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Hopeless Productions

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Thanks for the feedback! We tried signposting with red ledges meant to show you paths of interest, such as the ledges at the top of the tower, that you need to jump to from the stairs. 

However you're right that this wasn't obvious enough. We should consider that players don't know the intended path as well as we do :)

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Tried it out and it's good! The music is really catchy, the game-play works great, if not super innovative, but I think polish is more important, so good job! Also rated.

Wow this is a really well polished and relaxing experience, with an original puzzle game-play I've never seen before.

This should be a mobile game right now, I would definitely play it!

Really nice look and game-play design. One thing that bothers me is the jump, which needs to be higher. It happens so often that I'm stuck on a falling block and just lose :)

Tried it out, this looks and sounds really great! Everything has a cute vibe about it.

I'm ok with running the executable, as long as they don't ask for administrative privileges they can't actually do much on my system. Installers however ask for admin privileges, and I'm not willing to give then that :)


Actually I don't play games with an installer, since I don't want to give administrator rights to a random .exe from the internet. Most games in a .zip run fine without it, but installers need it.

It looks and sounds awesome, especially the animations are really nice.

Unfortunately I encountered a lot of bugs, the most annoying being getting stuck doing no damage to an enemy while time runs out. It's a shame, I wanted to see it to the end.

This looks and plays super nice, the sounds are solid, really nice entry!

This is really fun! Reminds of some old flash games I wasted days on :)

This was a great story! I wish I had a "Story" category to rate here.

It was indeed a bit rushed at the end. Perhaps a better idea would have been to leave it open rather than instantly resolve the plot, not sure.

I can't manage to connect to any server, that's a shame I really wanted to  try this out.

I liked the pushing boulders mechanic, wish I could destroy enemies by rolling them over. I think it's an original thing you should do more of :)

Yup, not packaged right.

I'll give it a try this week if I find time, but no promises :)

Ohh I'm just stupid then, I thought it would open the gate on the right :)

Pretty original mechanics,  and I love the art style!

This guy I hear the click and the animation but the gate doesn't open.

Oh, no I meant the big red button. I assume it's suppose to open a gate but it doesn't for me somehow.

You need to reach the top of the tower within a target time shown in the bottom right. When you do, you'll get a new ability allowing you to reach the tower even faster. Ultimately you'll be able to reach it in 30 seconds, which is how you free your soul (and win).

Give it a try :)

What did the game say? If you reach it after the required time to get the next blessing, the goddess tells you to try again and try to get a better time.

The target time to get to the top of the tower is shown below the timer.

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Oh, sorry for not making it clear. The goal is at the top of the tower, if you reach that in time you get a new blessing and can re-do the level in a faster time.

Did nothing happen when you reached the top?

Hint: you have to use the little red stepping stones on the side of the tower to get to the top, the 'obvious' main steps are unreachable without the first blessing ;)

I got stuck backing out of a room with a drone and the door closed on me :(

This looks really cool, love the environment style.

I found the death to spawn a block mechanic a bit finnicky to work with, maybe it was just not well introduced, but jumping and respawning in the air feels a bit hard to pull off consistenty.

Maybe adding gravity to the spawned blocks (and changing the level design appropriately) would make it feel better, not sure.

Woah this was really good! The models and textures have a very nice look, and that reload for the machine gun is so ridiculous.

Gameplay  could be improved a bit, but it's a good start.

Pretty fun! But it doesn't feel like it's getting harder the longer I go, so I could play forever :)

You need to include the complete build directory, not just the .exe file.

Doesn't really run for me, just get a black screen.

Pretty nice blood splatters, instadeath was a bit annoying, you should make the player character feel more powerful :)

This was really good! Loved the gameplay and the menu screens were quite brilliant.

Really nice looks and animations! The controls don't really 'feel' just right, the character overjumps often or doesn't go where I want it to go. Otherwise great!

This is fun! I love rhythm games but this one has a twist of going at your own pace. Pretty cool!

The art is really.. unique :D I couldn't figure out how to press the button though, and got stuck.

This was more fun than I thought! Somehow blowing up stuff is just fun :D

Some tips would be to make the bombs to more damage, at first I thought they don't do anything. Also I played so long that I got to the end of the soundtrack, so that should loop.

Also not working for me. You have to add the whole directory that Unity produces, not just the .exe file.

Wow this is really good, and fully produced with nice music and polish effects. Great job!

I can't get that door to open, but otherwise really nice animations!

Yeah really cool art style, and innovative game design too!

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"Do I have to create the music? Music must be generated by the individual or team entering into the jam."