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Submitted by Matthewpalaje — 25 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline
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It is so buggy


I thought the swords and attack mechanic was fantastic, as was the aesthetic style.
I think the player jump is a little too low to be useful in any situation, so perhaps that should be boosted a little?
Excellent game! :)

Really nice look and game-play design. One thing that bothers me is the jump, which needs to be higher. It happens so often that I'm stuck on a falling block and just lose :)


The art, music, and sound effects for this are all amazing. I really like the enemy designs. The generally game feel is pretty spot on.

The only issues I have are:

- The attack feels very inconsistent. I'm assuming this is because they're rotating around you and fly out from whatever point they're at to the point you're aiming at. Whatever the cause, there were a bunch of occasions where it didn't hit something that it felt like it should have (especially enemies right in front of me).

- The jump feels kinda pointless. If I ever got to the point where significant portions of the floor started to fall away, I felt like I was basically doomed and there was nothing I could do.

Outside of that, I think it's an excellent little game. I just wish I was good enough to beat level 2. :P

Looks like a well made game. But it's too hard. Maybe if the camera is further instead of closer and jump is made to be more useful. It did make me want to try to beat it.. but I gave up instead.


This was pretty fun once you got into it! Took a few tries at the beginning to really get a feel for the gameplay, but once I did it was great. I did realize that the timer can go into the negative seconds,  probably just an oversight :P I loved the look of the game and it does fit the feel of a 30 Second Quest theme for sure. 

Great game Matthew!


1)nice but too hard.2) if i die from monster  the restart buton does not work (if i fall ti works) ,the main menu button works always


camera didn't work with a wacom pen or mouse, so it just spun like crazy. if attack was bound to a key, I could try to play it, but since attack is bound to left click, with the camera issue, its unplayable for me. 


That's weird! I've tested it on a very standard mouse and it worked. No one else has reported problems either.

When you say or mouse do you mean a wacom mouse? If so I've never heard of them before.


I meant wacom pen or wacom mouse. both require being near the touch pad to work, but when I put the mouse on the touch pad, the camera spins at a speed relative to the distance the mouse is from the center of the pad. You could add alternatives for the camera input, like gamepad support, or keyboard arrow keys, and have an alternative mapping for the attack button, like enter, shift, or ctrl.


Oh fair enough. This was only designed for a standard mouse and keyboard. 


Very cool!


Thanks for playing HangingSpiders!


The aesthetics alone put this with the best of the entries. I feel like teaming up with someone for the gameplay would have been unfair, but I wish that were the case anyway to have gotten to play this polished in the areas people are mentioning. I think there was a conflict with the movement style and the falling blocks. I'm sure there are closer comparisons, but I kept thinking of Frostbite from the Atari 2600! This might have been hard on a short time leash, but a hopping system that jumped from tile to tile automatically and a larger map might have been aces. The dash could be replaced with a 'big hop' or something. Didn't really matter though, because this felt like an art / animation tech demo anyway, which totally worked for me.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for the feedback impostrophe!

The hopping system sounds amazing, I wish I thought of it.


Really fun once you get the hang out of it.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for playing berbecarul!


Nice game and cool asthetics.
As people mention the game can stutter from time to time.

Also the camera could maybe be further up. I get anoyed when trees get on the way. But good game Mathew, I enjoyed it :D


Thanks GeriGames! That's a great idea, something was bothering me but I didn't think about the trees haha.

Thanks for the feedback!


Game looks very nice. Fortunately I am running a high-end rig and didn't suffer of framedrops others tell about, so everything was smooth.

Attacking felt a bit weird, you have 3 swords but it feels like you just have one(does this even make sense?), if an enemy is too close you can't kill it and sometimes it felt like it wouldn't go where I wanted it to go, a crosshair I think would have fixed that.

This looks like a cute game, it felt like music wasn't very suited for it, it felt like serious while game looked happy and cute, but it was good.

Also jumping, you jumped just enough to be able to go on another block, jumping just a little more above the other block would have done it.

Enemies could spawn on top or near enough to kill you.

Game overall was pretty nice, it fits the theme perfectly.


I get what you mean, since it attacks with one at a time. The three swords was more of an aesthetic thing haha.

Cross hair is a great idea!

Zachary did the music for the game. He joined in with 1 day left so he managed to get all of the sound/ sound effects in with 24 hours left. It doesn't suit it 100% but he did a great job.

I would have loved to explore the jumping more. Would have been cool for the player to jump from falling block to falling block and get back up if they had the skill. 

Thank you for all of the feedback KoalaPanda! :)


This Game looks amazing. Laggy but amazing. I have a gtx 960 but this game still suffers from poor framerates. I would just put an option in the Main menu to simply decrease the Resolution so that people with slower pc's can play it. Overall I like the game but i have 1 complaint. You don't really have time to react to the falling blocks. Meaning that if you happen to stand on one it's game over. I would just make a block flash or vibrate for a second before falling. But other than that it feels  and plays very well.


Oh really? I'm running a GTX 970 and I'm not getting that lag =/ I'll look into it.

That's a great idea! If I continue working on it the flashing blocks will be the first thing to go in. 


I figured out what was wrong. I forgot to use GPU Sprites for particles and I adjusted a few of the shadow quality settings.


Very nice ! I love the concept and general feeling.
The gameplay is a bit odd sometimes with the randomness of the swords and some enemies pop on me, killing me instant :P
Look like there is lot of calculation at frame causing some lag spikes.


Thanks Xorkalar! Haha yeah I didn't have a clever way to spawn the enemies in. I tried making them spawn higher and disabled their collision for a small while before they hit the ground.

In terms of the lag spikes. I uploaded a newer version. I wasn't using GPU Sprites before so anytime enemies/shards spawned the game would have lag spikes.

If you get a chance to try out the newer build let me know if that solved the lag spikes for you :) 


I download that right now ;)


It is much better ! I get to enjoy it even more.


I'm glad that it fixed the lag :)


Neat concept. The visuals are nice and the music is on point.

There's a particularly annoying lag spike every couple of seconds that makes it hard to play.

Also the attack is a little annoying to control.

Also Windows warned me this was a virus, still not sure if it was or not...

Also, needs multiplayer...


10/10 Agree with agree


Thanks for the feedback TheBigG! 

I believe I fixed the lag spike in the new upload. If you get a chance to play it let me know if it's fixed :)

Oh weird! I've never seen that with a UE4 executable. Ooo multiplayer is a fun idea. What ideas did you have for the multiplayer?


Cool game still get random lag spikes though, running a pretty high end rig too. 


Thanks for the feedback! I uploaded a newer version. I wasn't using GPU Sprites before so anytime enemies/shards spawned the game would have lag spikes.

I tested the game on my old laptop and don't have the lag spikes so if you get a chance to play it again let me know if you still have them. 


Attack - Left Click
Movement - WASD
Dash - Left Shift
Jump - Space