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It does end, when you find all the interactions.

Can't run it, sorry.

Yup, please upload the game.

Sure, could I maybe also get a copy of the paper whenever it goes out?

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words!

I'll definitely look into participating in GDWC, it sounds like an amazing thing you're doing!

Hmm unfortunately this asks for admin permissions when I try to run it on Windows. Do you have a stand-alone version I could try?

This was great! I loved the way you expressed how climate change works through gameplay, and I got a genuine feeling of dread as the year ticked up to 2050 :)

Hello organizers,

First of all the jam was really fun, thanks for organizing it!

Seeing the relatively low number of entries at the end, are you sure a whole month of voting is needed (for 10 games)? Normally the voting period would be 1-2 weeks in this case.

Thank you! Indeed in hindsight I would use something like Godot or Unity to make a more expansive version, but for prototyping nothing beats GMS :)

Mods? I have the feeling these 3 are trolls / fake accounts and perhaps you should look at their community posts and already submitted entries.

Thank you! It was great to work on such an unique jam theme :) (I'm Mster from Discord, btw).

Sorry but I would highly prefer an .exe since I won't give admin permissions (needed for the installer) to unknown files.

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Tried it out and it's good! The music is really catchy, the game-play works great, if not super innovative, but I think polish is more important, so good job! Also rated.

Wow this is a really well polished and relaxing experience, with an original puzzle game-play I've never seen before.

This should be a mobile game right now, I would definitely play it!

Really nice look and game-play design. One thing that bothers me is the jump, which needs to be higher. It happens so often that I'm stuck on a falling block and just lose :)

Tried it out, this looks and sounds really great! Everything has a cute vibe about it.

I'm ok with running the executable, as long as they don't ask for administrative privileges they can't actually do much on my system. Installers however ask for admin privileges, and I'm not willing to give then that :)

Actually I don't play games with an installer, since I don't want to give administrator rights to a random .exe from the internet. Most games in a .zip run fine without it, but installers need it.

It looks and sounds awesome, especially the animations are really nice.

Unfortunately I encountered a lot of bugs, the most annoying being getting stuck doing no damage to an enemy while time runs out. It's a shame, I wanted to see it to the end.

This looks and plays super nice, the sounds are solid, really nice entry!

This is really fun! Reminds of some old flash games I wasted days on :)

This was a great story! I wish I had a "Story" category to rate here.

It was indeed a bit rushed at the end. Perhaps a better idea would have been to leave it open rather than instantly resolve the plot, not sure.

I can't manage to connect to any server, that's a shame I really wanted to  try this out.

I liked the pushing boulders mechanic, wish I could destroy enemies by rolling them over. I think it's an original thing you should do more of :)

Yup, not packaged right.

Ohh I'm just stupid then, I thought it would open the gate on the right :)

Pretty original mechanics,  and I love the art style!

This guy I hear the click and the animation but the gate doesn't open.

Oh, no I meant the big red button. I assume it's suppose to open a gate but it doesn't for me somehow.

I got stuck backing out of a room with a drone and the door closed on me :(