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Game Jam Progress - Post here! Sticky

A topic by Matthewpalaje created Jul 14, 2017 Views: 6,604 Replies: 304
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Hey everyone! In this topic, post pictures and links to videos on your game jam projects! Each week of the jam I'll try do a mini spotlight video to show off the work being done here.

If you'd like to be in the mini spotlight video make sure to post a short 20 second YouTube video of your game. This will allow me to spend minimal time in editing. 

To post a picture follow these steps:
-Put your image onto Imgur:
-Right click on the image 
-Press copy link address
-Paste that link into your comment 

Great! Iยดm willing to participate in this jam :P


I'm up for it. Maybe more than 4 people will actually look at what I'm doing this time and vote...... Or not!

I've been working on the game engine since the mirror jam. It's got new lighting, and texturing this time round...

still cooking the textures. but shown above are 3 32x32pixel character textures (using different model colours) plus a new fluid shader I'm working on.

Work on models

very low poly, but using textures this time around

Character base design

First shot of the new engine:

I'm aiming for a rock solid 60fps.

The engine now has dynamic lighting and weird shadow casters and cube maps. You can see in the above image the lighting and shadow debug images top left.

So in the above shot you can see some trees and a torch stand with dynamic particle fire.

Everything is custom written. there is no unity, no unreal, no 3dsmax or maya


can already see that you've used one of your tilesets . Its looking great

(1 edit) (+1)

it's all a work in progress. Just took time off to work on the title, logo and icon

but this is a test of character design:

It's sort of 2d in 3d.

If you look closely at the archway you can see the floor textures being re-used as stone textures


I love the style, this looks awesome! reminiscent of paper mario.


 I like the stands on the chars, fond tabletop gaming memories :)

Progress for me is pretty slow so far, but this is my first game jam and i'm proud of this so far. this is my main character, Russ and his house. I just finished creating that seamless grass texture and will be moving on to texturing the house and then creating more props.


I really like the character design. 

Thanks! That was my first focus, I have a few more characters that will be in the game as well, I havn't modeled or animated them yet though.

I had to google Paper Mario (I haven't played it), but yep, there are definite visual similarities. (Note to self: Don't try and copy Paper Mario, lol).

I like your grass texture - making repeating textures that don't 'jump' or have seams is not an easy task, Keep up the great work :)

Thank you! It was my first time ever making a texture(i'm new to everything about game development) but I spent a really long time on it.

for todays pic. I thought I'd show something completely different...

work in progress from paper idea to 3d:

This will be the 'Nomicron', a triptych containing 'stuff'. don't know what stuff, but it will be the base portal into the game, a sort of magic box of things.

What is nice is this gives everyone an idea of how simple the models are. I haven't even thought about how it will all fit together yet, but you can see the hinges and how the box is supposed to work...

Cant wait to see this in action!

Just starting to create some very basic assets to prototype the level design :

(1 edit)

This is my early prototype. When the theme was announced the first game that came into my mind was a RPG call Half Minute Hero. I therefore decided to try recreating the game mechanic and see how to go from there.

The game now basically have a timer that count down from 30 sec. The player have to kill the Boss enemy before the timer reach zero or else the game will reset from and the player have to start over.

I though it was simple but I encounter lot of problems to go from world screen to combat screen. I want to keep the world scene in the background. I am using Unity and Playmaker visual scripting. I can't really do much coding in C# as I am not a programmer.

This basic prototype is still incomplete. When done, I would see whether to add something unique, improve or scrap the whole thing and redo with a new idea.

Thank you.


Great start, so much progress.

This looks great so far!

(4 edits)

decided to spend the 1st week on art and the 2nd two on code. this is progress for day 3. the art was made in blender, rendering without antialiasing and toon shaders to get that pixel art effect

I love the pandas!

thanks :D 

though im more of a penguin fan > . >

PAAANNDAAAA! That's it you're top of my tree now!


Complete beginner here. I'm really struggling with creating assets and art. That looks freaking amazing. Is that 3D or is it a 2D render of a 3D model?

thanks man :D its 2D render of 3D objects
thanks man :D its 2D render of 3D objects
Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Day 1 down!

So I have a game idea, basically a procedurally generated zelda dungeon, with a key room, boss room, 30 seconds to get through it but each enemy you kill, add time, each time you get hit, remove time, you die when the timer hits 0.

I'm a little concerned the idea isn't very unique, but it does give me an opportunity to play with procedural level design.

I spent the night brute forcing a level generator, I'm sure there's better less error prone ways of doing it but here's what 50 runs gave me with 10 tile dungeons, key placed in the back half of the tiles.  (The green tile is the player spawn, gold is the key room, red is the boss room, black with normal enemy spawns).

I'll spend some more time on the algorithm tomorrow but barring a few bugs I can see (boss room isn't always last) etc. I'll build some place holder rooms and generate actual maps this week, I should be starting player controls and enemy ai this weekend. So each room will be a designed  puzzle but the overall map is procedural. I'll post more details in the  discord unity channel if anyone's interested. 


Awesome! Zelda-style games are my favorite!

 I love procedurally generated dungeons ! I would like to try it too but it's hard to actually get something to work xD

I can't wait to see what you'll do and hope to get something decent for myself haha !


My 2nd update, I've created trees and multiple textures. I've also done work on the controller and animations for Russ.

