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Thank you for your time to play and leave kind comments.

Thank you for playing, and for the compliments! NucMahp, the artist was really great to work with. And yes, sound was a stretch goal, and though I am also a composer, felt it was a better use of time to work at a healthy pace, and focus on polishing the visual presentation and mechanics.

Congrats on the release! Looking forward to play after Global Game Jam :)

Thank you for your kind words and feedback! A funny narrator is a very 'surprising' idea : - )

I think the bloom/radiance of the floor might have been hiding the key, I also had difficulty finding it after I dropped it in the bathroom. Thanks for playing!

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This was surprisingly heart-warming. I love the art and the expansion of the Goldilocks narrative. Working together as a family to throw a surprise party for someone who vandalized their home adds a redeeming depth to this story. Might I ask who did the music?

Nice music! In some scenes it seems impossible to jump over certain platforms.

Very cute and fun! I love the give and take feel of the dogs, you can feel their comedic frantic tension, while the music enhances the colorful springy-ness :)

This idea is so clever to me. I like how this ties so well into the theme and expands on the clicker genre, and ingeniously breaks the 4th wall!

I really enjoyed your game. It was fun attempting to sneak around and outsmart the lizard, and sometimes getting surprised myself!

Very cool, thanks!

Forager (Demo) community · Created a new topic Music?

This is a great game, it is very addictive and I think the music sets the tone well. I just had a question, who is the composer?

The controls feel smooth - really like the lighting and nostalgic graphics, and the gameplay is so fun! Looking forward to a version with music and sfx :)

Wow, I agree that this is impressive that you made this in a week! I kept on getting killed by those wraith sword people. Is there a strategy for not getting killed every time?

Thanks Lucian! I checked out your game Cards Against Dungeons for the Cherry Jam and think it's very cool :)

Hi Vincent, do you still need sound fx or music, or audio implementation for your project?

Hello, I'm a composer and sound designer looking to join a highly motivated team.

I'm skilled in composition, sound design, and audio implementation, and can do some programming. I've worked on Tiler Teller in Unity, which has gone on to be selected in the SAAM Arcade in Washington.

Portfolio for reference -

Send me an email at - if you're interested in collaborating. Thanks

Hello, my name's Aaron, and I'm a Musician and Sound Designer looking for a team. I'm skilled in music, SFX, and implementation, and have previously worked on Tiler Teller in Unity. 

Here's my portfolio -

Email -

Hi, my name is Aaron and I'm a Musician / Sound Designer looking for a serious team. I'm skilled in Music, SFX, implementation and have previously worked on Tiler Teller  in Unity. 

Here is my portfolio -

Hello, my name's Aaron, and I'm a game composer and sound designer from Los Angeles looking to work on some great game projects.

I grew up playing a lot of Japanese games like Super Mario Sunshine, Pikmin, Fire Emblem series, Pokemon series, Final Fantasy VII, and they were my first inspirations. Since then I've had the great privilege of working with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, with two compositions performed at Disney Concert Hall as a part of their composer fellowship program for high school students, and have received a degree in composition from USC's Thornton School of Music. In addition to composition, I also have experience with audio implementation in Unity and Game Maker Studio with Wwise, for which I have certification through Audiokinetic. 

Here is my portfolio for reference -

Please contact me at 

Rates are negotiable.

Thank you!