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Mario Gil

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*insert overused self referencial joke*

I don't know why you even open this, you already knew what was the overused joke right?

EGG, just that. EGG.

Even with two main problems the game is fun to play.

The only two problems that it has is mainly the FXs and the fact that you can't move aiming at all. The sound of the arrows (including special arrows) are to high pitched and that makes it anoying.

The level is super big a thing that I like, has some variation on the enemys and overall as I said is a good game.

Nice work!

Happy to see you liked it!

Glad to hear that! Thanks for playing our game!

Seems like you both aren't the only one, I have no idea why but I hope we relised what happend so we can fixed that kind of problem for the next time.

Yeah, this feels more like a prototype. If we end making a more polished version we'll for sure include a way to win!

I wish we could go back and fixed that in time it looks like some people have this problem too.

Thanks for taking your time not only playing our game but also to make a review! Since we planing on make a more polished version in the future I'll let know the other people in our team this. Glad for seen such a detailed review thanks again for that!

No Cafroskeleton jam, maybe Dafroskeleton jam would be confirmed these insane leaks were so true until the end so I don't know what to think.

I love the game, but it feels too short I would love to see more levels tbh. Well done.

Oh man, I didn't expect to see someone played the game Jordan and I made on youtube. It was funny to watch, thanks for play our game!

The leaks were fake all along