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Thanks! Happy that you enjoyed it. Just tested the "Jump to start" bug, shall make a quick fix. Thanks for the heads up :)

I always enjoy tactical games and this has potential. A fun theme with the jellies (would have liked if there skills where a bit more thematic). Its a bit unforgiving and the pause/controls could use a bit more fine tuning.

Its a great game, think it can be a good inspiration. Surprisingly story heavy.

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Love the presentation and the music, sadly I cant rate it at the moment as the game keeps crashing on the first fight with the rats.

I like the idea of taking the old game of snake and combining it to a dungeon theme, your game is in a way similar to my own. However I felt like there is just something missing to make it more original, at the moment its just a more fluid snake game with a bit of a dungeon theme. It would be nice to have more elements typical of a dungeon to spice up the game-play.

Love the idea, monster creation in a Dungeon Keeper-style game? Whats not to love? Still, what you have is a great base of a game, but it lacks all the important stuff around it. I think that's rather obvious to what so lets look at what you have so far.

I enjoyed the variation that I was given, but felt needlessly hindered in my creation of monster by forcing me to have at-least 1 eye, body and leg. If I HAVE to have those 3 no mater what, why not already have them placed on the mold? Also, was there any difference where I placed the body parts? If not, It should, otherwise the 3x3 grid has no point other then for the visual-flair.

It was also rather annoying that the monsters went strait up after killing the visible knights on the field, it would have been better to have them go back to the center and only react as soon as a knight is at least visible. Connected to this issue is the effects of the body parts, its interesting that every parts have a purpose and gives a bonus if you have more, however because of the limited build space it felt pointless to have more then 1 leg and 1 eye. In the end after killing a visible knight, the monsters just clogged the entrance anyway and stopped moving, so exchanging legs for more life of damage was always better. Also, having more legs actually made the shooting part worse as the monster stopped shooting when in melee.

Hope to se a more full fledged game in the future! So for the most Original I have played in the Jam.

This has great potential. The idea reminds me of the game Hammer Fight where you need to swing a weapon around to do damage. At the moment the game is obviously very incomplete, but feels like it can be easily expanded with a bit more weapons, enemies and level. The simple presentation also works great! Hope to se a more refined version!

Thanks! Its a small game and not the most original idea, but I like the mix of the odd controls and the theme.

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I enjoyed it for its solid base idea, but i feel like its missing a few elements to really lift it to its potential. For example: enemies need a bit more AI variation, pick-ups (like health) and maybe another trap type. It would also have been nice to use the traps against the enemies! 

Other then that, the game looks very good. The arrow abilities had a good variation making me want to clump-together the enemies in good ways. I would have liked to put a bit more focus on the regular bow attack, like the ability to move 50% slower when aiming? as the game revolves around kiting enemies it would fit.

Thanks :) A non-typical movement method felt like a interesting aspect to make a dungeon based game around, and settled with this (even if I did remake the game a few times). The count-down timer idea is interesting, could have a small timer for each level, but afraid it gets a bit to stressfull. Like it that you can time-run the game as I otherwise don't use any score system.

You noticed ;D It was perfect as health potions.

Nice! and Thanks. Will take a look.

Thank you! I just started with Flappy Bird as a base, then wanted to se what could be done after. I wanted a story/character of some kind, I wanted to add some kind of upgrade element, and while adding these thing it become this odd thing. I agree that the "geting started" thing is a bit vague, might add a clue.

Thanks! Glad you found it! ;D

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Haha! Thanks! Its really the worste game I have ever made, but was still fun to make. I even made the music myself, a first! even if its bad.

Thanks :) The secret is that you can always continue, even if you die. Give it another try if you have time.

Its really odd, and not my type of game, but its good! The idea works, the mechanics are well done and easy to understand would work very well for mobile (feels like the idea should already exist there). I'm mostly impressed how complete it feels, with a menu, countdown, music, sound effects etc. and there is even a extra challenge with the Earthquake for added flavor! Even tho I usually don't like these types of games, I actually played it a few times.

Simple but effective, with a lovely take on the chosen theme. Having you able to see the help text while playing made it a lot easier to start. Its a good game for what it is :) well done!

Maybe there could be room to throw a curve-ball in there, like alien laundry mixed in your grandmothers that needs to be thrown away for later difficulties.

The presentation in the start and the main character design is by far the best of it. The game play however seems to be very simple? I read your game description page so I understand a lot is missing, sadly to much for me to say its very entertaining. The idea you described is however promising if you ever continue. Keep it up!

I love it because of its simplicity. The art is really nice and fitting for it, some sound is however really needed with such a simple concept.

