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Submitted by kutsalruzgar — 38 minutes, 30 seconds before the deadline

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Music & Sound#1171.3811.381

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Great mechanic on the blood collection! Has a lot of potential, nice work.


Cool blood collecting effects and a really unique 2.5D style! Just needs more gameplay in this and I'll be keeping a tab on this! 


@TheCalster Thanks! 

3 enemies are spawned initally at different distences, for now only way to kill more is to restart. :)  Hopefully I'll complete the game in the next weeks.


Thought the visuals were really cool with a 3D-2D style.
The blood is ammo mechanic is also a really interesting idea!
Not sure about the movement system, but experimentation is good and I'm sure I'd catch the hang of it eventually.
Not sure if I was just playing incorrectly, but there only seemed to be 2 enemies, would love to play for a bit longer!


Theme for this was 'Perpetual Blood Circle', so you collect blood to shed blood. :)

Also there are a lot of elements and ideas that I couldn't implement in time. I plan to update the game with these in the next weeks.

I agree that the movement feels wierd and not so friendly at times. Before I made the controls, thought of this cursor based movement and hoped it would be interesting. So instead of something more traditional, went down the experimental path in the spirit of the jam. I will improve it or replace it with standard controls.


I am liking the art for this quite a bit and the way the blood particles drop and then collect.  


Loved the wonky controls. I did some similar mouse stuff in a jam game a few months ago.
Get a baddie spawner in there and let me kill more of these bastards.


Really cool idea for a game, controls felt a bit wonky, i would love to see some updates to this


The visuals were really really good, the control felt a little strange, I think it would help to have the player be able to move freely and not force them to face the mouse cursor.

Overall It's a great concept and I'd like to see more


The playermovement was smooth as hell but kinda weird, it seemed that you moved faster when you strafed then when you just moved forward towards your mouse.

Loved the concept,

I look forward to seeing what you can do next :)


Nice game, really wierd, cool concept of using flesh to kill haha really dark, well done!


I really like the concept you have going here, filling your gun with blood is sick (in both the gross way and the awesome way!)