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Hey, thanks for letting me know!

It should be working now :)

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Dear Community,

I'm developing a RPG Maker XP Project for nearly 10 years now, it is called Cast Away - The Oddysee and just recently I've released the Demo here on, before it was just available on german forums. I would love to receive some Feedback. Eventhough I'm developing the game for nearly 10 years, with huge development breaks, it is nowhere near perfect and it is still my first serious RPG Maker Project. Even if you don't speak german, maybe you can just provide some genereal Feedback, I would appreciate it very much! :)
You can find the project page here:


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MoleMan community · Created a new topic MoleMan Feedback

Hello lovely Community!

If you have already downloaded MoleMan, then first of all we would like to thank you! And secondly: We would be happy to hear about your FeedBack so we can improve on this Project, aswell on our future ones.

- TheLuigiplayer, Founder of lamaZ Game Studio

This is very cool! I would appreciate any kind of FeedBack :D

Very awesome game! It seems like you really put a lot of effort into the art style and it has something mysterious-spacy feeling. Pretty amazing and very cool concept!

We would appreciate any kind of FeedBack! :D

I've instantly fell in love with this game! Truly something different, I really like the Art Style and the self-made sounds are hilarious! Outstanding Project, seriously! :D

I would appreciate any FeedBack! :D

Thank you very much for your Feedback!

We are at the moment trying to improve how the Score is calculated and may add a tutorial and predicting trajectory lines for the easy mode in the future.

Interesting Game! Seems like a modern version of PacMan to me. The Game is a bit hard but encouraging to beat it! I think it would be better, if you have made health bars for the enemies.

I don't know...usually it's working for Games. I will try later today again. If I'll get it working, I'll let you know! :D

The Game Concept is pretty cool! I think you could still improve so much, for example I would have liked a health bar for the enemies aswell. Nevertheless it's a solid game with cool music, artwork and great gameplay! :)

Wow this was very funny! I really had some laughs on the profile descriptions and your drawings are so hilarious that I like them even more! :D 

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Sadly I couldn't get the Game running with my xBox-One Controller so I can only give you FeedBack based off the main menu and the Screenshots. The Game itself looks very interesting, I like the simple design. The Main Menu animations look very smooth and I'm super curious how you have done the music! :D 

I wish I could get it into play mode though, that's why I can't even rate the fun factor =/

The game itself is quite challenging but very enjoyable! I really loved playing this game, reminds me on some old-school games! Great work! :D

The Gameplay is very interesting and makes a lot of fun! Although it took me a bit to realise the crows flying at my height :D 

Maybe you could also display somewhere, which color waits for a fitting partner?

I'm a big fan of puzzle games and this one is very well done! It fits the theme, got neat mechanics, a cute art style and great music! The game feels very complete already and i think it could suit a for a mobile export.

Wow, just wow! This Game is surely something else. The idea is so simple, yet very addictive and does make a lot of fun! I really love the art-style and the music, maybe with more levels, obstacles and items, you could acutally sell this! Great work, keep it up! :D

I really like the idea of the game! It makes fun but is also very challenging, as the amount of cupids/arrows increase very fast, but it's possible. I think with some more polishing, more enemies and more difficulties, you could turn this one into a full game!

Also the art style reminded me of Don't Starve, which is nice! :D

The Gameplay Concept is kind of interesting and I'm curious where this could lead with a bit more improvement! Overall, a simple game with casual potential!

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Hello Brackey's Community! We might be a little late to the party, but we still got 10 days left to rate eachother's games! While we already rated many games out there, we think that there are many hidden gems that aren't recognized enough. And if you want your game to get recognized, we would like to rate your game, if you would like to rate ours!

We created this little Google Form Document where you can submit your game:

We try to rate as many games as we can in this 10 days! (Most likely, we are able to rate the majority on the weekend)

And if you haven't played or rated our game already, you can find it here: or in the Form. 

Thank you for submitting your games! We will enjoy them for sure! :D

We would appreciate any kind of FeedBack, thanks! :D

Very cool game! I really enjoyed the Sounds! :D

I've already played your game, very nice! :D

This is our game, we would appreciate every kind of FeedBack :)

Very cute game! I loved the Music and your Art Style is super funny! :D

Thank you very much! This means a lot to us! :)

The background Images are all in 16x16 style but the files itself are 576x216 so tiling doesn't make it that obvious, that they are repetitive :D

Thank you very much! :D I feel like I could still improve so much...

I've used 16x16 for the single sprites, the dedicated video resolutiuon is 384x216 which is than upscaled to upper 16:9 resolutions like 1920x1080

It was intentional. We had a different system before but it seemed a bit too easy to me. 

I really wanted to create something challenging :D Maybe we should include a Tutorial ^^

Really great work! :D

To be clear, it wasn't an Insult to your graphics skills, they are already better than mine :D I really like your style and I really want to see how they look like in maybe a year ^^

For your first project, I really like your work!

Played and rated your game already. Would be very cool if you could give me FeedBack aswell! :D

Are the Sound Effects self-made? If yes, really good job on this! :D

I like the game concept, although I think you could still improve your pixel-art skills but nevertheless, a great game! :)

Thank you very much for your Feedback! :)

It was our intention to create something simple that is easy to learn but hard to master :D

Yes I've also thought about adding some power ups. After the Game Jam is over, we would like to extend this game to see where we can push it. ^^

Thank you very much! 

I've worked on the Art most of the time I had for this game.

First we had the system on our game, that the hearts would land directly where you would aim, but I felt like this was too easy, so I changed it. I wanted to create something challenging, that looks simple and is easy to learn but hard to master. Now, after the Game Jam we want to implement an Online Leaderboard and a Reward System to encourage casual play.

Just played your game, very incredible! I think our game isn't even close to what you have created. 

But nevertheless it is this here:

Wow this was a really good Puzzle Game! A great concept, I really like the idea of going blind/stealth to pass the enemies vision or that they rotate. Reminded me a bit on Zelda Puzzles.

It was very fun to play and some levels really made me think. Good work! I think if you would add some animations for the player & enemies, rework some graphics and extend the game, it could be a full puzzle game! Maybe with some more story?

It was our first Game Jam and we would love to hear some Feedback! :D

I've rated and played yours already :)