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Fun entry! Festive vampire survivors :D The mechanic of saving would've been fun to expand on / tie in some permanent upgrades. 

E.g: Rather than instant saves, it's hold to save (adds some risk) but grants a golden package that gives a perm boost to fire speed, bullet count, bullet damage, etc. 

Cool topic and always fun to try some celeste-inspired games! Not sure if there's something I'm missing, but I'm pretty sure the level that starts on a risen platform, where you then have to jump to two colliding enemies /w banana in the middle is impossible. Either you take an apple and can get to the last section /w the bed, or you take the banana and the edge on the platform never gives you the right space to take the elevator up to the bed. 

All engines/platforms welcome!

Hey, did it definitely display the 16th? The date hasn't been modified so unsure why that would be the case. 

Unfortunatly that's a bit too much of a time chunk for us to add on - though since game jams are all about the process as opposed to the final product, I'd still recommend submitting regardless of the state it is in! 

Totally fine


absolutely! It may be quite hard for others to test so you’re not likely to get much feedback, but you’re more than welcome to submit. (I’d recommend uploading a gameplay video to give those without a VR device a preview of the game)

Just one person needs to upload, you'll be able to tag everyone else as collaborators!

RPG Maker is totally fine! The built-in engine assets are alright to use :)

Amazing work everyone! The level of polish you guys managed to achieve for such a short jam is incredibly impressive - well done!

As the world record holder for the Any% Glitchless speedrun, congrats on your first ever game jam entry!

Keep up the great work, Sharl would be proud 

I don't want to think about the amount of villagers that I have starved, but great job on getting these mechanics in, some complex stuff working behind the scenes! 

Amaaaazing entry Enjl - 1.45M was where I lost my 9 lives :(
Level of mechanical/ux polish here is excellent, publish this ASAP 

Thanks for the feedback! 

Yeah we would've loved to have more content, but this game was made for a weekend jam, each interaction means 3x the work due to having 3 different 'worlds'. We'd love to expand on it though!

Hmm, can you confirm which options you took? I just tried all interactions in all worlds and they seem to produce the expected result 

Thank you! Haha definitely a big fan of those games, the inspiration certainly carries through

aw this was a really sweet game (also the first godot entry I've seen!) The procgen music was a nice touch :)

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! Ahh I know this one! We definitely underestimated the time it'd take to implement 3x the content for any individual world - really looking forward to getting the patched version out that rounds off the interactions more nicely and includes a few more world-specific things. 

That project for 7drl sounds super interesting, the idea that the player with the most progression can affect the world is reeeeeeeeeeeeally interesting - I definitely have to explore that in another jam. Do you have any links to the project? Presuming the server is still active.

Thank you very much! 

Suuuper interesting game, HUGE props to the art, looks wonderful <3 Agreed with the others that there needs to be a bit more difficulty to spice tings up though

Super atmospheric, really nice work :) gj! 

Cute artwork, punny game, what's not to love <3

Cuteeeee nice work! Any game with cats is instantly a top game 

Holy cow, this is some impressive work for just 2 days - incredible job! Wasn't expecting to be challenged so much 

THIS GAME IS SO PRETTY!! Awesome job <3 

Awe this was really sweet, nice work! 

This game is so cuteeeee!! 

Thank you so much! That's so lovely to hear :) and WOAH your game is so prettyyyyyyyyy

Thank you very much! glad you liked it :) Haha me too!

Wooo thank you! and thanks for helping the world <3

Thank you! The artists really killed it :)

Thank you :)

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Hey! Apologies for the delay, had some internet issues last night. The theme has been announced now: "Knowledge" 

So glad you enjoyed it! It was a blast seeing your video, thanks for covering it :) 
We're definitely planning on ironing out some of the kinks, we were a little strapped for time since we only had two days to work on it. The metal really does make it <3

We don't offer cash prizes, as an organiser for both online and IRL jams+Hackathons, I strongly believe  it promotes an unhealthy atmosphere and taints the dynamic of why most devs participate.

We offer a small prize in the form of stickers to the winning team + random participants in the form of stickers 😊

Love the feel of this, the camera work especially was fantastic, though a little less granularity on smaller vertical movements would make platforming a little nicer.

There's just something so smooth about the attack animation that makes it so satisfying to use, being 'rewarded' by stunning the enemy simultaneously is a nice way to add in some natural risk/reward when it comes to attacking ranged enemies up close vs waiting, jumping, attacking, hiding etc.

One big criticism I do have though is how strong the pushback effects are, they feel less like knockbacks and more like taxi rides. The recovery time is also far too short, the boss being able to attack me three times with the same projectile adds artificial difficulty that isn't really satisfying to play against.

The pacing and retro feel of this is really well done, I'd love to see where you carry this on in the future, great work! 

Reminds me a lot of the old 'you are god' flash games over on Newgrounds, nice concept though!
As others have mentioned, the lag is a bit of an issue here, though a couple of things you might want to look into are the Job / Entity Component System, or, using a shader to simulate the breaking of the mesh, processing this on the GPU will really smooth out the destruction! 

Really enjoyable game! Big fan of the basing/upgrade mechanic, beautiful pixel art and the camera control was great. A couple of gripes would be that the slight delay after landing from a jump, while minor, really feels like an interruption of flow in movement and a little frustrating to work with. 

I'd also like to see more ways to heal up aside from combos, such as while you are at the altar or offer an upgrade for passive regeneration / ability to combat the light balls.

Great work, Necroreaper was a treat to play!