Great low poly tree. watch the scaling though. might look better a bit smaller?

Also check the shadow on the man. looks a little like he is hovering. Not sure what the shadow controls are called. but in 3dsmax it was 'Bias'


I thought for todays pic I'd show something moving....

I now need to start work on writing a timeline control. at the moment the opening is controlled by the x mouse position


That is great :)


Starting a bit late, but focusing on the common phrase of "This time or less or its free!" for pizza delivery services, and thought it'd be funny if that time was 30 seconds. So, you quest is to make the customers pay for their food with your quickness. 

Spent most of my time today getting the movement feeling right and making some obstacles to test the physics on. This is just a test level as of now, but should give a feel for the style of the game.

Will work on setting up the 30 second timer tommorow, as well as the end goal and possibly some puzzle objects.

(1 edit) (+2)

So todays (no moving) pic is related to time - I know all of the stuff I've got is very (i'm not sure) low poly - realism?

But if you only have 30 seconds, then you are going to need some way to see the time. I like the thought of the bell going nuts when time up up....

You can actually see the room everything is in this time as well, although it is a little dark.


Skeleton enemy for my game.  Hope it's going well for everybody! :D

nice! give it a bow and an arrow and itl be complete ;)

Hehe, nice reference and thanks! :P But yes, inspired by Minecrafts artstyle :)
I'm thinking of making two type, one melee and one with bow & arrows :P

awesome :D

Very nice.


Day 2:

Merged the level generation into creating a 3d map.

I'm just adding doors to intersecting rooms and walls to non-intersections. I'll modify this to add some walls to non-critical paths. Then move on to enemies on the weekend. I'm not 100% tied to the 3d levels though. I'm a really poor 3d artist so we'll see where I land.


The game shouldn't have the rooms be colored so that you have to discover which room has the key. Great work!


oh no they won't, everything's just place holders so I can see what the generation will look lile


First time creating a game and first time modelling without a tutorial; I'll try to finish it tomorrow:

Looks awesome so far!


first sneak peak ;)


i just realized. i have already lost.

Why's that?


i'm a really bad programmer xD

I want to know why you think that too, this looks awesome !


i'm a bad programmer!!!

So am I, so just have to make the artwork that much better to compete! I think even just the particles I saw there makes your prototype look great! I'm having issues now of converting my original idea into a game, the whole scenario i have set myself in in awkward, but hey thats why i'm here, to fall into traps and learn how to get out of them and better myself doing so!

You can do it !
Programming is an art, that every1 can learn, and tehre are tons of tutorials and forum posts, which can help you onto your specific problem :)


Hope you are still around! We are all rooting for you!


i am i am...


I like the wall tiles




Early version of player's apartment. It will be some kind of hub, so after every mission the player will come back here and from there he can choose the next mission/quest.

Now I'm prototyping core mechanics of the game. After that i can finally make a simple level to see what will work in it with that mechanics.

looks really slick!

OMG. That's a well cool looking room. Unreal?


Unity :)

Amazing :o


That's awesome man. good luck


love  the minimalism! Seems like an apartment I would love to live in!

Day 2, lets have another animated pic...

This shows 4 'tiles', one is a glowing red fluid and 2 have torches with particle fire added along with lighting, etc

If you look closely you can see the multi-show system casting shadows and moving as the light moves.

Currently working on the timeline system - still no game yet though.....


looks awesome.

(1 edit) (+1)

So today i start off with the Game Jam. Came up with some cool ideas over the last days. Unfortunately Matthew had the same basic idea. SO i will see how i'm going to make my game unique. The following picture is just a simple 2min voxel of one of my levels, to get the idea how i want to make it.

Good luck everyone !


looks cool.


I love the voxel waterfall! have you considered a few different coloured blocks in there to add some variation?

Thanks :)

and of course. This is just a miniature of the level, so later when the level is done in its' real version, i will have different colors :)

Today I managed to get something coherent when generating a level. Nothing fancy but it's a good start.


i don't even know how to do that

ok. I'm assuming you have a basic array. 1(start),2(room),3(keyroom),4(room),5(room),6(boss)

this always gives you a linear progression 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6

randomly pick from 3 to max-1 (3,4,5) and make it connect to two rooms previous. E.G.

room 3 is connected to room 1 and NOT room 2 (a branch)

This would give you some variance and not a linear progression (and more interesting to play)

That's a good idea Adam :) I'll see how I could create branching paths. I wish I could create loops as well but I don't think I'd get the time ^^' For now I just try to create a Mall (not a dungeon) and the game would be about finding the toilets in less than 30 seconds because you've eaten a bad burrito or something xD

Submitted (1 edit)

Come on show us completed dungeons. Can't wait to see it!

(1 edit) (+2)

Day 2 of creation: Finished my character mesh and have rigged it. There are some ugly problems that I'm not sure how to fix but they are not game breaking so not too important.


Would love to see an update of this guy in a game engine! You got us all rooting for you!

Deleted 3 years ago

Wow really great work here!


Bugger - that's good! I'm going home...

Well done looks really good :)



There. There.

hahah wow wow wow :) this looks fun! great work!


Thanks, demo is coming out soon.

Looks super awesome! 

Are there a deadline for uploading a 20-second clip for this week?

(1 edit)

Thanks!  I don't know if there is a deadline or not.


Loving the graphics! Controls look tight as well!

