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Didn't expect to play a pinball game here, and the sudden addition of a new ball, haha you got me surprised there!

The only thing that I would like to change is making the gap between the paddle smaller. I lost a bunch of times, or maybe I'm just not good at pinball? :)

Game is pretty polished, game play is simple yet fun. Overall, great submission!

Some minor issues :)
When I hug the wall, I can see through the Unity's default skybox. Which itself is not a very bad thing, but it's just nicer if the players don't see that. 
Though I understand the surprise element in the game, it feels like it is still not a complete game yet because it doesn't come with a goals and challenges other than running around and shooting zombies. Maybe putting a little challenge for a single level may make the game feel more complete.

But overall, it's a good submission for a game jam! Also, nice job with the controls of the game! It is the first submission with first-person camera that doesn't make me feel dizzy. .. :)

Honesty is the best policy :) it is the quickest way for us to improve. Yeah, I didn't make it out the bedroom, I was busy trying out all the stuffs inside the bedroom and didn't think of checking out the door, honestly I thought the game is all happening just inside the room. But maybe you could communicate the goal of the game better next time.

Good job anyway with the game!

Thanks for the feedback Ian! It's apparent that we lack in environment art. :)

Thanks for playing the game! Hope that you enjoyed it.

Nice little strategy game there! It doesn't look like a fast-paced game at first, but I was wrong, haha. It was only until I read the description of the game that I understood what's going on. :) Maybe a good in-game description or tutorial will help a lot for future players. Some tweaks that could make an improvement to the game-play is adjusting the gold needed to build stuff and shoot, adding health to the base, etc.

Overall, it is a very good game!

P.S. Yup, I think it can be a good little mobile game, but of course it needs more polishing and some more contents. :)

I felt very dizzy after playing, maybe because the camera shifts so fast and the object just started flying around randomly inside the room after you release clicking. Also, I didn't get what the game is about. The only thing that happens is the lamp jumping all over the place while the bed enlarging and shrinking, which in itself is a surprise at first.

Aside from those things, nice art-style and thanks for the amazing music and sound effect! Overall a good experience, except for the dizziness. :)

Haha, nice concept there, although I don't think this is considered a game because there's no goals, rules, or challenges. But that aside, I love the atmosphere of just sitting beside the window with relaxing music. The idea of being able to view different cities at once is out of the world. It's more like a piece of interactive art for me rather than a game, but it's still amazing nonetheless! 

A really nice submission! I enjoyed playing the game though I got very dizzy because of the screen-shake of the shotgun. I wonder if this game is inspired by Vlambeer's games. :)

It's very hard to get to the upper platform. When the flood started, I just couldn't get up and get killed every time. I still don't know what will happen if all the machines are operated though. But nice touch with the warning, it did give me a surprise factor and prompt me to act quicker.

My suggestions for the game, please tone down the screen-shake a bit. And polish on the platforming more.

Seriously though, nice artwork and sound, this is a very polished game for a game jam!

Really great visuals there. Unfortunately, the game feels very "laggy" for me. And also, although the control is simple, it is so hard to maneuver the vehicle. For example, once you hit a wall, you have to go backwards, but after that, it's hard for me to go forward again. 

Just for a bit of improvement, I think first improve upon the control and make it intuitive. And then maybe optimize the game so that it doesn't feel laggy.

But you did capture the feeling of Christmas very well with the art style, great job!

Thanks for the comment.

If you walk up close enough to the rabbit and suddenly appear in front of him, the rabbit will be slightly surprised. That's why you can scare him.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the comment, glad that you enjoyed it!

Maann.. I really hope to play more of this game. It's okay, I accepted the cake.

Here's my only suggestion for the game: there needs to be a visual indicator for objects that can be interacted with. Other than that, I really hope to enjoy the finished story. Overall, cool submission! Cheers!

Thank you for the nice comment, ^.^! Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for the suggestion! "Fast-forward through wall of text feature" - noted.

Thanks for the comment and suggestions! We'll make sure to tone down the text on the next game/jam. Also, I learn that players want to see/get feedback from every action they choose. Again, thanks for the suggestion!

Sometimes, I am shown the wrong ranking. Other than that, really nice submission!

Really cool game!

Here's some suggestions from me to improve the game:

  • Objects that can be "lasered" should have different visuals.
  • Cancelling the laser should be made immediately after right-click has been pressed, to make the gameplay smoother.
  • Enable camera panning so that players can look ahead a few meters (or whatever the dimensions in the game) than the enemies. It feels impossible to pass the boss when I played it.

Hopefully, you will continue to work on the game or at least polish the game a bit more before starting on a new project. I feel that this can be a great game when polished. Cheers!

Fun game! I enjoyed playing it.

I really like the gameplay and the soundtrack in this game! Apart from the lag, this was a very great submission! Great job! I hope you fix this issue soon, looking forward to play the finished game!

Thanks for the feedback SplitHare! I will definitely put the code at some other places other than the exit door for polished updates.

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I have already checked your game bro! All the issues I have are already mentioned by someone in the comment section. You did a very great job. I hope you polish on Delusions more, especially the controls, before starting a new project. Cheers!

Thanks for the feedback DemonCow! I really forgot to include "L" button on the destination door. So, thanks for mentioning!
Also, I will try to implement enemy's view next.

Good job on your first game in just 2 days! The game is very hard because you have no sense of knowing where you're standing. I think with a little bit more time, the game will be more fun.

Thanks for the feedback Janikus!

At first, I deliberately opted out mouse control for this game so that players do not have to move their hands. I am not sure using mouse will help players with the game feel. But I will try to implement it and see how it feels.
I definitely agree with the "detectable zone" concept for the tutorial level though.

I will definitely polish the game a bit more, so thanks for the feedback, ^.^

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Any feedback will be highly appreciated, ^.^

Thanks for playing!

Hi Vince!
Seems like we have a similar game idea. I just finished prototyping my game without putting any artwork. We both still have a long way to go. Let's do our best!

Hi everyone!

Here's my progress for the spotlight video.

It seems that everyone here has done the artwork. Got a long way to go!

Happy weekend!