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That was fun! A lot more challenging that it seems at first! The aesthetic of the game was minimal and perfect - really liked it.
Making a Ludum Dare account to see if I can give you a rating :)

Ah alright, I'll give that a try!

Really enjoyed this game. The mechanics worked very well together, and I found myself getting better as I started to master the movement of the samurai!
Also really liked the art and aesthetic of the game :)

Wasn't able to get past the menu screen. Nothing happened after I clicked start or continue.
Real shame, the screenshots look super cool, an would love to give the game a go!

Good to hear you managed to hoist yourself! Wasn't sure if people would find that part out haha :D
All sound an music credit go to Atlantic, he did an amazing job!

@randomphatom Thanks! Will look into that issue. Collision is something I need to work on in this game.

@LoganAmes Thank you very much :D Yea the attack that the player does is pretty useless, and would be able to be upgraded if I were to keep working on it. Although like you said, it does force you to use the turrets, so kinda liked it haha.
Wave 10 to 12 seems to be the end game for most players, even me! 

Awesome atmosphere and visuals in the game, and I liked the whole leeches are attracted to any electric object mechanic as a puzzle solving method!
I think the player might be able to move a bit too fast and is able to avoid the leeches without much challenge, so perhaps restricting his movement a bit?

Awesome game!
The movement is nice and smooth, and the energy draining from robots mechanic forces you to become fully engaged in the game in a challenging way. The feedback from the game state, in terms of your movement speed and the sound, is amazing, and sadly something often overlooked in games (even my submission haha).
The visuals and sound were great.
Really fun :)

You accomplished quite a lot here with a functional local multiplayer game (WITH A.I players), impressive :D
The game is also fun and exciting  - even though the A.I keeps beating me!
I chose the same theme as you :)
Great jam game.

Thought the visuals were really cool with a 3D-2D style.
The blood is ammo mechanic is also a really interesting idea!
Not sure about the movement system, but experimentation is good and I'm sure I'd catch the hang of it eventually.
Not sure if I was just playing incorrectly, but there only seemed to be 2 enemies, would love to play for a bit longer!

Had a really good retro feel, and quite enjoyed the blood effects!
Nice game :)

Wonderful game here with a great art style and visuals!
Wasn't sure if it was intended by I seemed to be able to turn the tiles on just by clicking them, but I tried to avoid that if I could as it seemed more fun and challenging. Either way great jam game!

Fantastic experience you've crafted here.
The sound and music complimented the environment extremely well to create an excellent immersive atmosphere.
Really unique and special :)

Great game with an interesting duality of the player being both the means of pushing the balloons into the pit, and the way they're destroyed. Made for some challenging gameplay!
Very good art and sound effects too :)

Good game you made here.
Polished, and with a menu - always good to have!
Nice sound effects too :)

That was great!!
Loved the expansion into the next level, excellent effect.
Fun and challenging experience.

Fun driving mechanics as momentum is quite strong, so make the turns can be quite challenging and fun!
Really liked the responsive car engine sound effect too, that was great :D

Fun little game here :)
Couldn't figure out which button was hit, which was a shame because looked pretty cool in your video!

Slightly confusing, but excellent sound effects and fun feel to the experience :)

@boymakesnoise Thanks for the kind words!
The camera suggestion is a real good one! I'm likely to keep working on the project eventually, and that's something I'll definitely be adding, thank you :D
Oh and if you have any more information about what happened when the game froze it'd be much appreciated, and will look into a fix asap.

Awesome game, with a great progression in terms of both functionality and difficulty!
Liked the minimal art style too :)

Fun game with a lot of polish.
Nice thought out puzzle mechanics which presented quite a challenge!
Good jam game!

A very nice retro theme you accomplished there!
Responsive controls and intuitive game mechanics.
Well done :)

That was quite fun, and the combination of the limited time allowed in each pipe and the slow rate of fire made for a challenging experience!

Cool game!
Visually impressive with the lighting and the effects, liked the shooting sound effect too :)

Really fun game! Haven't played a scrolling space shooter in a while :D
Loved the progression into madness, with all the power ups and additional enemies, thought it was great.

Sweet game, with a nice soundtrack.
Not super intuitive at first, but after a little while I caught the hang of it :)

Really fun game!
Loved the idea that you aim with your "tail" direction haha.
The different power ups were super cool, and the art was awesome too :D

Honestly amazing.
Fantastic use of space and level design in general. The multiple paths you could take throughout the entire level, and the fact that they each complimented each other with the core mechanic in mind, such as providing shade/shelter from the elk, was very impressive. 
The initial struggle, and then urge to get to the center, was something I found very engaging. 
Additionally, the atmosphere in the game produced with the elk sound, the artwork, and animation, (not to mention the lighting effect!) just wow!
I would say that it isn't as obvious maybe it should be as to when being in the light could kill you, I found that I died several times when there was no sound playing - or perhaps I'm just too eager!

Overall great game! :D

Fun movement with a good soundtrack made for an enjoyable experience.
Most runs I couldn't find the club unfortunately, so perhaps spawn that within a close range to the player?
Also where the maps randomly generated? If so then awesome!

A pretty awesome game here, albeit challenging!
Having to keep track of several different areas of the game all at the same time can be pretty stressful, but ultimately rewarding when you pull it off!

Fun game with progression being the core mechanic! Although I must say I found it quite hard to progress early on - kept dying! haha
Well done!

Fun game of speed! Have to shoot them as soon as they spawn, else you give them a chance to shoot you, and you're done for!

I think the close up with the camera as you shoot was great! Also the sound effects :D
Cool game.

Great game where it's not about killing the enemies, but avoiding them!

Good job! Liked the animations :)

@Ps7cho Thank you so much!

Wasn't quite sure how to play properly, but the waterfall effects were nice!

Unfortunately, the game was a bit hard to control without a VR set up :(
But it looks really fun, and it's always nice to hear the Wilhelm scream!

That was fun!
The mouse over ability to activate made the game very fluid and fast, but also added a level of difficulty which made me want to master it, and not just quit.
Good job!