If I may give a suggestion, AI will be very important as it is make or break whenever you have hordes of enemies. See left 4 dead and FEAR. What makes them so much fun is that the enemies spread properly and work together against you. They will try to surround, and they will try to get around cover. Look at Swarm AI and Utility AI methods.

Thank you.  Yes, I agree.  The AI needs lots of work.

(1 edit)

Well I think I'm pretty far behind some... but i spent most of today with some light coding and a butt load of prop modeling XD.  no textures yet (not even unwrapped) but its progress! 

Very nice.  Unwrapping UVW's is the best part!  lol  .... not.

Yeah. Doesnt help that i dont fully know what im doing >.< but thats never stopped me before! lol


Progress was made over the weekend, actually have a game now. Have basic follow enemies, sword attacks, item pick ups (right now just another copy of sword), tied to secondary mouse, key with a lock on the boss door, adding and removing time on hit/enemy kill. Most of the programming work is out of the way, so now's my arduous task of 3d modelling. 

Next will be other weapons, enemies and bosses.
Submitted (2 edits)

Very Zelda like! I like it. Give us some good puzzles!

What a cool way to handle random generation for game jams! My issue with random maps is that they always take so long to get right and which makes you settle on "good enough" when you run out of time. Your way gets rid of all the stuff that goes wrong like corners, hallways, etc! Good thinking

Preview for this week:

Didn't come as far as I hoped, but some simple mechanics are implemented along with some nice models with animation. Next week, I will focus on implementing the combat system which will become important.  As of now the player can only run and collect these chalices, which is a placeholder for various loot within the dungeon. The goal will be to collect this loot while fighting off the monsters in the dungeon. The loot can be used to buy upgrades etc. after the 30 second dungeon run.


Looks great! I really like the art style.

Thank you! Hopefully I can also make the gameplay fun - there is not so much right now, but there will be!


Love the skeletons! Makes me with I did my game in 3D ๐Ÿ˜‘

Will there be combat or is it more a frantic puzzle game?

There will be combat. I'm inspired by Heretic and  Hexen, so it's going to be simple like that :)


This is what ive done so far

Looks good! Seems like you've come pretty far already :)


looks good!

Maybe either have more keys or mark the key chests differently so players have to decide whether to go for more chests or not.  Give them something to think about ๐Ÿ˜‚

By the way those numbers following you are absolutely spooky!


update 2

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

My progress so far :D I know this isn't 20 seconds long and it isn't on youtube so I completely understand if this doesn't get put in the spotlight.

EDIT: Shorter, 20 seconds, clip showing new mechanics 


Awesome, looks really good :D


How does the game work? Looks like something I'd love to play!


The mechanics of the tiles are detailed in the Tumblr post I linked. Essentially you use WASD or the arrow keys to slide the player character into tiles. Doing so allows you to pickup items, attack enemies or trigger special effects (eg lightning storm). If you are not currently on a quest, a quest tile will spawn which once used gives you 30 seconds to complete a tasks. Completing quests is currently the only way to increase your score.

Rather long but hope that helps :D


it's something... yay?

Cool, looks retro.  What's your 30 second quest?

Oh, forgot about that it was going to be like an objective list in the mission and you have 30 seconds for each (so that the missions can be longer than 30 seconds)


So (after a weekend break) here's todays WIP Pic:

alarm clock in the background showing time ticking down and yep the clock goes nuts...

'red' things are a test of 3d clicking. possibly how you will place tiles. but not sure yet.

And centre is a card! Originally these were going to be 2d. but I decided on 3d with hand drawn 2d graphics. they fit much better using this style...

I like the fact they are hand drawn but NOT flat. they have a lovely 3d quality to them. Not sure how they will all fit together though

Submitted (1 edit)

The cards do look nice. How did you paint them, Krita?m

By the way you are crazy for attempting a custom engine ๐Ÿ˜‚ Good luck to you!

originally they were done in photoshop as 2d art. I was going to use the same system here, but went totally 3d. I took the 2d elements I previously did and added them to my 3d asset sheet. All the graphics are a single 64x64pixel sprites packed into 16x16 (256 in all). I use some custom shaders to decide which is the starting graphic and the size and width.

I also used a custom written sprite editor to draw some of the the other textures. There is a custom 3d app that takes everything and also allows me to create lowpoly models and texture map them very fast.

The shaders also allow me to use different colours when rendering so most of the graphics are in grey. Using this way means I can use the same graphics in different colours giving totally unique looks without loads more work

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

This is a month-long game jam, so we thought to go a bit ambitious:
So here are the first screenshot of our WIP Multiplayer Roguelike ARPG!

The theme of this jam is 30 second quest. We are thinking to have dungeon environments be filled with Aether, which is toxic to humans. If you breath it in for more than 30 seconds you start taking very rapid damage. However, you can hold it off using certain artifacts, spells, abilities, and items. This adds another level of strategic thinking to the mix.

The game will play sort of Dark Soul-sy in its pacing. You really have to think about attacks, and when to defend. Difficulty is definitely something we are focusing on in terms of balance. There will be a need to learn enemy attack patterns. On the art, a lot of focus is being put on enemies telegraphing their attacks.

Art style is rather simple at the moment. The minimalism is real in this one! We have not done our "beautification" yet, but we will be keeping this simple style. It simplifies animation, content creation, and eliminates the need for up/down animation (because of a lack of legs).

