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Love is BlindView game page

Love will guide the blind princess' heart...
Submitted by CloneDeath — 8 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#623.4443.444

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Beatiful game! Keep up the good work!!!


Finally a game that tells a story and lets u play at the same time. (w/o walls of texts)
Very nice graphics! Since she is blind, less saturated  and dark colors fit so well.
Good job!

A sweet game with very nice artwork.


Very interesting way of story telling, helps to keep player into the game, nice graphics and music, and I find the opening door animation really cool xD


Great! Really atmospheric. The asesthetic really suited the narriative. Very creepy, I began to suspect I was due for an imminient jump scare at the end. Short and  not-so-but-still sweet. Audio felt really bespoke, and I really liked how the darkness worked with the field of view.


Not bad at all, it got me hooked until the end :)
Also I could finish it without the need of the stool, you can jump pretty high. Don't know if that was intended.

Well done! :)


I knew that! That was on purpose. I thought the stool was a nice little distraction, but I didn't want to make the jump impossible for those so inclined to try. It's just something random I noticed, left in, and designed around. 

Jam Judge (1 edit)

Lovely lovely game with very nice artwork. A mixture of click and point and 2d platformer with puzzle style. This is definitely not one of those average 2d platformer games, it has a lot of potential. I am sure if you add some nice background music to it, that you receive even more feedback. Respect.


Thanks! I've worked hard on the art, so that makes me feel good.

I haven't done a lot of music before, and was afraid to really try... And I think that shows. It's way too minimal, and even annoying for some. Next time, I'll put in some real, honest effort in the music! :)


Awesome job - for some reason this one really captured the feeling of blindly stumbling around a dungeon. The graphics were great and the way you had the text move as you walked had a very hollywood esque feel to it. I was really hoping for more - so that is a good sign that you did a great job!


How dare you give me emotions ;o;

Is there an alternate ending?


sadly, no


The game is not working in the browser for me :(  Looks like some nice graphics :)


Got it working my bad :) 


Let me know if you experience any bugs. I'm using the Godot 3.1 beta 4, and beta 6 just came out, so I could give updating the engine a try.


Nice game ! i liked mostly the graphics, the idea is interesting but you maybe should have increase the vision of the player, at some point we jump completely blind and well that fit the theme but it's not very fun. I liked a lot the intergration of the story text in the game and the mechanic of the door slowly opening is pretty cool. Finally it’s a shame not to have made more complex sounds, more interesting music and a menu after the end (but I guess it’s a lack of time). Finally if this criticism may seem negative I have generally enjoyed the game and its atmosphere. Good work!


Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it, it really helps.

I wanted to do a few things differently with this one, cutting those things in favor of more content, as you predicted... I think I made the right choice, but it definitely could be better with those small upgrades.

I'm doing a longer jam currently, so hopefully I don't have to make those sacrifices.