i killed just resurrects instantly and I have made no progress. Add a small pause before the next spawn and have a nice "poff!" particle effect when the old one gets removed and a new one comes in would be nice.

Also, an idea to make the enemies more challenging and prevent constant kiting would be too have them gaining speed the longer they live, making it important to kill them off before they get to fast.

Anyway, a good job for the jam, hope to see more! Focus on the gameplay aspects more and make better games :)


A fantasic game, I think it can easily seen as the most complete and well made game of the jam and also one of the most fun. I had a blast playing it, I am however also a sucker for this type of gameplay. A puzzle-platformer mix with a fun gimmick just cant go wrong.

The game itself fits the theme well, the tube mechanic is fun, while not overtaking the entire game/overstaying its welcome, but instead you let it be one part of a whole, mixing in other fun mechanics in it.

I can go on a lot of just how well I think this game is made, so I will: The presentation is super smart, a one color theme makes it very appealing and is perfect for such a short jam and you still managed to add so much detail. The environments are still very clear too there function and there are some nice effects! The move to have the character have a "placement" hint in front of him is such a smart detail that I would not have expected in a one-week-jam-game, things like that is usually added later, and just adds the the polished feel. The soundtrack and effects both fitting of the pixelated style. So all around, the presentation is awesome.

If there is one thing I don't like about the visuals is that the main character is a bit boring, its just a basic robot. You could add a bit more character to what he is, or WHY he is doing these puzzles. For example: in the puzzle platformer "Offspring Fling" you have a basic narrative/context to what your doing (saving your offspring) and it gives the entire game more purpose and incentive for the player.

The levels are mostly well done, with a good amount of challenge (but as you mentioned yourself, they are not balanced, I think the third-fourth level or something that's really evil, its filled with spikes and you need two blocks to get to the door at the top, a bit early for such a hard challenge). A tip when you balance levels would be to count the number of dangerous actions (actions that can get you killed/fail, like jumping over spikes etc.) the player needs to preform to solve the challenge. The higher number, the more devastating a fail will become as there is a lot of stuff to redo. Its a simple way to gauge to how difficult a level is (its still very much based on the level context tho, as some actions can be more difficult then others).

Other then the level balancing I don't have much else to say about the gameplay, its very well made. The controls are very snappy and feels good, it always feels like its my fault if I messup (however, some spikes are a bit close to one another). You have a good number of different mechanics, and add more to keep the gameplay fresh in a good pace. You already have a lot of levels, but each mechanic can have a few more levels with them before adding more challenge types. Also, great job having a "intro" level for each challenge! A great way to introduce new stuff.

Hope to see more! Keep at it. Cheers

I love it! In my opinion one of the best games in the tube jam. The story is so dumb I love it, and you pull it off great with the presentation and the continues use of a similarly ridiculous "tube"-themed world. The art-style is great with the 2D stickfigure faces and the simplistic style of the world with a surprisingly amount of details and locations. Great job on the level-transitions as well, it all made sense and was a great way to use the 3D perspective in the game with otherwise 2D-gameplay. 

I am also very impressed by having a actual opening sequence! That's some ambition for a small Jam game. I love the extremely wonky "animations" of the characters, as it just adds more too the strangeness of the world. My only gripe is that it felt at bit cut-off from your starting position, as the other are just gone when you start playing. It would have been nice with them basically telling you (the character) that your on your own, as it feels a bit odd why you would even leave your bed with no legs in a hospital in the first place if you did not know what happened.

With the world presentation is as it is, I also love the equally "terrible" gameplay (and with that i mean awesome gameplay!). The wonky and "bad" controls are whats becomes the challenge itself and is just fun. Its kind of a badly done "Octodad" or "Getting Over It", where you just flail your arms around to try and get somewhere. You even had the time too present some nice in-game tutorial clues and some nice physics objects too throw around. While I enjoyed just moving around and there was some challenge in getting up on stuff, It would have been nice with some more actual dangers, like some basic platforming or having to time your jumps, maybe avoiding a car/train etc. As long as the reset time is not to bad if you fail, there should not be a problem to have a fail-state even with the "terrible"-controls.

On a last note, its really missing a soundtrack and some effect sounds, its what really would have tied the world together. You could have also added some nice background-character reactions (similar too the cut-scene) that talks to you as you move around.

I would love to see more in this style! I have skeptical about the game until I played it, give me more :)


I don't know if there is some mad genius to the hole thing, but I found it very very confusing. First of it strait out did not work for me when trying it on the Firebox browser, could not move or anything. Then while playing it on another, the hit-boxes seems completely off centered to the left, so most of the time I end up jumping strait through the platforms, missing the coins and then (I think) landing on spikes. The pipes seem to take me all over the place, I had no clue where I was, if I move to another level or maybe died. For me, its was almost unplayable.

Still, there is something there, if I discount all the technical issues, it seems like a nice concept. Like the almost "Cube"-movie vibe with different rooms with spikes/dangers that you need to avoid, while trying too navigating a quite confusing layout. I think a interesting way to expand the level-concept would to have a Metriod-like map that you can activate too get a overview what room your in, in relation to the other rooms. Making you able to use that information to know what direction you should try and move and progress.

Other then that there is always the more obvious improvements, such as: more danger types, more levels and more sound and visual effects etc.

It needs a lot more work and testing, but there can be something here. Good job. Cheers.

I should start saying that I am not a fan of "idle" games like cookie-clicker and the like, but I gave it a try. 

Its alright, I think I have seen similar idle games where you could move around but don't know what components you used from them. But in any case, I liked that you added more point to it then to just walk back & forth (in till you get the magnet-upgrade). The mini-game aspect is something that could be built on a lot more, having several smaller games that activates and gives you bonuses or unlocks certain things after completing them. The one mini-game I tried so far so however, a bit boring, and easy? It might be because I was playing full-screen, but it was VERY easy to dodge all the balls for a long time (way to long, speed it up).

The bonus "credits" Mario-ish-pipe was fun! And that could be backed in-too a lot more in the game! For example: I found having to use the mouse to select things rather unfitting, as the main focus is otherwise to move your character.  So why not add a "shop" pipe, that takes you to a area where you can use your character to walk around and buy things? More stuff like that basically. Maybe show a Bank-vault that shows visually (and not only with a number) how much cash you have managed to gather? etc.

Its presentation is at least mostly functional. I don't mind games keeping it very simple, but with the gameplay itself already being rather basic (or not always that interactive) I feel a stronger focus/care needs to be made for its presentation. A large incentive for me to keep playing could have been to see what these different upgrades look like! More then just give me more cash.

Also a note: The game kind of gets really messed up in a large fullscreen. The icons are invisible, the text is tiny and in odd places etc. You should double-check what happens to the UI when using different resolutions.

Hope to see more! Cheers.