At the moment, we are working on the base systems, then finishing the town, then we will be working on dungeons. Still undecided if we will be tackling random dungeon generation or PCG for this jam. One month is still too short!

Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Looks Awesome, can't wait to see the final game

(2 edits) (+1)

More Update Finally made my character >.< Not as good as i hoped but he's rigged and ready to animate :D yay! 


he looks absolutely evil ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


Looks sick. gj! 


So. Todays WIP Pic is all about cards...

You can see the card edges have grown a bit.

This is all still in dev, but there are 2 different 3d views being used; one for the table and one for the cards - think 2 camera being used at the same time.

You can also see the cards rotating around the z axis giving a feel that they are 3d and not flat.

It's sorta coming together a bit now...

Awesome! little lost in the explanation but looks good thats for sure! (will probably understand it once i play? >.>)


so todays WIP pic is animated... Yay!

I think you get the idea, but... if you don't. There are 5 cards, select a card and it becomes highlighted and the possible positions are also shown in red on the table.



Looks awesome!

We got a bit of a late start, but finally have something to show for Week 1:

Our game will be a mobility-based platformer with the goal of combining various mobility abilities (wall jump, dash, double jump, etc.) to go through an environment in less than 30 seconds. Simple, we know, but we want to focus on execution.

Since music needs to be self made this time around, I tried my hand at layering various tracks according to player actions, and it sounds quite nice.

Submitted (3 edits)

Update on my multiplayer roguelike:

Implemented enough to show.  Not yet enough to be a viable game :D

I've put a proof of concept server up, mainly to test network code.

Feel free to play around with it!

WSAD - Move

Left click - Main hand item use

Right click - Offhand item use

I - Inventory

Esc - Disconnect

HEAD SOUTH to enter dungeon

(EDIT: POC 2 posted, location update bugfix)

"file isnt here any more" :C


Whoops! Must have dropped the file by mistake. No worries newest build going up in a couple of hours and it's muuuuuuch better ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


I hope next post will be a video with our prototype already working. Some fun with Isometric Graphics :D


hey Xuti!

Just a small suggestion, classic isometric perspective is slightly different. There are a bunch of documents about it online (ideal angles etc)

Would help to make it look even more awesome!

Hi HeyKarakItsAli

Thanks for your message.

Actually, for the graphis, Im using as reference this ( (aka, True Isometric), but the camera isnt in  the right place yet! :D But will be very soon (I hope this weekend).

Since I'm still working on the basic mechanics of the game, I did not pay much attention to that.

Next week, I'm posting the first prototype of the game and I encourage you to play and tell me where I can improve, including the isometric look. Lol

Thank you for your consideration!


Update 2,3 levels and a menu shown


Cool! Can't wait to play it!


Todays WIP is also animated and is about movement:

It basically shows room cards. pick a room card and a position. The room tile drops into position and the figure moves.

This is the base core concept finished. it's in a very raw state, but shows the idea behind it.

The movement was achieved by using a timeline system

Lots more work to be done......


Hey! It's an actual video of the thing I'm working on. Whaaaaaaat.


Awesome!!! Looks like so much fun! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Latest footage, for the spotlight!

I know I promised to keep the server up, but currently we have some game breaking bugs. Once they are fixed (a day or two) will push up a public version!

Special thanks to these great people for joining in the test:


End of week WIP. We've got movement....!

The time now counts down only at certain times when you have to make a decision. So you have 30 seconds to get from the 'start' to the 'end'

Lots missing at the moment. to do with enemies, treasure. but the basics is now functioning and playable

Pretty neat :) cant wait to see how it turns out! lots of time left!


Been keeping an eye on your progress posts, things really are starting to come together. Can't wait to see the final version!

thanks guys. working hard to get it all done ;)


Hope you enjoy my game jam project.


I tried my own take on the super hot video matthew made. Added a cooldown and I think it looks cool with the sewer vibe of the game.


Definitely looks cool! I went for a Superhot vibe as well!


The first level of my game from start to finish. Any feedback would be awesome.


Looks great. I like the use of lightning




Looks awesome! I have lanterns to light flames in my game too haha!

Starting to kind of look like a thing i guess?  haha sorry long way to go ~.~ 


Hi Vince!
Seems like we have a similar game idea. I just finished prototyping my game without putting any artwork. We both still have a long way to go. Let's do our best!

Haha yeah. wish i would have hashed out some more of the code before >.< need to revisit the character model and make more animations n such as well :c games are alot of work!!! lol. thanks for chiming in! my posts have been pretty quiet >.< was worrysome


Just submitted my entry, hopefully no one finds a bug, played it so much trying to find them myself.


Props Color'did (probably going to need more props later but this is a good start i think)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice work!


Just finished a rough pass of the character, going for the Journey style with lots of cloth physics.

Is that made in unity

Yeah Unity is by far my favorite for these types of things


Hi everyone!

Here's my progress for the spotlight video.

It seems that everyone here has done the artwork. Got a long way to go!

Happy weekend!


Been cleaning up robed characters. First time ever making my own game characters in blender and loving it so far.

(1 edit)

oooh, These look excellent. very atmospheric with the sun behind them and the glowing eyes.


That's creepy as hell. Good work.

super excellent! Really want to learn cloth in unity. do you have any recommendations for tutorials?

