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A Curious ChristmasView game page

Everyday objects have magical powers
Submitted by randomphantom, Lumoize Arts, liormax, tadashibashi — 4 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme Relevance#43.3643.364
Fun Factor#102.9092.909

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Interesting game! I included it in my GameDevNetwork: The Big Festive Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Oh man, my door is a portal to an island with faceless people? :O :O Nice game here! First time i got stucked due dryer + washing combo, things on one side, me on the other. When I was struggling to open the air vent (searching for anything that could explode), it suddenly open (i think due position of house, right?). Once in the bathroom, the game is near the end. I liked the models and design, its a good game! But the light exposure and those bloom effects almost gave me a headache. Keep doing this!
PS: I returned to my house again once i find the inslad, and when i pass the door it teleported me to a black position, where my character fall til the main menu appears XD.


Do address some of the things, There were two ways to get into the vent. It sound like you found the Upside down option, however the other would involve you using the mobile phone which exploodes. And we forgot to change the bloom before we build the final version so that is something we know needs to be fixed. and the portals are a bit buggy so that explains you falling.

Thanks for playing our game, and thanks for your review!


The art and the music was great! The light intensity a bit high i dropped the key in the bathroom and I lost it. If there was a funny narrator ths game would remind me a christmas version of the stanley parable XD I liked the physics! I don't know if I am the  only one using the cell phone for open the air vent ad accessing the bathroom from there XP On overall good game! Full of surprises! ps nice island tho! :D


Thank you for your kind words and feedback! A funny narrator is a very 'surprising' idea : - )


This was my experience.  With my mouse sensitivity set at a default of 50%, I immediately dropped it to 0 sensitivity.  I may have dropped it further if I could.  It was extraordinarily difficult just to open one and close one drawer - it required hairpin precision.  Since that was annoying, I ignored all the other drawers in the bedroom, and proceeded to the room with the christmas tree, at which point I knocked it over.  Then, I remembered I could drag and drop gifts, so I clicked on some of them.  Didn't really know what I was doing.  So, I went for another door - in the process, I apparently clicked a couch cushion, even though I didn't really feel like I clicked anything.  In short, the difficulty of simple actions (such as opening drawers) prevented me from investigating anything, at which point, maybe I'd figure out what I was supposed to be doing, but I gleaned in the comments below that there's no point in this game - "The game was just about messing around."


for the drawers I'm kind of surprised that it required precision, although the  hit boxes aren't very precise  for some of them (not directly on the drawer, and only the top drawer is accessible). Agree that might be confusing to use though. Main goal is to figure out a way to get out of the house. Sounds like it wasn't a great experience but thanks for the feedback anyways!


I felt very dizzy after playing, maybe because the camera shifts so fast and the object just started flying around randomly inside the room after you release clicking. Also, I didn't get what the game is about. The only thing that happens is the lamp jumping all over the place while the bed enlarging and shrinking, which in itself is a surprise at first.

Aside from those things, nice art-style and thanks for the amazing music and sound effect! Overall a good experience, except for the dizziness. :)


Hey, thanks for playing the game and being honest with your review.

The game was just about messing around. The goal of the game was to make it outside the house, which you could use all the whacky items for. From the sounds of it, It does not sound like you made it out of the bedroom, but I could be wrong. However if that is the case, use the "e" button to interact with the door to make it outside the bedroom and explore the house. also, be sure to check the drawers for items to help you.

And as for the dizzying effect... yeah that was an issue. We were not quite sure how to fix that. but again, thanks for playing!


Honesty is the best policy :) it is the quickest way for us to improve. Yeah, I didn't make it out the bedroom, I was busy trying out all the stuffs inside the bedroom and didn't think of checking out the door, honestly I thought the game is all happening just inside the room. But maybe you could communicate the goal of the game better next time.

Good job anyway with the game!


I lost the key I think U.U

My mind can't even comprehend what was going on. All I can say is that that was a powerful washing machine. Good job on the game... maybe a little too much bloom though


I think the bloom/radiance of the floor might have been hiding the key, I also had difficulty finding it after I dropped it in the bathroom. Thanks for playing!


Many surprises indeed. Sadly, I couldn't finish the game because I was bugged through the house floor and fell down? Which just added to the surprise.

Nice background theme, overall very fun play!


Oh Boy that was interesting. i really loved the puzzle especially when the whole house started rotating. scary. :D! The artstyle was great too! The controls feel a bit clunky at times, but it didnt matter too much. So far the most Original Submission ive seen yet! Keep it up!