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Thanks for your feedback, that's really nice of to have tried it and give wrote us. We acknowledge what you summed up but as it is a simple LDjam it's unsure we would expand it further than its current state. But your ideas are good, thanks for telling them us :)

Very well done guys for your entry!
I did leave a feedback more furnished on your LD page :)
Keep up the good work!

Well I left you a comment on your LD page! Not to be repetitive in my sayings but....Well...where is Brian? :D
Good little entry! :thumbs_up:

Thank you for your nice words :)

Not bad. I liked it a lot.
Although I couldn't finish it and it was very hard to see the fuel cans. I wish you could go full 3D in order to be able to have more liberty. But it felt nice and quite interesting. You should add something that chase you, gets spooky :P Well done !

Thank you for your kind words, It's nice to see that you liked it and you took time to write me. Thank you for that :)
The graphic style were a bit inspired by don't starve yes, although their artists is much more better and their animators too. :P

Actually you are totally right, the guard was here to enforce a curfew because they heard that someone steal things from places (you) so they try to find the thief. They have no clue that there is a werewolf roaming. But due to time constraint we unfortunately couldn't implement enough information for the player to understand what is happening.
We will see if the idea gets popular, it might be an idea to expand it into something, why not. Wait & see.

Thank you again !

Yeah don't take it in the bad way, I try to make honest feedback in order to help people out for future :)
So your game is by far one of the cuttest I played, but i just didn't want to say "Lovely game, 5 star, bye bye!" and not telling you what seem "improvable" lol

Anyway well done.

What a lovely game you have here. One of my favorite so far! :)
I loved the pixel art, the level design, the fact you have to respawn at the beginning but not losing your knowledge and stuff (just like a certain movie) and well the story is cute :)

To point a bit some little issue, I didn't understand why you need to hold shift to run faster because all the time I ran. It was a bit sore to keep my finger on the shift button, there is no gameplay mechanic that needs you to walk.

Also why putting the jump on space and not on W ? It was a bit confusing. And there is no grace period at platform edges, which is a bit hectic in order to make your jump properly. That being said I didn't have any trouble once I got used too, but without it it's a bit frustrating.

I didn't know what "mobility magic" was once I bought that, I discovered inadvertently by pressing the right button on my mouse. Again, too many keys for a simple platformer is a bit overwhelming.

You got a bug in the option menu where you can't click accept (I didn't touch anything) I had to click on "cancel" to get out.

The music is discret but lovely, and I didn't hear too much sound fx or maybe it was very low.

I loved the game by the way, well done on your entry! :)

Thank you for your feedback.
There is some balancing issue here and there I give you that. Sometimes you can by really lucky and find 2 objects in a day, some other times you dond't find it until looking to the very end. Sorry if you experienced that kind of issue.
And lucky you didn't try the post-jam version because the wolf is faster and there is a guard during the day Ah! :D

Anyway glad you played it and your feedback will be taken into account (like everybody) if we tend to extend the experience one day.
Thank you

So I played your game and I had shivers. To be honest with you I'm really scare when I play horror games. So each time I heard the sounds of this thing approaching me I was really scare. I couldn't finish it because well.....I was terrified lol. I'm sorry for that. But I tried my best because usually I don't play this kind of games.

It has a very good ambiance, some collision are slowing you and gets frustrating because you don't usually understand what you bump into (chairs collision box are treacherous lol) The monster even though looks simple is just as scary.

I liked the peaceful voice of your player that finds that totally normal. I would have expected a panicked voice to put you in the mood but it was fun to hear that contrast.

For the theme, I was to terrified to understand what the theme was, I just wanted to run away.
Good job !

Nice ideas.
I did notice the woves head on the background and I thought of "beware there are wolves in this direction" but I processed that as information, not really as a danger ready to come to you. That's why my brain didn't take that into account. But you got something nice here, keep it up.