Todays WIP pic

The game finally has a quest: Get the 8 relic pieces!

so... 30 seconds to get in and then 30 seconds to get out, what could be more simple?


Detail pass and bug fixes! I meet with my team tomorrow to talk about settings and then I'll be level designing and creating assets in earnest.

Looks like its gonna be load of fun :) how many do you have on your team? 


I have a writer and a musician on my team!


Hey Guys, just a quick video update on my progress the video is just a quick run through of one of the levels, still plenty to go but doing what i can in the time i can put in. still needing to do animations first time ever doing them in blender. also need to implement the damage system, music and make many many more assets.

wow :) really like the look of this. Can't wait to see how far you take it ^^


Hey everyone! Your games are looking amazing, great job and I can't wait to play them. The spotlight video is up. If I missed any games posted in the last 5 hours they will be in the next spotlight video :)


everybody has made so much progress :(

uuuugggghhhh spent way too long getting the camera to function the way i wanted it to :C nearly half the day!!!! but its doing now so thats good lol. (super newb at programming) 

Newho. progress for the weekend! 


Hard work pays off Vince, no matter how long it takes you! Camera movement looks great btw!

Thanks :) appreciate the kind words. Little over my head when it comes to coding.

Agreed, the camera works really well. I love the way the lamp stays on when it's knocked over as well. Getting your head around 3d vectors and cameras and stuff is not simple stuff. You look like your getting there. Half a day is not slow to make this jump ;)

Remember. even if it's not (strictly right) go by the way it works and how it looks to you. My cameras are completely NOT right, so I adjusted everything so you don't know they are not right. Much quicker than trying to work out where I went wrong. Time is a bit more precious with game jams...

Keep up the great work.

Thanks! yeah by the time i figured it out i was like... man i should have just rigged it to look like it was working >.< could have used that time on some game play changes that i want to add. oh well here to learn right! :D


I'm a week behind , but I finally made A LOT of progress this weekend!!! FINALLY lol Here are some screens! :)

Superhot is my inspiration, yes...
Screen 2
Screen 3
There's a lot more going on than just Superhot time physics! lol

woah woah :) this looks great! cant wait to play! keep it up! ^^


Thanks Vince! :) I spent most of Sunday making the outdoor assets. I still have more to make, but I don't want to spend too much more time on assets lol


For Todays WIP. It's the base GUI

You can see there is a top line with you health (hearts) the clock and how much gold you have collected.

Looks like there is something strange going on with the Relic Card as well...

i dunno about any1 else :o but i am super impressed by this XD looks really good! what are you making this in?

(1 edit)

2 answers for this one.

1. It's made in a new language called Monkey2 - a version of basic that is compiled down into c++.

2. currently monkey2 3d is being developed, so all of this is actually custom programmed from scratch in OpenGL. That includes the 3d editors and everything else. I'm sort of working with a new timeline system I'm working on to provide lots of interaction and animation. I also did all the particle stuff, etc, so there is nothing that is actually used off the shelf.

Here's a current pic of the animated lighting for the Battle Arena

I know it looks a bit dark, but it's a work in progress...

Woah i barely understood any of that. :) way over my head. very cool sir.

thoroughly impressed. 

And here im struggling to use unity XD

Unity and Unreal are excellent packages. just take everything one step at a time. it will all suddenly 'click' for you ;)


Todays WIP is the Battle Arena. anytime you meet a monster, you do battle!

The cards change to the battle deck. Still working out how the cards will operate but i really like the concept of there being a single 'fatal' card in the deck. if you get that it will give you a fatal blow to your opponent.

(1 edit) (+1)

Here's a much more interesting dev pic:

This is me trying to work out how you will fight battles, what the cards will be how they will integrate, etc.

From this You can probably surmise that there will be a deck of cards, which are dealt out each round. The deck will have battle and shield cards plus one fatal card.

You play a card, they are compared and someone wins the round and someone looses a heart life. continue until one of you is dead - hopefully not you!

This would also mean (much later on) there could be different decks, or deck building?


hi guys!

me and my friend started last week during our free time. Now that he finished his studies, we can push the game forward. so far, we made a design that both of us agreed on and will start doing the gameplay mechanics.

here's our progress

GIF here:

sweet! like the transparency shift thing (in the gif) whats it gonna be about?

(2 edits)


we're still playing around on the mechanics and story but the idea is that you will fight a boss for 30 seconds(borrowed time) and the time resets for you to buy powerups and equipment until you beat the boss. we love making the concept of a time paradox thing in which it changes the fate of the future by altering something in the past

very nice looking sprites - they have a real personality about them :)


Final one for the day - and animated.

this shows the Battle Arena and battle cards. in the distance you can see that the enemy has already placed a water shield card. so if we played anything with water it would be shielded!

in essence the card system is nonoperational with a proper ransomed shuffle, pick from the top, etc. this is all being done in the background. the visuals will now need to match.... <grins>

aaahhh!!! man :) this looks so good. cant believe you've done all this in such a short amount of time XD

LOL, still lots to do to get it all working.

Heres a TIP for you:

Lets assume we have 2 modes ( play and battle ).

and we have a boolean IsInBattle:bool (yes/no variable) to decide which mode we are in.

instead of using a bool, use a float. and check for <=0 is in play >= 1 is in battle.

