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Isometric dive exploration game
Submitted by Riffel — 3 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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Nice aesthetic, and visually impressive. It's a shame there isn't any sound, otherwise the game could have had a really cool atmosphere.
I think the controls could be fixed to work with the angle the camera is viewing the game space, or the angle could be fixed to fit the controls, either way one of them has to change. 


Loved the look of the game but I have to reiterate what others have said the controls made it very challenging. Overall though very well executed and polished, nice work.


Game looks great, and the idea was great, but the execution wasn't fantastic. The controls were  absolutely abysmal  wonky to say the least in my experience with this game. Would have loved some kind of sound as well.
I rate it 5/10 ~ Kool Kid


The game looks really nice, however since you went with isometric view there is no real depth perception, and that's quite a problem for a dive exploration game. 


Awesome concept and intresting asthetics. I would maybe add some variation to the levels and maybe more interactable stuff. Also the controls felt a bit weird. But it's a gamejam and we don't always have as much time as we would like to. But good job. Keep it up!

In fact this result was "the possible" to be delivered on time. We have many other ideas and we are already implementing them. The controls, I agree, got a little weird. Not because they are not good, IMHO, but because the isometric view confuses a bit and we have difficulty in knowing if we are swimming sideways or down, for example, because it lacks a visual reference to know if this is happening. The problem is more visual and referral than controls. I'm fixing this. : D Thank you for sharing your observations with us.


I completely agree with everything you said. Game jams and summer ain't a good combo :P


Cool concept. An automatic dive/rise at a button press or even as the intro to the level would be nice. You'd still have to keep track of how long it takes to dive when deciding how long to stay down. Possibly other collectibles required to complete a mission aside from treasure to make the decision even harder (i.e. 2/3 shipwreck pieces collected). Treasure could upgrade dive time and speed of movement, making it hard to leave behind for the 'mission objectives.' Also gotta have a spear gun on a line to pull yourself around quick or take down the shark!

Thanks for the comments. We are taking note of all the constructive suggestions.

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I dont know what happen, but one screen is BROKE in the game. I didt realize why this screen is not appearing, but NEW GAME you should see this.



It's good, but it lacks in the communication area. The controls should have been put somewhere in the game, because at first I didn't look at the screenshots here and had to button-mash to find out how to dive. Same thing with moving to another level, I only managed to get to the second level my moving randomly off the map. 

On the other hand I liked the start screen and the 3D models were well done. The concept of the game design was accurately planned, so I gave you 5 stars in 'theme'. I'm sorry that you guys didn't get to polishing the user experience, but it's a nice submission overall... :)

Thnaks. We are taking note of everything, since we have decided not to stop the game in this version. Other things we did not have time to implement, like sharks! : D

I understood you comments right now, something is brioke in the game. You should see a screen exactly like I post in the forum. See game entry again and you will see the screen.