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DungeonTracks: In Charms WayView game page

Fast paced twin-stick-dungeon crawler
Submitted by SnailSpace Games — 4 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#14.1254.125
Theme Relevance#94.2504.250

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Host (1 edit)

After playing this for about 15 minutes I was just enjoying how tight the controls felt and how smooth everything felt, I was having a great time. THEN I blew up a wall, making my own paths was so fun and a really nice touch. I also noticed that they're procedural walls! Such a subtle bit of flair but between the hectic gameplay and wonderful lighting, there's so much of this game to love <3 

One small note is to take into account UI scaling, the text was super hard to read on my monitor (2560x1440) 


Hey thank you for playing! We are happy you liked the "digging" mechanic! There is still much untapped potential in this feature  that we may want to explore in a future take on this game (maybe as a full game release sequel ). 

We are currently updating our internal build of the game to incorporate sound, music and ui enhancements including an improved ui font that should fix your (and others) scaling issue (see image below). We will release the update after the jam is over and announce it on the usual social-media channels.

I absolutely loved this game! Mindless shooting, i love it!

Developer (1 edit)

Hey we saw your lets play on  youtube and are glad you liked it!

From what we saw we really need some onscreen overlay to quickly tell people the controls and that the crates, barrels and enemies only drop health when the player is low on health. But we are glad you eventually found out how to shoot the minigun for yourself! Did you later try the charm mechanic with middle mouse? It is great fun also! We will see if we at some point in time iterate on this game idea and make a full game out of it with, though the current DungeonTracks is pretty long as well.

Thank you for recording! 


I like this game because you guys succeeded in things I see so many developers failing, especially in game jams. Your game's mechanics and controls are pretty tight and well made, you put a button to skip the cutscene, and the game is challenging but still fair. And you also gave Linux players some love, thanks for that!

If I'd change something... I'd put the enemies' range just a little bit lower. There were times I was attacked by things I couldn't see. Also you apparently didn't have time to put in SFX and music, I'm looking forward to that.

(I'm just really curious what the Intelligence/Wisdom/Charisma stat upgrades would change).


Developer (1 edit)

Hey thank you for your feedback! :)

We think that if a player spends her/his whole time playing a game in the main-gameloop then the minute-to-minute experience should be as good as possible. So we did optimize gameplay first and everything else last and we are glad that according to you and the other peoples feedback it paid of! :D It also helps that my teammate is a lazy-gamer, meaning that she does not like to put much extra effort to achieve ingame goals and I am an impatient gamer so we do not really like complex controls or forced waiting. With more time we would definitely cut some more menu minutia and shortened the respawn time.

Yes with modern engines like Godot, Unity, GameMaker, Unreal etc. it is a breeze to build an executable for different platforms so why not just do that :D

We will look into the offscreen attacking of enemies, maybe by just allowing enemies we haven't seen yet to only use the small gun. We didn't want to disallow enemies shooting off-screen completely as it could prevent cool chasing moments or enemies bursting through walls from the sides etc.

The stats in a nutshell calculate should be as follows:

damage_main  = base_damage_main  * strength
damage_alt = base_damage_alt * strength
health = base_health * constitution

accuracy_spread_angle_main = from 25° at dexterity 1  to  2.5° at dexterity 10
accuracy_spread_angle_alt = from 15° at dexterity 1  to  4° at dexterity 10

reload_time_main = from  2s at intelligence 1  to  0.5s at intelligence 10
reload_time_alt = from  0.1s at intelligence 1  to  0.075s at intelligence 10

critical_hit_chance = base_critical_hit_chance * wisdom 
with base_critical_hit_chance = 5%

charm_damage = base_charm_damage * charisma
also charisma makes a bigger light radius and more dazzling sparkles on Susi!

and as I made that list right now I noticed that there is a bug in the code that makes reload time dependent on dexterity instead of intelligence. Soooo intelligence is apparently useless at the moment until we fix it yay :D

Anyway ..  as the player will only be level 12ish at the end of the game, I doubt that most of the things like light radius and reload time will be very noticable sadly.  Balancing this system is also a nightmare especially for a game-jam and more especially as the enemies using the same leveling/stats system as Susi. We used this system though as homage to the D&D games.


The controls feel smooth - really like the lighting and nostalgic graphics, and the gameplay is so fun! Looking forward to a version with music and sfx :)


We are glad you liked it and will keep you updated! :D


The graphics are nice, and the gameplay feels just plain awesome. I didn't make it incredibly far, but from what I have seen so far this game is incredibly well polished, challenging, and is quite fun. The only thing I find lacking is well, the absence of any sound in the game, which is a bit disappointing considering the immense quality the rest of the game possesses, nonetheless, I think it is definitely one of the best feeling games I've played in this jam so far :)


Thank you for your great feedback, we are very glad you liked the game-feel! Yes unfortunately we couldn't make sound/music into the game due to lack of time, but we will add it later in post-release :)


The graphics are very good. But I have no sounds. Is it normal ?


Thanks for your feedback! Yes it is normal :D We could not make sound and music in time and instead just put our effort into polish and gameplay. A version with sound and music is coming though . We will announce it in on Twitter under @snailspacegames and update our page accordingly.


I was going to ask the same thing, a pity the game with sounds gains a lot, but I'm glad you polished  the game instead of adding sounds that are somewhat irrelevant to gameplay (not totally but...). Looks and plays awesome!


Yeah it was a hard decision to make. We are glad you had fun though!