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Hopeless Productions

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Here's a little update from our side, we finalized the core gameplay elements and are moving on to level assembly:

We got a bit of a late start, but finally have something to show for Week 1:

Our game will be a mobility-based platformer with the goal of combining various mobility abilities (wall jump, dash, double jump, etc.) to go through an environment in less than 30 seconds. Simple, we know, but we want to focus on execution.

Since music needs to be self made this time around, I tried my hand at layering various tracks according to player actions, and it sounds quite nice.

Posted in Cheaters?

It would require everyone to collaborate to bring a specific game down, with no means of secret communication between participants (AFAIK there are no DMs on itch.io).

However, indeed the optimal strategy for any individual participant is to one-star every other game. It's a classic game theory problem which in real life is solved by people not being shameless meanies :)

Got it, nice game! The graphics are very cute and detailed.

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Windows version download  link seems to be broken for some reason.

Somehow I can't get the laser gun to activate platforms. Am I supposed to shoot the laser at the red spheres?

This looks amazing! The graphics and shading are close to AAA levels, and the game itself is nice as well. Good job!

Pretty fun!

Ah I see, I was holding up the mirror but got hit from behind, so I didn't anticipate the impact.

Yes that's exactly what I was thinking.

I really like the puzzles and the concept! Only thing is the controls are quite tough, especially jumping is unreliable, so I can't play more even though I want to :)

Seems the download is missing something?  I get the following error:

There should be 'Behind You (1)_Data'
folder next to the executable

Nice little narrative and gameplay concept! I loved it.

One thing to improve would be the ear-scratching noise the boxes make, but otherwise really nice.

Ah I see, I think I just played it too much myself and I didn't realize the first drone would be quite tough for someone who never tried it before :)

Really nice concept, I like how you tie in seeing using light with the sonar pulses. 

Aah you have to go back in order to go forward, nice concept.

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The enemies fire faster the fewer there are, to keep the tension up once you start taking them down. I'm sure the timings could be tweaked to make this feel better.

Also thanks for the kind words :D

Really cute graphics and game idea! I think it might benefit from a set of 4 fixed camera perspectives.

Really liked the art style too, reminded me of the Witness. I have to admit I cheated and just held my mouse upside down.

This was pretty good, a bit slow to start since the early levels are mostly spamming shots, but it gets harder later on.

This was great! Nice graphics and except for the boxes sticking to the wall sometimes, very smart gameplay that was fun to unravel.

Really nice looking game! The on-screen controls are for gamepads, so I was a bit confused at first.

Nice atmosphere. The gameplay got a bit too confusing after a while, I couldn't keep track of which mirror goes where and I was stuck in the ladder section.

Graphics are amazing, but the gameplay feels a bit clunky. At least I died a couple of times from random knock-backs and getting back to the fight every time takes a while.

Not really related to mirrors, but I liked picking up different animal parts, interesting concept.

Haha that's so cool! Great content from such a simple tool.

One thing about the gameplay is that since it's an FPS, you only really need to adapt to the forward/backward keys, since you move with the mouse anyway. Otherwise interesting  concept, and the sounds were quite spooky.

Not really related to mirrors at all, but nice start for an arena shooter.

Great stuff! Original fun gameplay, cute pixel graphics and I loved how the music switches tones across worlds. Did you come up with the music yourself? If so, what tools do you use to produce it?

Not sure how to get past those death bats in level 2. Otherwise interesting concept, but the controls are a bit janky and unreliable.

Not sure how to play this one, it's just a yyp file. How do I execute it?

Nice use of the theme! One point about gameplay is that since the enemies align in columns, the safest way to play is to stick to the center and only dodge vertically.

The mirrored walls made it hard to see that I could jump on top of the boxes. 

Win32 crashes on startup with "Blender has stopped working"

You should mention in the instructions that right click is used to switch players, wasn't entirely obvious at first.

I got stuck at the crate section. Somehow my hammers didn't break it and I ran out of hammers. I wanted to know what happens :(

Looks great, but in some areas it lags immensely for me, to the point where it's hard to play.

However the first time I heard the ghost I was legitimately spooked!

Also the unreal devs are very active on their question board, and an issue with packaging would be very serious indeed and get their attention.

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Aaand with a less boring name, my submission is complete too:


I would appreciate your comments and feedback, this has been a terribly fun and educative experience and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

EDIT: If you find any game-breaking bugs or the packaging does not work for you, I'll try to fix anything up in the time remaining, so don't hesitate to speak up :D

Unfortunately at least with Unreal, you can only package for OSX from an OSX device, which many don't have.

Linux builds also involve a more complicated tool chain setup, which I might get to work in time, but not guaranteed.