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For You I'll become a HeroView game page

A game made for Brackeys Game Jam #2
Submitted by Metrax (@MetraxDev), Frame (@FRMFrame) — 14 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#623.4443.444

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I'm a sucker for movement skills in platforming
After my first playthrough I just had to buy everything on the shop!

The pixel look feels very natural here - Love the dodgy look in the merchant's eyes :D
The controls are smooth
The audio does the job well

I'm not sure where the blind part of the theme is but I can definitely see the love 

Considering this is a time attack game, a retry option would be nice

Had to play until I've got all the shop stuff!

Jam Judge(+3)

High quality artwork.  This one is pretty much one of the best i have seen so far. Lovely character and very smooth and balanced control. Sound is decent. Not much to criticise here. You are awesome.


The most interesting game I have played in this game jam!
Your game looks amazing in pixel art. And I really like the idea you have to finish the same stage 4 times using different way, this make every round so different that I will keep playing just because I want to get more stuff and try them out.
30/30 game, well done.


What a lovely game you have here. One of my favorite so far! :)
I loved the pixel art, the level design, the fact you have to respawn at the beginning but not losing your knowledge and stuff (just like a certain movie) and well the story is cute :)

To point a bit some little issue, I didn't understand why you need to hold shift to run faster because all the time I ran. It was a bit sore to keep my finger on the shift button, there is no gameplay mechanic that needs you to walk.

Also why putting the jump on space and not on W ? It was a bit confusing. And there is no grace period at platform edges, which is a bit hectic in order to make your jump properly. That being said I didn't have any trouble once I got used too, but without it it's a bit frustrating.

I didn't know what "mobility magic" was once I bought that, I discovered inadvertently by pressing the right button on my mouse. Again, too many keys for a simple platformer is a bit overwhelming.

You got a bug in the option menu where you can't click accept (I didn't touch anything) I had to click on "cancel" to get out.

The music is discret but lovely, and I didn't hear too much sound fx or maybe it was very low.

I loved the game by the way, well done on your entry! :)


Hi! thanks for playing our game and your feedback. There are some things/mechanics i would do differently now but how it is right now was our first thought. I see that we can improve lots of things.

In case of the shop there is a "?" button in the top right corner which will tell you what every upgrade does and it also says that you can dash with rmb, maybe you oversaw that? :) 

I know that the options menu (including the volume settings) isn't as good as i wanted it to be but, well, time was an issue and thats definitely on my bucketlist to focus on for my next game.


Yeah don't take it in the bad way, I try to make honest feedback in order to help people out for future :)
So your game is by far one of the cuttest I played, but i just didn't want to say "Lovely game, 5 star, bye bye!" and not telling you what seem "improvable" lol

Anyway well done.


This looks almost like a finished short game. What the hell guys, you only had one week. This is amazing. Congrats!


oh my god, thank you so much for that comment. We put lots and lots of hours in it and it means alot to see that it was worth it :) 


Very good pixel art.  With all of the powers unlocked a really fun platformer can be made!


I really liked the game.

From my understanding the end goal is to get to the other end of the area within a time limit, however i found that requirement to be a bit too easy.

Other than that, it's been one of my favourite this jam.


Hey, really glad you liked the game! :) 

Actually the time you take doesn't matter, we just wanted to tell a little story everyone can enjoy and play their own way depending on which upgrades appeal to you. If you really want you can just finish it without any upgrades. 

However once you're finished or during your regular playthrough you got the option to turn on the timer in the options and compete with your friends for the fastest time (we did that a lot during testing :D) 

Good to know, i assumed that was the case due to the clock shown at the end. ;)


That was nice. A bit boring at start, then I replayed many time to unlock everything because it get better and better. Thank you for this game !


I think the concept of the game is very cute. I really like the simple design and your pixel art.

The controls are really intuitive (For example the Shift running :D)

It may have the potential to be a full game, if you continue working on it.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

even with the speed potion you are too slow XD

Nice game i liked it

Couldnt hear the sound and music tho.. 🤔


Thanks! Have you tried adjusting the volume in settings?


ok i turned the volume of my speakers up to 100% and in your games options i set it to 100, then I was able to hear it (maybe make it a bit louder lol)


Good game I liked it. Maybe little short but good for a game jam. If you continue maybe you can build this better and sell it.