You also could have made it a bit more challenging by using a timer per level, so the player only have X seconds per level. Or, a better idea would be to have pickups that you have to take before going to the goal, making you have to "save" a path so you can go back.

Overall a great game.

Its a cookie clicker with horses. Its a proven concept i guess, and with the addition of your own "horse" to upgrade it does feel like you at-least have a goal to reach. The visuals are nice, especially for the upgrades for your own horse, but I feel it misses something more. The original cookie clicker had tons of achievements, and visual effects for uppdrages etc. something that would be hard to replicate for a jam, but maybe adding another active element other then clicking the horse?

Also, a small issue I had was that the text under the icons was way to small to read, tried to full screen the game but made no difference. Might only be a issue on my side.

Good art, fitting music, sound effects, starting tutorial even a intro sequence! Nice to se all the small details come together. Im however not a big fan of the game-play. The platforming felt a bit sluggish, there where some close to "leap-of-faith" like jumps. The action itself also felt way to slow for what the game is suggesting, I wanted to hammer more things while moving around and being more "bad-ass", that the character had to stand still to hit stuff did not help. The coin gain is also way to slow, even in your trailer it takes you almost 5min before you can get one, and in a game as smal as a gamejam game, it just did not feel justified.

Overall a good gamejam creation.

The art and presentation is great! The elk is really well designed.

I did not really get the game-play however, or maybe I just suck. The best tactic seems to just stay in the middle and just fire the lazer away? It seems there was really little incentive to move as I could reach most places with the lazer from the center. The game world could also have been a bit more varied in shape.

Overall, I could not enjoy it much, and not because of the game-play, that part is fine if a bit basic. No, my biggest issue was the the background scrolling combined with the colors almost made me really dizzy and it was not fun trying to focus on the things you need to avoid with that very distracting background and colors.

Still, well done to get the game in so early :)

Strange and, for me, stressfull game. Running around like a mad man with a rake and a bible, hunting ghosts and controlling a lawnmower is differently odd... It does however work!

The relation with game objects is what I enjoyed the most. To keep track of the the objects and interact with them works well, and makes it fun to replay. There are several lose conditions to constantly keep and eye out for while also trying to maximize the lawnmower. I can easily se how the game can ramp up in difficulty with more objects, more things to keep track of etc.

For what is in the end, a top down "puzzler" based on trial and error, i liked it. Its a good size for a two day game jam and fits the chosen theme well. The visuals are great and that you could choose to get the full context of the game before playing as well as the "story" etc. was nice extra touch and makes the game feel more "complete" (even if the text itself was a bit lengthy, also no fan of a pure text tutorial).

I don't have much to say about the game-play, its extremely basic. However I think you made the right choice using trail and error as the main challenge, as adding extra complexity could have easily take way to much time and becomes difficult to explain in a small game. However, I would have loved to se the challenge focus more on conflict of space of the ghost and the character, what do you need to press in what order to also not have the ghost in the way? etc. Kind of like those classic box pushing challenges. Also would have loved another level or two.

First the good: Overall a solid foundation, the theme is there, the core game play needs polish with the AI and all, but its fun with the weapon pickups, the heart rip-out (that really should be the focus!) and the door slamming! (love that sound). I think you already know a lot that can be improved already game-play wise, just look at the roots of the game idea.

Whoever, there are a few things I found difficult while playing, like only now after I played it did I get that there was a combo system, and that's my main grudge: It has several parts that very unclear (visually), 

The worst offender was the player bullets, but everything kind of just meshes into a big blur, especially with the light effects, the shifting colors and the camera shake. I get the idea visually, with the gore and all, but the focus must be on giving me information before all the cool effects (but also, the rest of the effects takes away a lot from the gore, the blood did not leave a impression on me). It all leaves me confused, I honestly felt like a lost track of the character at times (even if hes right in the center).

It really needs better contrasts between things and if possible a bit more screen to se more stuff (it was way to zoomed in for me).

Also, the UI information is also unclear. It might be front and center, but with all that's going on I dont have time to look at it, and frankly it felt like the UI was more in the way at the end, as I had to go downwards the UI hid the enemies. Its a nice doom throwback, but I dont know if it has a place in this type of game.

There where also a few mechanical things. I did not get the slide-skill, it did nothing for me, and this might just be me being bad at it, but I felt that It game me no strategical advantage. With the speed of the bullets it was not that useful.

I also had a feeling that there was a lack of speed in this game. This I cant really set my finger on, as the character moves fast and all, but it just lacked the "flow" I remembered from example: Hotline Maimi or Doom. Might have had to do with that all enemies where like turrets, and removed a lot of organic feel from the danger.

Keep on the great work! Looking forward to v.6 and onward.