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Al fin! Muy chulo!

Epic Fires is an all in one solution for your project fiery needs. It includes 48 premade fire prefabs but what makes this asset unique is it's extreme performance and the flexibility of the included fire shader.

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All In 1 Sprite Lighting is an all in one solution to include lighting to your spirtes and bring them to life. It also includes includes 8+ combinable effects and a 1 click Normal Map creator.

You can try out the demo and get it here: Demo Link

All In 1 Sprite Shader is an all in one solution to include cool popular sprite and UI effects to your project in the easiest and fastest way possible.

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Thanks for playing  and for the feedback :D

That would be me making weird noises into the microphone at 1AM XD

Glad you liked the game!

Awesome beautiful and asmosferic game! :D

Very innovating and fun. Really enjoyed the difficulty curve and the artstyle.

Couple feedback thingies. Although I really love the Mii artstyle I think that a more bright, happy enviroment would have been more fitting. Also some kind of non text tutorial would have been better. But hey, this is me getting picky. I really enjoyed the game, congrats ;)

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game and I really great feedback. I agree with every single point you made :D

I appreciate the kind words. I'm glad you went through the whole thing and enjoyed it :)

This game completely blew me away. The graphics, music, feel, juice and it was a lot of fun too. 5/5. Congrats!

Thank you very much! This comments mean the world to me :D

Thanks a lot <3

Maybe she wasn't that great after all... XD

Jokes aside I'm glad that you had some fun playing the game.  And yes, happy wheels is definately a big inspiration, love that game :D

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Great stuff! By far the most fun I had with any game of this jam so far. I love how fast and dynamic it is. The sounds, graphics and effects really helps the whole thing come to live. Awesome game!

This is great. Very pretty art, animation and fun gameplay.

One question  though: Is there a jump cooldown? Sometimes I'm not able to jump and it feels frustrating.

But hey, very good job!

This game is so cute and fun. Good job :D

Amazing stuff! I have no idea how you guys managed to pull this off in so little time but amazing work!

As someone has mentiones earlier the controls can feel a bit clunky but overall its a joy to play. Congrats!

Really impressed by this one. Gorgeous art, design, fun and challenging.

I wouldn't place the tutorial as a separate menu option though. Just have it appear before the actual game.

Anyways, really good job, congrats!

Wow, very very impressive game. I have no idea how you managed to make so much art and put together so many levels in so little time. So congrats for that!

The game also looks amazing and is very well thought out. The only thing that I would actually change is the initial tutorial video.  Instead of playing that long video before starting to play I would split the video in smaller chunks and only play the chunk that is relevant to the next stage. Otherwise it is a little bit overwhelming.

Anyways, this is only a minor detail, great great stuff!

The game graphics look amazing. And the idea of swapping between characters is fun and original.

Basically the game had a lot of promise untill... It crashed while I was shooting with the ghost character. Any idea why?

Great stuff! The game is well thought, fun and well designed!

Couple things to make the game even better though: add some music, add screenshake, sometimes the red enemies don't get afected by time freeze

This is great. Mostly the art. The game looks amazing! Very nice pizel art!

The game is also well designed and well thought.

Cool game. Congrats!

Poor guy, I also feel that watching him die is the best part of the game. Glad you liked it ;)

Thank you very much, glad you liked it :D

This kind of comment make my day. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! :D

Thanks a lot. Glad you had and resonated with the underlying theme of the game :)

hahahaha <3

The mix of 2d and 3d is amazing. Game looks and plays great! Congrats!

This looks almost like a finished short game. What the hell guys, you only had one week. This is amazing. Congrats!

This is amazing. Plus the graphics are hilarious. Congrats!

Woooooooooooooooooow. This is SO good. The art, design, plot, gamefeel and everything. I tip my hat to you. AMAZING job.

WTF IS THIS!? It's hilarious XD

I had a lot of fun playing around with this. I have no idea how you managed to do this in so little time but congrats!

Good job, I enjoyed it :)

This is amazong and really promising! But after like 2m of playing I wasn't able to place any line anymore :(

Is there a drawing limit that I'm not aware of?

Fun, cute well designed game. The audio is hard to hear but good job overall :D

I was quite confused at the beginning but once I got the hang of it it turned out to be a very fun game!

Good job and congrats on all the art and polish!