The graphics are cute and catchy, really liked that.
I don't understand why you need Z to open the dialog box and C to close it, why not putting on the same key? Having too much keys to press on was a bit overwhelming. Also I thought that putting W as a jump key would rather be more comfortable, but that's my taste :)

Also collision boxes were a bit hazardous as sometimes my character was "bumping" from corners. There was no grace periods at the edge of platforms which was a bit frustrating. The camera movement were a bit hectic. And I don't know if that's normal but at some point I couldn't draw anymore.
I thought I used too much drawing, so I playd the game with minimum drawing in case there was a limit. But even that at some point I couldn't draw unfortunately. Don't know i that's normal ? It often happens when you respawn.

Also I liked that when you die you don't loose your drawings, that was nice :)
The music was discret but enjoyable and I didn't hear any sound fx. But well done on your entry, that's a cute little game you have here.

Not bad at all, it got me hooked until the end :)
Also I could finish it without the need of the stool, you can jump pretty high. Don't know if that was intended.

Well done! :)

There is potential to do something more entertaining for sure. But the controles were a bit confusing. The A & D but why not W as jumping? Space worked but the little problem is that jumps needed to be precise in order to not loose any shock bar, so I would have put it somewhere more convenient.

Also it's a pitty that when you touch a spike from the side or you have just enough space to go under it, you take hits. That's a bit punishing :P

It is a good little game nonetheless and I had fun playing it. Well done on your entry :)

Well done! I had a lot of fun and I loved the idea!
But as it was entertaining in its way, it was a pitty that there were no real goal except guessing which profile was real or not. I wished to see something toward the end, but by the way cool entry, well done :)

It has a nice graphic style with nice animation. The camera effect reminds me of Limbo. It is not bad at all.

It was frustrating at some point, like if I don't interact with the ball of light in the beginning, I change the screen and it's all dark, seems I can't go back. And well I had to crash the game to restart. But after I found the ball of light it was okay.

Also the first time I ran off a wolf I got spooked lol. Nice one. But the vision is really small so whenever I get killed I had to restart from the top with again a small vision. I found that quite frustrating unfortunately. Maybe you can restart and keep the light vision where you were at?

Anyway I didn't think I heard any sounds or maybe I'm missing something.

Well done on your entry by the way :)

Thank you

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Thank you for your comment, that's very nice of you. And you are being too nice :)
Music wasn't us, we took it from and sounds too. We just arranged them to match the gameplay.
It was made in a bit more than 2/3 days. We couldn't work the full week unfortunately. It would have been nice because we would have liked to add many more things :)

And you are right, it's unfortunately based and randomised object placement. So we didn't have time to add a kind of gamification where things to be unlocked in a certain order. Let's say it's a "prototype" for an idea that could be expanded. But the base gameplay is there, and that is the most important. I'm sorry that it felt a bit biaised by winning with luck or unluck for you but hopefully you enjoyed this scratched idead.

Anyway thank you very much for you kind words.

I played the browser version and I acknowledge that there are some missing elements in the web version.

3D graphics are nice and polished, I found it fun that the camera was the actual display of your player in real time as when he speaks I could see some lasting shoot passing by me. Pleasant effect.

I find it frustrating that you can't push the dead robots, you could get stuck easily. It seems that the enemies aren't affected by that though as they can make their way even if a robot is dead.

I liked the wink at star wars with the intro (even though I'm not a star wars fan) but the text that couldn't be skipped on second try was a pain. I know you know it but I still wanted to let you know my thoughts.

The music is a bit out of theme but it was dynamic at least.
The game plays nice but shooting wasn't too much precise. It doesn't aim where your mouse is, You have to be careful when shootings at enemies because you might miss them.

I don't think there is a "next level"? Upon finishing the first one I clicked next level but was brought back to the intro (I guess?)
Anyway well done for your entry :)

I like the concept a lot, It's a bit easy because it needs some polishing here and there but overall it felt quite cool to play the game. I like the minimalistic design and sounds, it adds to its cuteness. There is a little bug when you crouch and release the S button, the player immediately get up and you can run in spaces where you have to be crouched to pass. Other than that it was pleasant, well done :)

The story is interesting. The controls are a bit sloppy, but it was not difficult to move around and sometimes I could hear myself saying "I can get him before the door" lol.

But sometimes some arrow didn't hit the monsters and fell through their hitbox. And the sight is very limtied thus a bit frustrating at some point. The music is a bit repetitive but it adds some mood.