You now have a slider which you can use to morph/fade/do some transition between play and battle.

wow that is a really neat tip. i rely heavily on if statements and bools because im so new to coding XD thanks for the new idea!


I usually use a _gameMode:int to decide what I am doing. but I found that a lot of it became time based, so instead of GAMEMODE_PLAY and GAMEMODE_MENU I needed GAMEMODE_MENUTOPLAY, etc

You then end up with a lot of big case/switch/if statements to pick which mode you are in.

Currently everything is being controlled by time and timelines. I trigger a timeline and it returns a value from 0 to 1. 0 being one state 1 being another state. everything in between is some form of transition.

E.G. I am currently going from play into battle modes. and just set a transition for 2 seconds. but it was too long, so I kept tweeting the timing variable until it felt 'right' As it is time based, it will run the same on any platform or computer.

Think of it as sort of invisible events. You can trigger a defined time - read the position, and be notified when it reaches the end.

I am not sure if Unity or Unreal have these things as default, but I am sure they could be quickly knocked up. Maybe think about it for another time ;]


This is our second progress video, our first one didn't get added to the video, so hopefully this one will :)


So, what's todays WIP I hear you cry? Today is about transitions. from a play state to a battle state. This means the current map of tiles must go away and a new 'Battle arena' brought in...

So the clock is stopped and moved out of the way, the current card are hidden and a new battle deck brought in, and new battle tiles are dropped in place. plus the lighting is lowered and color boosted.

The FPS is wavering because of the screen capture, just so you know it's not the game :)


Hey so i have done some more on the game,

 I have added extra enemy's that each drop different amounts of time so they can be added to the clock. 

A  damage system for player not for enemy's yet. 

Finished working on the system that allows you to move to the next area after you defeat the enemy's in that area, an arrow pops up to alert you to keep going.  

Done a leaf Particle Effect.

Still need music and animations but hopefully can get them done this weekend. 

Really, really nice looking 3d art you have there :)

In the opening menu screen, the text might stand out a bit more if it was outlined in black?

Also watch the size of the flying leaves (which are a nice touch). you don't want them looking like big things - unless you too ;)

But nice work. I like it a lot.


Thanks for the comments bro, i really like low poly art style stuff.

the opening menu screen was just something i whipped up in 30 secs just to get something working.

yeah i think i may have placed the particle effect to close to the camera which look way to big, 

thanks for watching it tho i really do appreciate the comments looking for any advice for it this is my first game jam.

So Todays WIP is animated (yay, but they didn't appear in the promo vid?) I'll need to create a utube account I suppose??

This has been gamma corrected so it isn't so dark. But it gives an idea of how the battles will be fought, models are now bigger and brighter and show their respective health.

You also can see how the view will flip from one side to the other giving a more dynamic feel.

I've worked out how the attack cards will operate against each other, so just need to implement it all now


โ†ต Use original player
โ† Replay
โ†ต Use original player
โ† Replay

Matthew, can't you just use the gif animations instead for the preview????

the video button in the post thing just takes a youtube address no need to add any code :o not sure if u are trying to embed the video but not necessary just the link

video looks great by the way :)


I'm a complete noob at the youtube stuff ;(

(1 edit)

AdamStrange's video

ok, you got me. how the hell did you do it?

(1 edit)

Just wanted to make sure it got up! Deserves to be in the spotlight! ^^ think u are over thinking it. Its just copying the youtube link into the text box after you hit add video

โ†ต Use original player
โ† Replay

Hi all, this is my progress so far. I still have to replace the character, have the HUD update and add some sound effects. In this video you can see some turrets trying to kill me (I'm not great at avoiding them), pickups (5/10 seconds, double jump and stars - which I will probably get rid of) and moving platforms, very easy to customize, you just have due to the use of splines (they are amazing if you haven't tried them).

This being my first game, I'm quite proud with what I have so far :). Let me know what you think.

Would be great if you could ignore the sound in the video and the first 5-6 seconds. I struggled finding a proper free screen recorder, any suggestions?

cool im liking it! :)

Great concept. Here's a thought for you. Increase the scale of your 'man' 2-3 times (maybe more).

You won't have to change anything apart from the scale parameter for the man model, but it might make everything a bit cleaner.


Thanks, much better I think :)


So I have been using Unity for about 3 years. Recently I got really inspired by Matthew using the Unreal Engine 4.

Here is my 2 days progress of learning Unreal Engine!


Cool Game!


love the way the lights change from green to red - very cool


Thank you AdamStrange! It was really simple to do, just a change of color on the spotlight component and changing of materials on the eye if the robot sees you. I'm still working on a good way to attack the enemies.


That's pretty good for 2 days in.


Well thank you SlitHare. Matthews tutorial have been very helpful, same with my knowledge of game developing thanks to Unity.


Today's Pic is the battle arena:

Pink Knight is using a fire attack and has 3 hearts, the blob has a water shield and has 2 hearts.

So... I suppose a water shield would stop a fire? No damage to either side


AdamStrange this is very inspiring. Have made this engine yourself?


yep. the engine is definitely a WIP. but it is very stable. programmed in OpenGL with custom shaders. 

LOL Sorry for spamming the site with youtube again. Can't seem to get my browser around it


Here's a little update from our side, we finalized the core gameplay elements and are moving on to level assembly:


Cool grappling hook you got there. Great job!


