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First off, that splash art is gorgeous! Super unique game idea, I always wondered by the npcs I slayed dropped keys, it all makes sense now.  Really hope you all carry on after the jam, love the whole concept 

Really cool idea! Managed to get 40, only to be assassinated by a rogue piece of speeding seaweed. I think this would really benefit from a wider field of view, otherwise, great fun 

What a beautifully charming game - I managed to run into a few secrets accidently which made it even cooler. Really nice work! Those boss battles felt really well made, took me a good few attempts to win Mum

Looks like you've got a great starting point for polishing this game into a full title! Really hope to see this carried on :) Great work

Really enjoyed this game! The art style worked beautifully with the whole theme of the game - though Goldilocks was still very grateful even when I spent the send attempt blocking the door without finishing a single task. 

Really neat game! Great work on the AI especially - some clearer instructions are much needed though, without the information on the game page I would've been clueless

Managed to kill them a couple of times without having to hide, really liked the premise though, with a few more enemy types and perhaps some items/movesets, I'd love to see this game continued on! 

Dang that got frantic quickly, those exponential ball drops felt so satisfying. Some more variety in ball types after the big ball would be a great touch. Nice work!

Pretty difficult game but I like what you were going for! One thing to note when you're checking your collisions, cast a single ray downwards rather than around the whole object. Great job :)

What a cool concept! Really nicely done, especially liked the sims-style voice lines. Some mechanics to affect Jimmy's movement would be a great addition

If you're reading this before/after playing the game, I implore you to carry on! 
Well done, really interesting twist, definitely didn't see it coming. 

I never knew Santa was so short! Great job on the submission, one comment I have is that I wasn't sure where I started at the beginning, perhaps some kind of vignette around the screen at the start to draw attention may help. 

On a smaller note, keep an eye on your sense of scale when building up a level, I would imagine the woman in the scene has a hard time getting through the door! 

Congrats on the entry! One thing I would like to see is tighter collision boxes and a less aggressive velocity drop when jumping, it felt a made movement feel quite restricted 

Yes!! Cats, festive christmas tree-based puzzles and flying stars, what's not to love? Brilliant job

Woah! That camera change really caught me off guard, loved that twist - though it wasn't immediately clear, perhaps third person would be a better option? Great work :)

I dig the concept, I think with a larger map (taller w/ scrolling) you'd be able to incorporate a bunch of other mechanics to help keep the player airborne for longer. 

Had a blast (literally) playing this! The artstyle fit together perfectly, gameplay felt juicy and very few bugs. My only suggestion would be to more clearly indicate where the player's cursor is. Great job, really looking forward to seeing this continued on! 

Posted in Accessibility?

Hi I4N T, 
As you may know, we are running this jam in support of SpecialEffect, a charity aimed at providing disabled gamers with the equipment they need to enjoy video games - Accessibility was one of the 'sub-categories' we mentioned on the jam page to act as an indicator for how 'friendly' the game is for disabled gamers. 

Hi AmdRin, 
You're welcome to have additional members though the team wouldn't be eligible for prizes - you may want to consider splitting into two teams of three :)

You can use Unity, Game Maker, RPG Maker, Unreal or even pen and paper if you really wanted :) This is about you making something cool!

You are more than welcome to participate on your own!

Created a new topic Group Forming

Hey all!
As you may have seen on the jam page, we are partnering up with the fantastic folks over at Crowdforge to help streamline your team building experience. Hop on over to our page over there to see the open teams or even register your own: https://crowdforge.io/gdn

Created a new topic Forming Teams

Hey all!
As you may have seen on the jam page, we are partnering up with the fantastic folks over at Crowdforge to help streamline your team building experience. Hop on over to our page over there to see the open teams or even register your own: https://crowdforge.io/gdn

Absolutely brilliantly done, the amount of thought put into the game is clear right off the bat here, I really do hope you continue developing this, I'd love to see more

I actually had quite a bit of fun with this, I played it much longer than I probably should have haha. The retro feel is strong here, keep it up! I'd love to see more

I love it! Charming, lovely animation and fairly intuitive. Nice work

Woo! Glad we managed to get this submitted :)

Super fun mechanic, I think expanding this more into a full arena complete with upgrades and perhaps some environmental hazards would really take this to the next level. Nice work!

I love the main character so much, I want plushes asap! Agreed on the collision boxes but for the most part, super enjoyable and I'd love to see more development made on this 

The art, the animations, the dialogue, I love it! Something oddly charming about this

I do love voxel art, the animations were super well done too!

Similar issues as mentioned below but I really do hope to see this developed further after the jam! 

It's so damn pretty! Really nice job. Colourful, solid polish and blood splats, you guys should be super proud!

My one criticism would be the controls don't feel all that responsive, something tighter and with more direction control would really benefit a game like this, especially given the size of the 'dungeon rooms' 

Interesting premise though I think you'd benefit from having it just automatically pick up atoms instead of having to press E, perhaps your momentum increasing along with the spawn rate would be a nice touch 

The voice acting and, as mentioned by pepper, playing as a scholar in lieu of a hulking warrior charging along with battleaxes was super refreshing. Really nice work, I do hope to see this carried on. 

One visual note would be to prioritise some tile variation

Those are some spooky dudes! 

Nice work, some pretty cool design there though I think some harsher lighting would really help out (don't forget the ceiling!) 

Naw, this is adorable, I could totally see this being a fun mobile game. Check out The Evolution of Trust (http://ncase.me/trust/)  might be a cool way to add in some type variety. Nice work :) 

It's so pretty! 

I really do hope you carry on developing this, it almost feels like it could be a wonderful diablo-esque immortal redneck hack'n'slash. Nice work! 

Bugs aside, I like what you're going for and the general design is lovely. I agree on the points of movement speed, though I think it'd be nice to introduce some temporary buffs when killing enemies, either in the form of potions or just by walking over them. Good job!

This is so cool! I love it. 
I think the category priority could be simplified as well as having losing cards inflicting say, 50% of their intended damage.

Please develop this more! 

Agreed, those arrows are my bane :( 

The lighting and movement itself does feel pretty nice though, there's something about the zoom in on death that calms me even after many deaths.