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Funny. :) Managed to wrap 70 gifts at least..

Aw, really cute characters :)

I couldn't get beyond the third platform sadly :<

Cool visuals, a bit short though! I love the cover!

Looks fun, but I went up the stairs and fell off the map. :D

Cute! :D Very impressive that you made this in 24 hours!

I died! Still a cool game :D 

Funny! I didn't get that the holes in the wall were dangerous, too.. :'(

Cool background visuals - have you thought about using parallax to make it more lively? :)

Needs a bit more work, I broke the game on several occasions. :-) Still, keep going! I recommend not wrapping the game in an installer so that you can try it out more quickly.

Many surprises indeed. Sadly, I couldn't finish the game because I was bugged through the house floor and fell down? Which just added to the surprise.

Nice background theme, overall very fun play!

Was very fun to play! Cool idea! I especially liked the feeling of being chased while still having an actual chance of getting away.

Cute premise and cute visuals. :-) I found the 2D controls to be very snappy but had problems when it turned 3D, sometimes I fell down because I couldn't quite tell how my  hitbox was configured.

Theme relevance right on! However, I found it a little bit too difficult and it got frustrating for me because I almost never managed to raise the Pain-O-Meter to a significant amount. D: As mentioned, an indicator predicting where Donny will fall would really help :)

I really likes this one very much. :) A small bug report: The "Hammers" that try to push you at the beginning don't seem to have a hitbox? I could walk right through them. 

Sadly, I couldn't start the game (black screen). However, the music I heard was nice, and the screenshots tell of really good visuals!

Nice sprites! But the game jam theme is not really expressed. :)

Fun, but yeah, a little short ( I finished it in about 2 minutes) and the theme relevance could be conveyed a little better. Nevertheless good job!

I might add that some visual reaction to taking damage would add a lot to the feel :)

The game did not start :<


Very cool and atmospheric particle effects. The tranquil music fits the style very well!

Cool artwork! Soundtrack is a little bit repetitive though and there doesn't seem to be a real goal yet. :-) Also, a little bit of information about what you have to do would be useful after the game has started. Keep going!

Cool CRT-Style! :D Very nice puzzle game! The ability to spawn your two companions in different odering really adds a perfect amount of brain spice. :3

Cool, unique visuals, nice voice acting, fun while very short game. :-) Especially cool how Daniel Smith's look follows the cursor. :D

Nice track and the visuals look promising too, however, I could only play it at about 1 fps using an AMD RX 480 + Phenom II 1090T. :D

Fitting, unique art, cute animations! I also like how the music is relaxing and a little chilling at the same time. However, as the game world is very small, it lacks a bit of replay value.

Funny, simple game. :-)

Unique gameplay idea! I like the simplicity of the core idea that has the potential to make for a complex challenge. I also agree that some track variation would be a great improvement!