That grappling hook looks so good.

very nice 'gritty' look to it. Well chosen materials.

first demo

Submitted (2 edits)

This is my first video update! Got most of my gameplay and assets done. Now onto some level design and audio stuff! Hopefully this makes the spotlight video haha. Thanks Matthew!


This is my first Game Jam and my first game ever made. still have to work on the music. 

But i have learnt a lot already and i have also seen the things i need to improve on. so i can work on that after the jam.

Here is KingRount.


Here's another update from my game!


I really like the physics of the characters and the ghosts cloth. Great progress!

I joined super late but this is what i got done in the last 2 days

No progress made... except now it looks different.


My very first video update! 

Didn't have much time the past weeks due to work and business travel, so I am super behind as well. 


That's really neat! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


My second update. Finished the layout for section 3 of my level. No enemies in the area yet, but at least the layout is finished and doors are functional :D

The recording software kills my fps haha


Central part of my level is finally starting to look nice! :)


so, for todays WIP:

initially it looks like there is nothing new. But wait. there are blood splats and numerous monsters. So it looks like the battle system is now functional ;)

Been bug hunting and getting timings right so it doesn't feels slow.

so, the essence is 30 seconds to get the relic and 30 seconds to get out. Fighting monsters will either remove a heart (they won) or give you a few seconds extra to play with (you won)

Hopefully Matthew can access the above video from youtube as well ;)

Looking forward to playing everyone else's games  as well.

here's our week 2 update

no progress in my end cause I got sick this week and my friend is working on with in-game music

need to catch up with the remaining days and I hope we make it

in this video, we were able to implement the lighting to our 2D sprites and so far, we are happy with it. 

We are still working on with the boss battle and learned behavior trees using a plugin called behavior brick


Update progress have a sword swing another one coming to make a combo and walk and run animation finishing up animations for the enemy's. Have all my areas in each level working so once all the enemy's in the area are destroyed it then makes the next area available. Made some changes to the level design still going to work on it while i have the time, once the level is finished you move on to the next level.  Been working with holland on the music for the levels i think it suits the forest area great. New opening menu.

ho'ho :) very cool! love the title screen and everything T.T so jealous!


thanks man appreciate the kind words so much to still do, hoping I get everything done that I want, I feel proud of what I've done this is my first jam good practice for the next one.

yeah im totally in the same boat. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah i think i just thought i could do so much more in a month but its hard trying to do this plus full time job and 14 month daughter but i feel like i achieved something even if i dont get everything in the game that i wanted i think people will still enjoy it.

Your game is coming along nice it looks pretty cool man looking forward to playing it, how much more of that have you got to go?

haha... well music / sound / doors / more steal'able objects / pause menu / start menu / end game (or restart) on time end / wanted to have some ai / placing props and finishing rooms / lol and more kind of a laundry list


sounds Like you have your hands full if I knew unity I would try and give you a hand. I still have to do assets for a whole other level. But I just finished  with my characters animation's he can now jump run walk idle and does a three sword attack combo and death. Sound effects I'm having trouble with. I want to touch up my AI as well make them smarter. 


The animations are great! Are you using UE4? If you are, you can have it blend the swing animation in with your walk animation so he doesn't get all slidey. Looking good, either way!


thanks man took way to long in blender first time using it always used 3dsmax before this but thought i would give blender a try. yeah i'm using UE4 never done stuff with swords before so im a little unsure how to blend walking with Sword attack but im sure i could find out some info somewhere for it. Thanks for watching it 


Not sure if I'm going to have time to finish T.T

Heres my update though!

Definitely has something about it that is interesting. would be a shame not to get it to a more playable state.

Here's a graphics tweak for you to think about. place a graded dark sprite (going from grey to transparent, below your figure for instant shadow effect. Stops him from looking like he is floating a bit .:)

ooo yes thank u!!! XD totally gonna use that!

Deleted 3 years ago

Oh snap! Is that indie Super Mario 3D World I spot? Looking great!

LOL, you beat me to it. Definitely Super Mario - in a good way.

Deleted 3 years ago

HI friends, here the video from our first Build.

Title: 30s Apnea Quest
Game Design + Art: Marcos Riffel
Code: Bruno Drago 


Here's today WIP

adding some spice to the display. also some more mechanics to do with doors... and rooms... and lighting...

lookin gr8 c: awesome work man!

Still a way to go. but thanks for the encouragement ;)

I'm more or less happy with the flow and feel. I need to get a main menu, and sound sorted now... 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Here's a progress vid leading up to the jam finishing. Left is SFX, music and finishing the boss rooms/ reworking how to end the game as a must haves and about 1000 other things as wants. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I'll be pretty busy on this until the jam finishes, good luck getting something finished everyone!


2 Weeks of hard work bring you this my friends.


Hi everyone,
a video of my project so far. Here's the idea :
You're the tester of a new tech that records your every move in space and time. It's limited to 30sec so you have to figure out how to pass the test rooms.

I hope to finish in time but it will be hard ! 5 days left ><

All your projects are so cool, I can't wait to test them.


wow! this is really cool! awesome idea and really well done! GJ!!


Thank you !


Really interesting mechanic about moving in two time frames to complete. Got to say the look is great - especially the slightly shiny paint.

Unreal or Unity?


Thank you. I wasn't sure it would be interesting but well ... I wanted to see :P

And I use Unreal.


Well I've finally finished and uploaded.

pretty cool man :) good work! like the crumbling enemies!


