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By the way congratulations!

The movement was reacting a bit slow, so it has slow acceleration for the character or it's lagging on my PC (what would be strange, I can even run ARK, and ARKs performance is the worst)

I LOVE IT! It is so funny to see all these people die :D

The controls are okay, the visuals just make it really funny to kill and the idea is just awesome!

Thank you for this game!

It's a bit boring, because it is always the same. The graphics are okay, but the movement feels a bit weird, it's hard to control.

Okay thank you!

The game is pretty fun, but it laggs on my computer and I would like to be able to destroy buildings too. And it would be even more fun without the timer, so that I can destroy as much as possible xD

Okay thank you for the feedback, I will try to improve it!

Okay thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for that feedbacl, I will do my best to fix it. Maybe take a look at the game in a week and tell me how it feels then, when iI fixed it ;)

Ah okay I see, thx!

Okay, thank you I will do my best to fix it.

Could you maybe specify what exactly feels wrong? I feel it too, but I am not exactly sure what makes it feel that way. Maybe the Player acceleration?

That's what everyone says xD What exactly is bad about the movement? Does it feel like the gravity is too low or high? Or the acceleration of the player?

Nice small game. I like the music, and the art is not bad too. But the controls feel a bit weird and I somehow jut can't make that one jump that is so high. :/

When I play, no bots spawn and I can't do anything :/ And after some walking I got bugged behind the big tree, and I couldn't free myself because I couldn't see me anymore because the tree is so big.

So I got a heart but all I can do is wobble the vase.

I will look what I can do to improve it, thank you for the feedback!

Oh yes that's bugged. Sorry for that, I will fix when rating is over for fairness. I will try to make movement better. Maybe higher gravity.

Does not belong in this jam!

Nice and Simple game idea. music and graphics fit.

I don't get what I can do? And you have the standard GameMaker Title and Icon for your game. Graphics and Audio are good.

Yes, I think a tutorial would be great! I got 15 points high score :O

Interesting game with nice graphics. The sound can be really annoying if you click fast, and I don't know if I am bad but I always die really, really fast.

Looks great, Plays good, feels good, is challenging. Awesome! My top score is 11

A platformer game where you have to defuse a bomb in under 30 seconds, with the particularity that you can use magic spells to help you.


A - walk left

D - walk right

Space - Jump

W - activate Spell

Esc - Pause the game

E - interact (destroy turret, defuse bomb, pull lever)

You have to pull all levers in order to defuse the bomb. To defuse the bomb interact with it 3 times. You can deactivate the bomb first and then pull the levers, but you have to do both.

Turrets will turn into your direction and shoot at you. But you can destroy them by interacting with them 5 times.

To choose a spell right click it, to show info about it left click.

Nice game, I really like the art style!

Thank you! Another question: Are we allowed to set this up before the jam starts?

I don't know if that is possible, I always worked alone but I'd like to work in a team. Is it possible?

Yes, I hope it is fair here. I only saw nice people in the forum here, and I won't downvote games just to be better. This is not the sense of a game jam. We have to work together!

It's my first jam too, and I want to try if I can make a game when I have a deadline, most games I started making weren't finished, so this is my chance.

A clean and simple game. Nice.

I uploaded a project on too, also exported with gamemaker, and there was no warning. But once I exported a game as "single runtime" whatever and it showed me the error. I don't know what that export is doing wrong :/

So u cant tell me why it is like that? My Game Maker games don't contain that "Trojan"(Not sure if it's wrong alert)

I would love support for Modifications when it has more progress. I love programming and modifying it would be cool.

My antivirus recognizes a virus in the game. Why is that?