Also, well.....I was scared the first time I saw my screen shaking when monsters reached their goal. Actually it was fun :)

Well done on your entry !

What a great game. Loved it to the very core of it. And very funny by the way!
Also it would be nice to have a button that allows you to speed up if you retry a level.

But great little game! Well done :)

You are being too nice really :D But thank you very much for those kind words :)

Well, felt sad at the beginning but felt nice at the end. It was a cute game :)
I like the fact you can go wherever you want. I didn't want to get lost though. But yeah it looked cute. Also sometimes I didn't need to use space because I could see the yellow whale from afar. Other than that it was nice to play it.

Not much to say, the gameplay is super simple yet challenging, graphics are clean and cute. Great job!

Cute graphics! Would have been nice with some animation, but the overall look of the game is nice. What is the iron bar for?

Thank you very much. I'm glad that it gave you a nice time even though it's not perfect due to time constraints. Anyway thank you for your kind words :)

Cool concept, it is great to use the connection between two parallel worlds to move forward! It also emphasize the bond between the two opposite characters, good job!

Lovely (viscerally) and well polished. Love the menu design and the clear information you provided. Nice feeling to roam such a great menu! :)

The gameplay is really fun and it feels so smooth to turn around and avoid obstacles. Also I love the fact you can slow time. Great effect.

Well done!

Lovely game and loooots of fun! I was really surprised by it and the aesthetic looks really great! :D
I was a bit uncomfortable with WASD in this kind of game as I'm a righty and I tend to prefer the arrow keys for this kind of gameplay, pitty I couldn't use them, but hey it train my left hand so I guess it's ok!

Some moves where not precise, I ended up floating in the void sometimes.
I could finish the levels without collecting every heart so I thought I would have some statistics or malus about not collecting everything so there is not much of a challenge except the stary void coming to get you :)
Speaking about that it doesn't kill you, instead it just hide you, I needed to crash the game in order to start again. Don't know if that's the behaviour you seeked.
Would love to see more levels and puzzles! :) Well done !

The game is really difficult. I had lots of trouble with some collisions and I succeeded in some levels by really pushing it. Although the graphics are cute and levels are varied I think the hitbox lack of precision did add some difficulties like jumping. Anyway it was nice to play and well done on this entry :)

The game is not easy but it feels challenging in a good way, even in easy mode. I think the music is a bit repetitive but it's cute in its way.
The aiming of the moles is real hard, It's not easy to catch them lol but feels satisfying when you do. Also graphics are cute :)

Its a nice little game although it's simple. Well done.

So cool! Loved the music, the art style, the shiny graphics, the fact that you can go up and down. It was challenging although I didn't really get to be worried much if I paid attention to where i was going. I think I was killed only one time by the droids. Also I was confused I thought Bee was the wasp looking droid :D
I didn't understood the theme until the end, so it was the surprise but I thought it was also weak in a theme point of view. Still, it is a great and enjoyable entry, reminds me of Nights on Saturn. Well done !

Graphics are really nice, I love the ambiance, the music, the style.
The idea is great and the gameplay is interesting just like lemmings. It's not very precise sometimes and it can be fustrating when you try to place an object that collide and you didn't want it to collide. The speed of the camera doesn't help either. Sometimes the hitbox just stopped me when I could clearly see there was no need for a collision (I think mainly about the pillow on the ground and horziontal planks that sometimes the player gets into.)

Other than that it is really well made, love the game! :)

Cute littel game and enjoyable ! Very fun with someone, less all alone. It is really good and the cute art makes it somehow amusing even if I die...
Also I don't know if there was any audio as I didn't hear it. If anyboday can confirm that?
Other than that, well done !

As always, your game jam games are colorful and full of surprises. Following you since LD and it is great to see you on this Jam.
The game is colorful, cute and feel refreshing. Even though it's really short or I couldn't make a "real" heart out of shapes :P Still fun and enjoyable.
Well done

Thank you, you are being too nice :)

It's alright! It's stilll very pleasant to play :)

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Hey everybody! Hope you are doing good! :)
Here is our entry for the ludum dare 43 (sacrificies must be made)

You play a suicidal knight that goes on a quest in a dungeon. What could go wrong?
Thank you for trying out! :)

quite interesting !