Thank, it took forever to get it working right. I couldn't find a tutorial anywhere on how to use the destructible mesh so i had to figure it all out on my own.

well you did a great job! :) worth the hard work i'd say!


Superb work on the breaking cubes - well done.


Thanks, It wasn't easy :P


So, today there is no pic ;( Basically nothing new on that front as I have been hard at audio production. Everything coming together slowly.

I need to work on a beginning, and ending now. luckily I have ideas of how it should go.

There should be something ready for the end of the Jam, but I'm not saying it will be (so far) completed. You'll just have to take it as it is...

But it is currently fully playable now :)

awesome!!! Good to see you made it in the youtube update video! :)


Damn i got used to your daily pics ^^ Can't wait to see the result !


just because you asked so nicely, heres a shot of some of relic screen in dev

Hi everyone, I'm leaving the game jam since I didn't have time to work on the game because of work, which is a shame. I have a video showing a little bit of progress since last time. I'm going to finish this game when I get more time for it after next month, but not for this jam. Good luck to everybody else, I think everyone has done some great work and can't wait to play your games :)


Awe man :C sorry to see you go. Looks really good.


Yep agreed. I was looking forward to this one. ;/


So, we're in the final segment now and the pressure is on for all of us ;)

Looks like the same for the Nomicron as well...



Last one for the day. possibly the last one...

The Room is found and the Nomicron has opened with the cards of evil!

The logo is seen, and there is a nice big button to press.

I hear the wind and in the distance the mournful bell tolls...

Such a nice glowing red button! I wonder what it does?


fuck me.


Hey guys. Had kinda a late start on the game jam but this is what I got . don't have time to fix all the bugs but I hope you guys enjoy it !!!!

Any questions just ask .Thanks


Take a deep breath. You're going to have to stay under for quite a while if you want to collect all treasures.Watch out the sharks!

This is the final WIP pic - Yep still in dev mode till the end...

This is level 8 (of 8). Looks like this isn't going to be a walk in the park. more like a walk near the swamp and the big ole tree surrounded by bugs. ugh!

1 Relic, 8 Segments, 30 seconds. FIGHT!


So this is super late and it took me the whole jam, but here's Deathtrap.

It is with a very heavy heart that RogueTable 30 will not be entered into the Jam ;[

It is completely finished! works very well, has all 8 levels, and everything you have seen.

The issues started this afternoon while trying to recompile for windows10. Nothing went well. and it has taken until tonight to get the compiler sorted and the sources working.

Then I came up against and unknown opengl error and it looks like part of the display is now missing!

Testing and debugging was started. but I tried a second compile for the mac. Similar issues occurred. I am not exactly sure where the problems lie, possibly memory and also OpenGl faults (which cannot be solved in time)

The dev system is a big mac with lots of memory and special source and a few pickles thrown in as well, so it may be that there are issues to do with that.

On running on the lower machines I also found the speed was taking a big hit as well.

With all of this taken into consideration. I have to pull out.

I am not exactly sure what to do now, but I have an idea to drop the entire programming language and move to something more stable and predictable like Unreal!

I am also sorry to all and any of you who were waiting to see the real thing in action. I think you might be able to understand my own disappointment in this too. ;(

Brilliant luck to everyone who takes part though. We all deserve some sleep and thanks for all the hard work.

Signing off now... Goodbye Dave... Daisy, Daisy...


Oh, wow, that is very unlucky, sorry to hear that. It was looking very promising. I'm getting close to submit my entry (a bit late, I know). Out of curiosity, what did you use to create your game?

it's a fairly new cross platform language: Monkey2 with a custom opengl renderer by me ;/


Oh no!!! I feel your pain Adam. Something similar happened to me in a previous jam once. It's a crushing feeling I know. I'd say keep working on the issues, after some much needed rest though. You can still upload it on your itch page and people will still get a chance to play it when and if you do figure out the issues! Never give up man haha ;)


Damn, sorry for you ;( I was just looking for your game in the entries and then I came and checked back here.
I think the trip is worth more than the arrival so, you didn't lose your time !
I though did a stupid mistake ><' I released my entry and forgot that I was setup in AZERTY ...

This is such a shame :(
I hope you will find the issue and upload the game anyway. It looked really interesting :/


currently there are no plans to release the game until I can work out where things went wrong. It's all been a learning process so nothing wasted.

Hopefully the game issues can be solved and I can think  what to do later ;)


Just submitted my entry:

Unfortunately I didn't have time for music and more complex stuff like enemies, better character, story. I worked on it for 2 weeks and only after work. I had no prior experience with any of the software used (UE4, Blender, Photoshop).

I'm pretty happy with the result, it was a really fun experience and I already look forward for the next game jam.

Good luck everyone!!!

Good luck. Last JAM we cannot deliver our game, but now its done (without sound either):


I know the feeling. Music is overrated anyway.


Well Pretty Sure i screwed up the whole submit thing, sucks but that happens would of been awesome to get my game on here.

ill Put up a video of how it all it came together in the end


Am I allow to fix game breaking bugs?


I don't know. Put a separate download link for the fixed version.

So I didn't quite managed to upload my game in time, which is very frustrating. It's really a shame and I think I did a great job for my first game jam. I wanted to share my game with others and I'd loved to get some feedback on it ^^.

There it is (it's called Elcyc):