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Second QuestView game page

The quest of a lifetime
Submitted by randomphantom — 6 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit)

This is quite an impressive (incomplete) game! The story is heartbreaking, and I think the whole experience is simply amazing.

On the down side, as you have mentioned, it's clearly incomplete, so it doesn't make too much sense as a whole game experience. I trust you'll finish it!

As a suggestion: I'm thinking that in the finished product, the player should play the scenarios from last to first. For this example, let's suppose only the scenes 3, 4 and 5 exist. If you solve the first scenario first (so the girl never leaves), the rest of the story wouldn't make sense anymore. However, if you solve the last one first and save the guy, there's STILL the problem that he was driving while drunk, and that he destroyed his own home with his rage, so you need to go further into the past to fix the problem from it's root. I think the impact would be bigger that way. I'm not sure if I have explained myself correctly.


Yeah different outcomes in each of the scenarios would lead to some differences in later scenarios. I basically had a single solution for the player to discover, but wanted multiple endings that were consistent with the outcomes to encourage experimentation. You're right that I intended the outcome to be less affected the closer you are to the event and not to spoil too much, for the game to thwart your attempts at fixing things.


Pretty heavy stuff for a game jam. I really like the art and the music. The game is super inventive and a neat take on the theme. The only problem I have with it is it doesn't really give much feedback to the player. I figured out how to interact with the environment in 3 of the scenes, but I couldn't figure out anything else and wasn't sure if I should have been able to found something to interact with in the other scenes. Perhaps giving the player a slight visual cue on interactive items or having something in the hub that lets you know that there's still something to do in a scene.

The only other complain I can think of is the sound when you drop the vase on one of the people is the stuff of nightmares.

Good job!


 In terms of stuff to interact I do believe you've covered the three interactables as I didn't have much time to put in as many as I'd like. However as it is at the moment there's no alternate ending so it's more of a walking simulator at the moment. Agree there's a lack of feedback and the vase sound fx was hastily implemented so it fired every frame. This is great feedback, thanks for playing!


I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. In a way, it kinda makes sense with no alternate ending. You don't really get do-overs in that kinda situation. Would make a good anti-drunk driving advert. :P

Forgot to mention in my initial comment that I really appreciated how you basically made the player watch the scenes before they could interact with them, because it gives them more weight. By the end, you really want to fix things.

Pretty original mechanics,  and I love the art style!


I don't get what I can do? And you have the standard GameMaker Title and Icon for your game. Graphics and Audio are good.


Wanted to change the icon but was to hard pressed to rush this out lol.

The goal here is to see If you can change the outcome in each of the scenes, but you need to collect at least 1 heart piece to interact using spacebar


So I got a heart but all I can do is wobble the vase.


Some of the vases are heavier than others..


Ah okay I see, thx!

Developer (3 edits)

Resubmitted just in time for the game jam deadline! Included some very basic sounds as well.

An adventure game of a lifetime.

No alternate endings at the moment though!

Quick note: If you prefer a non-installer version, please use the "Single Run" version. 

Controls: WASD or direction keys. Up or W to jump.

Mouse: Use to scroll at the main screen, by moving to the left or right corners of the screen. Click on playback buttons.

Interact: Use spacebar, but you would need to collect a heart piece first!

Objective: for the screens without heart pieces in them, try interacting to change the outcome